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SalesVu + Yellow Dog Integration
Yellow Dog's full featured Retail and Food & Beverage inventory system improves your life by making inventory easier.
Sync inventory with Yellow Dog & SalesVu
Integrate Yellow Dog with SalesVu for enhanced inventory management: never oversell or go out-of-stock.
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SalesVu Point of Sales (POS)
The best POS system for iPad on the market: SalesVu's point-of-sale system is the most efficient, secure, and flexible option out there.
Increase sales: An easy-to-use interface translates to faster service. WiFi down? No worries!
Decrease costs: Theft proof your cash management and close out procedures.
QR Code Ordering
Provide a touchless method for customers to safely order and pay at the table.
Increase sales: Bring the convenience of online ordering to brick-and-mortar & maximize profits.
Decrease costs: Bring the in-person and online world together to reduce materials and labor expenses.
Self-order Kiosk
Empower your customers with OrderUp, SalesVu's kiosk solution for iPad: elevate kiosk service with AI-powered recommendations that effectively upsells your products.
Increase sales: Boost average ticket size; customers order more when they have control
Decrease costs: Don't lose customers to long lines and streamline labor costs with kiosks
eCommerce Platform
Let your brand stand out from the crowd: SalesVu will build you a great looking website and eCommerce pages to maximize your brand.
Increase sales: Elevate your online experience with your own branded mobile apps and website
Streamline operations: Modernize the way you manage & become a leader in the digital era.
Digital Menu App
Elevates your restaurant with paper-like fine dining menus: our elegant software interface for Kindle Fire tablet provides your customers with chic semi-self-service.
Increase sales: Boost average ticket size; customers order more when they have control
Decrease costs: Double the number of tables one server can handle + easily update menus
Sync Yellow Dog & SalesVu
Integrate Yellow Dog with SalesVu for enhanced inventory management
Sync Yellow Dog & SalesVu in real-time
Integrate Yellow Dog with SalesVu for enhanced inventory management
2-way sync (retail)
Yellow Dog Inventory is a complete back office inventory management system for any level of retail operation. Integrate Yellow Dog with SalesVu to offer all the detailed ordering processes, reporting, and bar coding needs a retailer may need:
  • Pull sales automatically
  • Automatically add/update Items on a user defined schedule
  • Multi-store/multi-property management
  • Complete purchasing workflow (requests, purchase orders, receipts, invoices, transfers, return to vendors)
  • Complete replenishment system
  • Fully customizable bar code printing
  • Physical inventory process with mobile counting apps and bar code scanning handheld devices
  • Over 300 reports with automatic email delivery
  • Item types include individual, matrix, kits, parent/child, and weighted
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1-way sync (food & beverage)
Yellow Dog Inventory is a full featured F&B inventory management system to handle a wide range of operations. Integrate Yellow Dog with SalesVu system to offer all recipe management, physical inventory, and food costing analysis an F&B operation may require.
  • Pull Sales automatically
  • Easy COGS Reporting Matching Revenue to Usage
  • Recipes, Batch Recipes, and Production Recipes Supported
  • Commissary Workflows of Requests to Production to Transfers
  • Physical Inventory Process with Mobile Counting Apps, Sheet to Shelf Item Order, and Handheld Devices
  • Over 4,000 Vendor Invoice EDI Integrations Supported
  • Invoice Export to QuickBooks and dozens of other leading accounting systems
  • Detailed Waste Tracking
  • Optional Detailed Actual vs Theoretical Reporting
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