Video Tutorials


SalesVu POS and SalesVu Cloud
How to add/edit products/services
End of day operations (cash, credit cards tips)
Shift management (piggy bank icon) overview
How to fire order to the kitchen
How to split checks
How to refund/exchange
How to apply discounts on the spot (run time)
How to apply discounts (all types)
Activate loyalty program (loyalty settings)
Process order with earning loyalty
Paying with loyalty points
How to clock in/out
Process an order (overview)
How to manage customers on the POS (CRM overview on the POS)
How to pre-print a receipt (before payment)
How to sell and redeem a gift card
How to add a product to the order by scanning the barcode
Inventory Mode on the POS (scanning barcodes and changing Qty)
Order Locking Feature
Connect with Square
Hiding the shift report figures
Auto Close Shift on POS
How to Pre-Authorize using Square Payments
POS - New Employee features
POS - Individual Employee Reports
POS Recommendation For "New Additions"
POS Recommendation For "Trending Now"
POS Recommendation For "Best Sellers"
POS Recommendation For "Frequently Bought Together"
POS Recommendation For "Similar Products"
POS Recommendation For "You Might Also Like"
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