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Self-Order Kiosk app

Increase customer satisfaction and profit margins with self-service Kiosk apps for iPads
Ideal for a wide variety of industries,
such as:
  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Full Service Restaurants
  • Specialty Retail
  • Beauty Salon
With OrderUp, you can:
Increase Profit Margins with OrderUp Self-Service
Kiosk App. Self-order kiosks are invaluable tools
that business owners can leverage to streamline
operations and increase revenue. OrderUp takes
it to the next level, by offering an easy, intuitive
app for iPads that integrate direct into your POS.
Increase customer control SalesVu's self-order kiosk solution offers
a quick way for customers to view your
menu, place orders, and pay, without
any wait time.
Increase speed of service By freeing up front-of-house staff, your
workers can focus on expediting orders
and carrying out other critical tasks.
Improve order accuracy Customers are in complete control of
their orders, so they can choose whatever
items and modifiers they desire, and
ensure the order is correct.
Features include:
Cross-selling and upselling OrderUp encourages customers to spend
more. Upselling and cross-selling prompts
showcase selectable sides, pairings, and
courses that customers can't resist.
Visual Menus Make your menu even more irresistible
and user-friendly by adding enticing
photos of your selections to temp
Intuitive Interface OrderUp can be customized to each
kiosk station, and leverages the intuitive
iPad interface your customers and
employees are already familiar with.
Modifiers Increase order accuracy and satisfaction
by letting customers dictate exactly how
they want their order prepared with
extensive options for modifiers.
Tip Prompts Make the tipping process easy and
encourage customers to leave bigger
tips with easy tipping prompts that
do the math for them.
For just $15 a month, each OrderUp
terminal will generate additional sales
by increase
speed of service and utilizing
convenient, natural upsell prompts.
No space for iPads?
Now your customers can also order from their own phones Create a smartphone optimized
ordering page that drives maximum
up-sells via one of our many smartphone
website templates and native App builder.
>> Explore our native App
and Website Builder
Need Remote Management?
Link your kiosks to the
SalesVu Advanced Cloud Platform
$150 / Month / Location
Sales report to view
best selling products
ordered through kiosk
Complete and
effortless menu
Configure and
lock kiosk to
specific tables
Email and
Custom time based
menu setup for the
Customer report
to view purchase
history on the kiosk
Generate coupon
codes that can be
applied at the kiosk
Designate products
to kitchen printers
or kitchen display
Increase your average ticket amount by 20% with OrderUp guaranteed!
The SalesVu team will help you configure your kiosks for maximum upselling with every purchase
Salesvu OrderUp
Supported Back-End Order Management Apps

Incoming App by SalesVu

SalesVu POS
SalesVu POS

Square POS
7 Reasons to use Self-Order Kiosks
SalesVu it's a very good company. Not every POS company could setup a system like they did. We have 20 ipads with Orderup App on each table and we need to make them work with other 5 POS. SalesVu made possible this process, and they did a very good job! In only one week they made it work and I was able to see their improvement every day!
I love it!
- Hot Pot City, Full Fervice Chinese Restaurant Rockville, Maryland