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Benefits for Resellers

Free Advertising

Resellers are advertised directly on the SalesVu website in order to receive the maximum number of leads.

Track Customer History

Recurring SaaS Revenue

Resellers purchase our products at a discount from the price advertised on our website are free to set their own resale price. Resellers collect the software subscriptions fees directly from their customers on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

POS and E-Commerce Integration

Installation and Configuration

SalesVu will train resellers on how to properly install and configure the software. Resellers are free to charge their customers for the service and keep all the proceeds.

Manage Customer Groups

Ongoing Support Revenue

Resellers are allowed to charge their customers for the ongoing support that they provide on-site or on the phone. Some resellers charge hourly while others charge a flat monthly fee for their support service.

POS and E-Commerce Integration

Ongoing Commissions from Credit Card Transactions

US Resellers who sell the SalesVu solution along with a Vantiv Payments merchant account will also receive monthly residual commissions from Vantiv.

POS and E-Commerce Integration

Free SalesVu Account

All SalesVu certified resellers get free access to all our products for testing and demo purposes.

Manage Customer Groups