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Customer Testimonials

  • Testimonials

    "I chose SalesVu because it offered the whole POS system, it was more cost effective and you can start small and grow so the scalability of the system is perfect. I love that it has a small barcode reader that works with the system and most importantly, it's portable!"

    Nicole Batiste, All Zen Boutique

  • Testimonials

    "SalesVu all-in-one business solution helps me get up to date with the supplies I use. With this, I can measure my return on investment. As a result, I can charge the client exactly what I use. I always put the charge per ounce and SalesVu helps me with that."

    Jamie Weaver

  • Testimonials

    "I need to be able to manage inventory, customers, product costs and taxes on the go. This helps me avoid time-consuming updates and painful reconciliation when I'm back at my desk."

    Jen Valdivia, JV Skin and Beauty

More Focus on Your Clients

SalesVu offers complete beauty and wellness management software to help you run your salon or spa effectively from anywhere. You won't need anything but our all-in-one solution. Our Point-of-Sale app and cloud-based portal will allow you to manage everything from employee scheduling to invoice management from one simple app. Leave the finances, marketing, and tedious business operations to our POS software so you can focus more on making your clients feel special.

Make Your Business Run Smoothly

Drive revenue by understanding your customer's purchase patterns and preferred services. Market to your customers more effectively through our sophisticated segmentation and marketing automation tool. With our software, you can get your daily tasks done more quickly, accurately, and intuitively, so that you can get back to what you do best.

Find Sales Trends

Run detailed analyses on labor cost and the cost of goods and services. SalesVu is fully customizable to handle a variety of pricing structures. View your P&L and breakdown revenue by sales channel, time period, employee and more. With the extensive reporting, you can also find trends among your clients to more effectively market to them and adjust your available products and services as necessary.

Give Your Business a Makeover

Run your business from anywhere, anytime, giving you the peace of mind that everything is running smoothly, even in your absence. SalesVu can also help you better connect with your current clients, increase your client base, organize inventory and track the health of your business.


SalesVu allows me to manage product inventory and link customers to their purchases. I have products that I provide for my clients and needed a system that allowed the inclusion of products in the same transaction of an actual client service. I also chose SalesVu because of the easy export feature and customizable features that set it apart, such as: alerts, customer profiles and quick additions at POS. I also chose SalesVu because of the easy export feature.

Jen Valdivia, JV Skin and Beauty

Beauty and Wellness Bundle

Find out how SalesVu can help you on a daily basis and how it can benefit your small business. Have a look at some of its best features below.

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