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Schedule clients, track commissions, and increase sales across locations with SalesVu's all-in-one solution
Make managing of your beauty salon and spa business a breeze using our simple, fully featured management software.
The foremost need that a beauty, hair or nail
salon management software must fulfil is to
meet the high demands of the highly
competitive salon and spa industry.

SalesVu spa and salon management software helps
you manage every aspect of your beauty salon and
spa business efficiently and effectively ensuring that
you have an insight into all aspects of your business.

Using the extensive functionalities of our salon
management software, you can manage all aspects
of your salon and spa business and gain a
competitive advantage.
WELCOME Salon and Spa
Software helps your
Beauty & Wellness
Business Grow
SalesVu's beauty

salon and spa software

helps you manage all aspects of your business, grow your sales, save your time and enhance your business perception. Our beauty salon management software offers powerful features that can be customized and personalized as per your unique salon and spa business requirements. SalesVu offers

spa salon apps

for iPad, which means you can leverage it's basic and advanced features for enhanced customer experience, and focus on expanding your Beauty & Wellness business, at no cost.
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Manage your Spa & Beauty Salon
app remotely with our cloud-based solutions
Reduce costs and save time by
managing your business more efficiently.
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Centralized Multi-Location
Centralized Labor Management
& Scheduling
SalesVu Cloud Advanced
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CRM and Marketing Automation
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What is a SPA/SALON Management Software?
Spa/Salon Management software will provide the right tools that you need to manage your salon. Let the beauty salon management software take care of online scheduling, payments in advance, email and SMS confirmations and reminders. Also, you can sell products in store and on your website, track inventory, and even keep track of clients with details into their past purchase history and historical reservations. An all-in-one salon management system that will boost your sales and take care of your customers.
How much does Welcome SPA/SALON Software Cost?
The WELCOME spa salon management app has a cost of $15/month. If you need web portal access, you can upgrade to the SalesVu Basic bundle for $75/month/location or SalesVu Advanced bundle for $150/month/location. For more information visit our pricing page here.
What is Unique about SALESVU'S Welcome SPA SALON Management Apps for iPAD?
Not only WELCOME is an all-in-one spa/salon system with appointments, customer management and product and inventory management. This spa & beauty salon management software will also provide you with a free website and a smartphone branded app. Make money while you sleep and start selling your products online and allow customers to book services in advance!
Why choose Welcome SPA/SALON Software over Competitors?
Besides offering an efficient, user-friendly and fast application for Spas and Salons, WELCOME gives you the complete package by offering a free website and branded app, a self-ordering kiosk app that will engage the customers more by offering drinks and snacks and a customized appointment calendar that will allow you to expand your bookings on the POS, online or on social media (Facebook). All of these for an affordable price beating all of our competitors.
Will Welcome SPA SALON Management Software help me with Bookings and Appointments Scheduling?
Yes, grow your appointments with a practical calendar and let customers book in the salon, from a website, using your branded app or on your Facebook business page. WELCOME takes care of every channel so you can sell more services. Configure Email and SMS confirmations and reminders and take a look at your schedule from any device, sync your calendar with iCal, google calendar or Outlook calendar!
Can I use Welcome SPA SALON App in Multiple Locations?
From 1 to 100 locations WELCOME is perfect for every size! Keep track of operational data per location within one account.
Will you Train Our Staff to Use Welcome?
Yes, we offer free training for your staff on how to use our spa/salon management software. We also have videos and a knowledge base.
What are benefits of Welcome SPA SALON Management, Booking & Appointment Scheduling Software?
Offer appointments online with a user-friendly interface from a website or business branded app. Take deposits to avoid no-shows for both online and phone appointments and attract and retain clients with email and SMS automated campaigns.
I use other SPA SALON software. Can I easily migrate to Welcome SPA SALON Management Software?
Yes, we can help you switch, this service has no cost for new subscribers. We can help you import products, services, employees, gift cards and customer contact information, you can send us your files to
SalesVu has helped tremendously to keep track of everything, from appointment to sales. All numbers are there, all I have to do is keep up with my receipts and it does everything.
I love it!
- Trish Perryman
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