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Credit Cards Anywhere.

  • 2.6% + $0.10 for swiped and manual transactions

  • Free Secure Credit Card Reader

  • Free iPhone and iPad POS Software

  • Free Cloud-based Management and Reporting

  • PC and Mobile E-Commerce Website

  • Inventory Control and Re-Order Alerts

  • As Seen In:

  • Free iPhone and iPad POS
    for Retail


    SKU Management

    Barcode Scanning

    Inventory Control

    Online Ordering

    Employee Clock-In

    Cash Management

  • Free iPhone and iPad POS
    for Professional Services

    Professional Services

    Email Receipts

    Email Invoices

    Customer History

    Recurring Billing

    QUICKBOOKS Integration

    Decimal Hourly Quantities

  • Free iPhone and iPad POS
    for Restaurants and Bars

    Restaurants Services

    Split Checks

    Open Tabs

    Adjust Tips

    Kitchen/Bar Printing

    Unlimited Modifiers

    Happy Hour Discounting

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  • Process Transactions  Process Transactions
  • Manage your business from anywhere  Manage your business from anywhere
How doe SalesVu Work
How it Works
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  • How to Add Products

    How to Add Products

  • How to Generate Reports

    How to Generate Reports

  • How to Configure Discounts

    How to Configure Discounts

  • How to Track Employee Hours

    How to Track Employee Hours

  • How to Close a Shift

    How to Close a Shift

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SalesVu Retail POS at Kim Bloomberg Designs

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A.D.S. Kustoms Glass Adopts SalesVu for Inventory Management, Invoicing and ECommerce

“We like to say that, ‘We make gifts that last forever,’ here at ADS Kustoms Glass-Sandblasting,” said Owner Noe Agado. ADS can personalize any glassware, mirror, stainless steel, copper, aluminum or even wood item. They can blast text and a... Read More

The Silver Diva Chooses SalesVu over Square for Advanced Reporting and Customer Management

The Silver Diva (TSD) is a premiere hand stamping jewelry studio in Cincinnati. Customers can learn how to hand stamp jewelry and accessories or purchase pre-stamped jewelry. Hand-stamping instruction is free and anyone six or older can participate.... Read More

Ease Your Inventory Pains

Tracking inventory and managing your supply chain may not be exciting to you, but you know it’s a vital part of running your business. And that’s why it’s exciting to us. We live for making businesses thrive. We’ve taken the … Read More

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