SalesVu + Square
A POS system for restaurants and bars needing
the ability to pre-authorize cards to open tabs
and split checks by products. The app runs
on an iPad and syncs seamlessly
with Square Register.
Add it to your SalesVu Cloud plan for $15/mo/terminal
Spend more face time with your,
customers, selling and upselling
POS by SalesVu integrates with a consumer-facing
iPad display, waitlist management and kitchen display
systems branded mobile app, loyalty program, and
digital gift cards.

Easily import and customize products, manage your
shop from one console, and view transactions in your
Square Payments dashboard.
Key Features
Easily split checks by items, seat numbers,
or custom amounts.

Start a tab on one POS and close it on a
different terminal.

Train your staff to upsell by configuring
visual modifier prompts.

Get free menu configuration, data entry,
and technical support.
Grow revenue
AI-powered-recommendation help
your staff increase the
size of each order.
Sell everything
Easily sell menu items and physical
products onsite or online and manage
it all in one place.
Retain clients
Curate the right kinds of products
with data-driven suggestion, and keep
clients coming back often.
Save money
Streamline every aspect of your
business reduce costs, and save
precious time every day.
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