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Turnkey profit accelerator
for retail, restaurants
and service industries.
Your all-in-one platform to maximize profits in the new era.
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The smartest business platform. Guaranteed.
Easy and powerful tools designed to maximize profits.
iPad POS
Provide helpful tips to help
your team increase sales.
Handheld POS
Enjoy more face time with your
customers, selling and upselling.
Self-Order Kiosk
Free-up your staff by shifting
order entry to your customers.
Online Ordering
Loyalty incentives will increase
orders from your website or app.
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Help your customers
discover products they'll love
Increase sales with AI-powered recommendations.
Flexible and scalable cloud solutions
Sell more while you reduce costs and increase efficiency.
Manage one or multiple
locations from one console.
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Centralized labor
Grow revenue, streamline management
and reduce operational costs.
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Inventory & Vendor
CRM & Marketing
Recurring Billing
Get connected
SalesVu works with the software you use to run your business.
Explore integrations
A dedicated team to support
you every step of the way.
Free remote installation
Get expert assistance with initial
setup or configuration of your system.
Free database configuration
We build, operate and scale your
secure cloud-based data storage.
Free systems migration
Simplify and accelerate your system
migration to SalesVu at no cost to you.
Free support services
A dedicated support team is available
around the clock to help when needed.
Negotiable on-site installation
Comprehensive in-person assistance
with initial system setup or configuration.
Negotiable custom projects
We can handle cloud, web, software or
digital transformation initiatives for you.
SalesVu also helps you
create a modern online
and mobile presence
Customize your website
Choose a template and customize it as you
want, or answer some questions and get a
free and exclusive website automatically.
Add advanced features
Create a free blog, add a store and accept
reservations in your online store. You can
always add more features as you grow.
Check the optimized version for mobile
devices, to be sure it will look amazing on
any screen. In addition, you can go to the
mobile editor to further customize it.
No more commission payments
Use loyalty points to incentivize every
new online order/marketplace customer
to download your own app, commission
Start the creation process
Customers and case studies
See how SalesVu helps our customers win.
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