SalesVu's Premium Cloud is here and packed with powerful new tools to increase sales and reduce costs.
Easy-to-build, search engine
optimized, mobile-friendly
beautiful websites.
The first thing every potential customer does? Google you.
Don’t judge a book by its cover? Not true for businesses.
Your first interaction with a customer is often online. Make sure it’s a good one. 30% of people will not consider a business with a poor website.
You don’t have to add “web developer” to your resume.
There’s a lot to consider when building a website: Do you show up in the search? How are your page speeds? Is your design inviting? Is it mobile responsive? SalesVu’s web builder takes the guesswork out of it and delivers you a functional and striking web presence.
E-commerce is a $400 Trillion business. Claim your piece of the pie.
If you’re not selling online, you should be. And if you are, SalesVu’s web tools will seamlessly integrate with your E-commerce tools, increase your sales, and save you money.
Win new business through search.
The vast majority of Americans are searching online for what they want to eat, drink, buy and do next. Make sure your business shows up at the top of the list with advanced SEO.
SalesVu’s Website Builder is part of our full all-in-one software solution.
Build a strong web presence with SalesVu and increase your sales.
Website Builder
Increase sales
The future of business is online. Make sure you
don’t fall behind.
  • Even brick-and-mortar businesses are E-commerce
    enterprises these days, which is good news for
    your sales. SalesVu makes E-commerce a cinch.
  • Bring in more business through internet searches.
  • Create easily shareable content to amplify your
    reach on social media.
Decrease costs
Professional, customizable web design, without the
cost of a professional dev team.
  • Your website is a 24/7 marketing machine. Optimizing it
    could replace some of your more expensive marketing
  • Integrating online tools increases your business efficiency
    and saves you on labor costs.
  • Online orders buy you time for fulfillment, meaning you
    don’t have to have everything in stock and ready immediately.
Website Builder
Full-Featured Website Builder to Meet All Your Needs
  • - Integrated loyalty program,
    electronic gift cards.
  • - Integrated email marketing
    with discount codes.
  • - SMS text messages
    with order tracking.
  • - Configurable reminder emails for abandoned carts.
E-commerce &
Booking platform
  • - Hundreds of Template Options
  • - Desktop and Mobile Optimized
  • - Search Engine Optimized
  • - Hosted by Amazon AWS Servers
  • - Support payments by
    credit cards or gift cards.
  • - Configure prep-times and
    delivery windows
  • - Input supported delivery
    areas and times.
  • - Easily input and customize
    delivery fees.
  • - Simplify shipping with UPS label integration.
  • - See all incoming orders
    on your POS app.
  • - Automatically display/Print
    incoming orders.
  • - Set order maximums for
    Specific product.
  • - Pre-configure upsell and
    gratuity prompts.
  • - Sync-up physical & online
    inventory levels.
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See what our
customers are
saying about us.
Working with the SalesVu team made it easy and encouraged us to keep going during these difficult times. After the site went live and we started to get some orders, we realized that SalesVu’s online ordering website has been a lifesaver! It is the main reason why we were able to stay open for business
Rachael Cox
‘Before COVID-19 we were selling about 10 orders per month (online). During the pandemic, we decided to implement the new website shopping page and in the first 5 days, we saw an increase of 2000% in online sales, we went from 10 orders per month to 40 orders per day, so we had a dramatic increase’
David Steinbach
I am so satisfied with SalesVu’s online ordering solution. It completely gave the restaurant a second chance! Without the website and branded app, I don’t know how we were going to be able to get through this difficult time. I actually saw a huge increase in sales. E-commerce orders increased by 200% in May 2020 compared to April 2020.
BJ Wang
SalesVu’s customer service team worked with Brandy to understand her business needs and when she was ready to sign up, SalesVu’s team helped her design and build her booking page. They’ve seen a notable increase in client bookings now that customers can easily view the calendar online and schedule classes on their own in less than 3 clicks.
SMASH - Community Dance
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