Spektrix + SalesVu
SalesVu is built to help arts & entertainment
venues to increase sales while lowering costs,
without added workload.
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Get to know your customers with SalesVu + Spektrix
SalesVu is built to help arts & entertainment venues to increase sales while lowering costs, without added workload.
Built for Arts & Culture
Purpose-built features customized to support Arts & Culture businesses.
Build a 3600 view of your customers' purchasing behavior:
Performing arts and entertainment venues using the Spektrix system for their
CRM, ticketing and marketing can build a well-rounded profile of each
customer with the help of the SalesVu POS app.

Transactions at cafes, bars, gift shops and merchandise sales points in the
venue are written into the Spektrix system via the SalesVu POS app.

Loyalty and member benefits, logged against Spektrix's customer record, are
recognized by the SalesVu POS through a barcode from tickets or
membership cards.
Key Features
Deliver a superior customer experience, automagically.
Grow customer loyaltyMake each customer feel valued, and tailor offers and loyalty programs to your patrons based on their purchase behavior across all touch points
Effortlessly manage dataAll customer data and their transaction history are visible in one place, available for powerful segmentation
Increase bottom-line revenueUpselling merchandise or seating, timed offers and ease of purchase at sales points across the venue encourage spending
Streamline daily operationsSave time and offer better customer service by optimizing customer recognition across the whole venue
5 different ways to place orders
Enhance your Parton Experience and boost engagement both online and in-person.
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Frequently asked questions
Can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.
What if I don't use Zettle Pro, but I have a Zettle card reader & PayPal account?
No problem! Every component of SalesVu's systems can accept payments via PayPal (for online transactions) as well as the Zettle card reader (for on-premise transactions).
Does this work for arts & entertainment only? How about retail, beauty & wellness?
SalesVu is capable of streamlining operations for both Retail, Beauty & Wellness, as well as Food & Beverage.
Do I need to switch from using my Zettle credit card reader?
No, you can keep using Zettle as your card reader - SalesVu integrates directly with Zettle Pro.
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