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Salon & Spa POS (Welcome)

Welcome by SalesVu 2.0 Overview
Overview of the Home Screen in the Welcome app
How to Create a resource map in the Welcome App
How to add a customer to the waitlist in the Welcome app
How to occupy a resource in the Welcome app
How to create a reservation in the Welcome app
How to view and receive reservations in the Welcome app
Welcome by SalesVu vs. Booker by Mindbody
How to connect with Square
Resource bookings with Tables and Rooms
How to track elapsed time for rentals
Automatic Reminders for Appointments and Classes
Multiple Services for One Appointment
Multiple Servcie Providers for One Appointment
Multiple Services with Multiple Employees at the same time
How Commission Work
How to View more than 7 booked Appointments at Once
How to View Client Notes on the Appointment Calendar
Multiple Location Calendars And Booking Across Different Locations
How to Add Multiple Employees in a Sale
Pricing Based on Employee
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