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Customer Testimonials

  • Testimonials

    "I am not technologically savvy, so SalesVu offers an excellent interface, it is extremely easy to understand. I can do things by myself and that independence is vital to my business. The fact that my customers can communicate with me via website, or that I can accept any payment beyond hard cash makes SalesVu POS a trendsetter for convenience."

    Bella Sky

  • Testimonials

    "We use it daily as our register, it tracks our inventory, sales, etc. The product management and reporting system are key for us. The QuickBooks integration was the cherry on top. We love that we always have it with us and can make a sale anytime and anywhere."

    Marleen Nogueras, DULCE Affair

  • Testimonials

    "SalesVu iPad POS had everything we needed: an inventory system, merchant service and the ability to scan barcodes. I also like that I could download my info into Quickbooks and the opportunity for an online store."

    Monica Toscano, Niner Empire

Manage Your Store from Anywhere

Keep your business organized and profitable, both in store and on the web, with retail management software you can count on anytime. Rely on SalesVu to optimize your operations with our Point-of-Sale app, appointment management solution, comprehensive ECommerce solution, and cloud-based management portal. Run your multiple business locations effectively from anywhere, anytime you choose.

Find All the Tools You Need

Get Your Entire Front of the House Operation up and Running in Minutes

Our iPad and iPhone POS systems are fully integrated with the other SalesVu solutions to better organize and streamline your system. Mobile POS systems are easy to use and easy to set up, so you and your employees can begin using it in no time.

Manage Your Store from Anywhere

Sell More from Any Device

Set up a beautiful online store in minutes, with easy-to-use tools that allow you to create an online presence that matches your in-store branding. Your online store will automatically sync with the in-store inventory, so you can always keep track of inventory levels across multiple locations. Your customers will enjoy the ease of shopping online, your employees will enjoy the ease of accessing inventory and making sales from their iPad, and your business will enjoy an increase in sales, revenue, and shoppers.

Quickly View Detailed Analysis

Manage your inventory

Effectively managing your inventory and supply chain is essential to keeping your small business profitable. Our management software can help you manage the cost of goods and services, alert you to when you need to reorder, and automatically email your vendors and suppliers. Additionally, our system allows you easily access your inventory levels at any time, manage discrepancies between actual and reported inventory, and track the profitability of your goods and services—all in one easy-to-use package.

Quickly View Detailed Analysis

Quickly View Detailed Analysis

Run detailed analyses on labor cost and cost of goods. View your P&L and breakdown revenue by sales channel, time period, employee and more in our all-in-one solution. SalesVu offers an all-in-one mobile and cloud-based business management solution with the tools you need to successfully manage any business. These effective tools are included in one easy-to-use bundle, at a fraction of the cost of what it would cost to purchase these tools separately.

Quickly View Detailed Analysis

Stay Connected to Your Customers

Drive revenue by understanding your customers' purchase patterns and preferred services. Your business will achieve a complete view of every customer – from their in-store and online orders to their reservations and most loved items. This will allow for more effective targeted email campaigns and automatic discount emails. Market to your customers more effectively through our sophisticated segmentation and marketing automation tool. Over time, this will increase retention, upselling, and cross-selling across the various departments.

Stay Connected to Your Customers

SalesVu allows our products, currently on-site, to be sold worldwide. This one-stop shop that integrates current inventory to online availability will allow us to reach more customers.

Paul Chia, CBS Cycling

Retail Bundle

Find out how SalesVu can help you on a daily basis and how it can benefit your small business. Have a look at some of its best features below.

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