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Let us upgrade your digital services to
endure the challenges of the pandemic.
Let orders continue to flow as customers safely enjoy
their favorite entrees or products from your shop.
Contactless Order & Payment
Diners want to be safe as they enjoy their favorite venues again.
Now they can, with our QR-code order and payment capability,
enabling a fully contactless dining experience.
  • Restaurants and cafes place a table tent on each table.
  • Diners scan a QR code with a smartphone and place their order.
  • Checks remain open until diners are ready to call it a night.
  • Diners pay from their smartphones without need for a server.
  • A receipt is provided via email or SMS.
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Curbside, local delivery or ship to address
Connect online orders with curbside pickup and provide customers
a COVID-safe and seamless order-to-pick up experience. We've
enabled multiple ways for customers to continue to buy and enjoy
their purchased items.
  • Customers order online and choose delivery method.
  • Order for ASAP or for a later day and time.
  • Customers press "I'm here" and indicate their location.
  • As shutdowns continue, merchants open new revenue streams.
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OrderUp Self Order Kiosk Solution
Free-up your staff by shifting the order entry process to your
customers - at the To-Go counter or even on every table!
  • Visual product display.
  • Customer assistance button.
  • SMS order notifications.
  • Kitchen display integration.
  • Multiple payment options.
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