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OrderUp Kiosk by SalesVu
Bust lines by giving customers the ability to self-order, and have
those orders sent directly to the kitchen to begin preparation.
Increase customer control SalesVu's self-order kiosk solution
offers a quick way for customers
to view your menu, place orders,
and pay, without any wait time.
Increase speed of service Freeing up the front-of-house
staff, employees can focus on
expediting orders and carrying
out other critical tasks.
Improve order accuracy Customers are in complete
control of their orders. They will
be able to select and choose any
items and modifiers they desire
and ensure the order is correct.
Cross-selling and upselling Upselling and cross-selling
prompts showcase delectable
sides, pairings, and courses that
customers can't resist using visual
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Handheld POS by SalesVu
Spend more face time with your customers, selling and upselling!
Fast to Ring Up Ring up items by searching, browsing, scanning, or filtering.
Apply Discounts Apply preconfigured discounts, enter discount code from marketing emails, or automate discounts based on time of day
Loyalty Program Configure percentage of each purchase that customers earn as loyalty cash towards future purchases. Set minium treshold of loyalty cash to be earned to unlock redemptions.
Accept Various Payment Options Accept cash, card, house accounts, loyalty cash, gift cards, or other configurable payment options. For credit card processing get multiple processors to bid to offer you the best rate.
Physical Space Management Manage Floors, sections, rooms, chairs, tables, and all components of your physical space.
Pre-authorize cards to open tabs Ability to start a tab from one device and edit/close it from a different device.
Split Checks Split check by amount, by product, or by seat.
Tips & Service Charges Manually or automatically add tips or service charge to orders.
Receipt Formats Print, email, or text receipts
Kitchen Integration Send different types of items to specific Kitchen/Bar printers or displays
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Incoming by SalesVu
Streamline your kitchen's workflow with this kitchen display system 'KDS',
which automatically displays orders from the Square register.
Real time order statuses Track orders by assigning
different color codes for new and
old orders.
SMS Notifications Mark your orders "ready" to
send customers a custom
notification via SMS
Product summary View multiple menu items that
repeat in recent orders allowing
your kitchen staff to be more
Go-Paperless Replaces your kitchen printer
allowing you to streamline your
Learn More About The SalesVu Incoming App

Customer Display by SalesVu
Give customers a secure, low-pressure way to review their orders
from the Square register, add any tips and sign discreetly.
Signature and Tip prompts Customers can sign and tip on the
screen of the customer display
seamlessly without the need to
move hardware.
Loyalty Customers can earn and redeem
loyalty points using their phone
Receipts Customers can decide how they
want to receive their receipts via
print, SMS or email.
Customization Customize the display by adding
your logo, screensaver and

Mobile Ordering by SalesVu
Increase profits by providing a mobile app that allows customers to
place orders via phone and have them sent to the Square register
Customization Customize your own branded app
by adding a logo, product images
and content
Advance Ordering Let customers place orders in
advance for delivery or in-store
Online Bookings Allow customers to schedule
appointments, classes and
restaurant reservations.
Waitlist Add yourself to the waitlist and
view your position in line

Restaurant Website by SalesVu
Showcase your brand and have orders placed on your website automatically
appear on your Square Register with pickup and delivery information.
Website Creation Select from many custom modern
templates to build a fully
functional website.
Online ordering Create an online shopping cart
using the same products from
your Square account
Appointments and Reservations Create appointments and
reservations that will allow
customers to schedule on the
Domain Name Customize your own URL domain
name or use an existing URL from
the provider of your choice

VipZ by SalesVu
Sell digital gift cards and discounted group
vouchers to your customers in-store or online.
Selling Gift Cards Sell digital gift cards online or in-
store instantly
Payments Accept gift cards payments
through the POS, Branded App
and Website Builder
Checking Balances Check and verify gift card
balances directly within the VIPz
Digital Gift Cards Send custom emails that will
include the digital gift card
number and barcode
Learn More About The SalesVu VIPz App

OnTheList by SalesVu
Manage walk-ins with an automated
SMS-based Waitlist Management System.
Table Layout Create and customize multiple
floor plans and different sections
of your business
Wait Times Add customers and their table
preferences to the waitlist.
OnTheList will automatically
calculate the expected wait times
directly within the app
SMS Notification Send customers a custom SMS
notification when their table is
Reservations and advance
Take reservations and accept
deposits in case of no-shows
Learn More About The SalesVu OnTheList App

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