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Streamline your operations with SalesVu and PayPal Zettle
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SalesVu Point of Sales (POS)
The best POS system for iPad on the market: SalesVu's point-of-sale system is the most efficient, secure, and flexible option out there.
Increase sales: An easy-to-use interface translates to faster service. WiFi down? No worries!
Decrease costs: Theft proof your cash management and close out procedures.
QR Code Ordering
Provide a touchless method for customers to safely order and pay at the table.
Increase sales: Bring the convenience of online ordering to brick-and-mortar & maximize profits.
Decrease costs: Bring the in-person and online world together to reduce materials and labor expenses.
Self-order Kiosk
Empower your customers with OrderUp, SalesVu's kiosk solution for iPad: elevate kiosk service with AI-powered recommendations that effectively upsells your products.
Increase sales: Boost average ticket size; customers order more when they have control
Decrease costs: Don't lose customers to long lines and streamline labor costs with kiosks
eCommerce Platform
Let your brand stand out from the crowd: SalesVu will build you a great looking website and eCommerce pages to maximize your brand.
Increase sales: Elevate your online experience with your own branded mobile apps and website
Streamline operations: Modernize the way you manage & become a leader in the digital era.
Digital Menu App Kiosk
Elevates your restaurant with paper-like fine dining menus: our elegant software interface for Kindle Fire tablet provides your customers with chic semi-self-service.
Increase sales: Boost average ticket size; customers order more when they have control
Decrease costs: Double the number of tables one server can handle + easily update menus
Waitlist & Reservation Management
Easy to use waitlist & reservation app: get the fully-featured Waitlist & Reservation Management App for just $15/month/terminal.
Increase sales: Effortlessly serve more customers and increase your capacity with apps
Streamline operations: Don't lose customers to long lines and streamline labor costs
Make management a breeze - for one or 100 locations
Gain powerful features & keep your PayPal Zettle card reader
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Multi-location Management
Effortlessly tracks sales in the cloud: SalesVu’s multi-location retail management makes it easy to keep tabs on all your locations in a centralized system.
Increase sales: Streamline your operations and gain insights into what customers want.
Decrease costs: Reduce manual data entry and analysis to minimize operational costs.
Quickbooks Integration
SalesVu's all-in-one profit-boosting solution for POS, Kiosk and Online ordering integrates directly with QuickBooks Online and Desktop.
Increase sales: Save hours on bookkeeping by automatically syncs all transaction data in real-time.
Streamline operations: Reduce back-office workload with multi-location support for all sales channels.
Recipe-based Inventory Management
Get your inventory down to a science: SalesVu pulls data directly from your POS to monitor existing inventory and accurately, down to the ingredient level.
Increase sales: Never run out of your best sellers and gain insights into what customers want.
Decrease costs: Reduce waste & spoilage and keep better tabs to avoid shrinkage.
Boost revenue with automation
Grow your sales and expand your business with our strategic growth features: increase average tickets with AI-powered order features, and keep your customers coming back for more with loyalty rewards, subscription services & more.
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All the PayPal Zettle Pro features, plus a lot more!
Gain a powerful set of additional features with SalesVu and keep PayPal Zettle for your financial processing.
Multi-location managementManage all your locations and on-premise devices from a single cloud-account and management console.
Table managementEffortlessly manages seating and double the number of tables one server can handle.
Sync orders across devicesie: bartender can add more items to the same order from different stations throughout the night
Automated review boosterPromote & offer store credit for customers who post positive reviews on Google, Facebook, etc.
Loyalty programTurn window shoppers into repeat customers with automated, multi-channel loyalty rewards.
Route to kitchen or bar printersStreamline operations by automatically sending order items directly to your kitchen or bar.
Inventory management Seamlessly control inventory for products, modifiers, or ingredients. Add vendors, place purchase orders, transfer inventory to different locations, and receive out-of-stock notifications.
Sales overview & reports Receive all the insights that you need to continuously improve with customizable analytics. Schedule and download recurring reports.
Employee management Add multiple users with unique access levels. Create and manage a schedule for staff members and track individual sales, tips, and labor-cost ratio.
Gift cards & discounts Increase your customer base with physical and digital gift cards and allow redemptions through multiple channels.
Next-day coupon on receipts Incentivize regular customers to visit more frequently (and spend more) by offering them next-day discounts.
SMS/email marketing Create compelling content and exclusive promotions with automated Email and SMS campaigns. Track marketing data in real-time.
Bill splits & open tabs View and manage open tabs directly from the POS and split payments by seat number, items, or amount.
Options & add-ons Offer different options for products to accommodate clients’ needs. Upsell customers with tailored modifier groups.
Category management Visually tailor your Point of Sale by organizing your products in categories and sub-categories.
Drag-n-drop layouts Build your business layout and track occupancy via drag-n-drop. Accept reservations and place customers on a waitlist.
Fully-mobile POS Check out guests with table-side payments and increase operational efficiency.
Product management Manage products in real-time from any device and design a menu that reflects your business.
QR code ordering
Hosted website + curbside pickup
Digital menu Kindle app
Self-order kiosks
CRM & robust customer reporting
Waitlist & reservation management
Kitchen display
Customer satisfaction tracking
Branded ordering app (iOS + Android)
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Frequently asked questions
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What if I don't use PayPal Zettle Pro, but I have a PayPal Zettle card reader & PayPal account?
No problem! Every component of SalesVu's systems can accept payments via PayPal (for online transactions) as well as the PayPal Zettle card reader (for on-premise transactions).
Does this work for food & beverage only? How about retail, beauty & wellness?
SalesVu is capable of streamlining operations for both Retail, Beauty & Wellness, as well as Food & Beverage.
Do I need to switch from using my PayPal Zettle credit card reader?
No, you can keep using PayPal Zettle as your card reader — SalesVu integrates directly with PayPal Zettle Pro.
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