Retail and Ecommerce
In a industry that's more crowded than ever,
get a competitive edge with SalesVu's Retail
+ Ecommerce solutions
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Build a brand that stands
out from the crowd.
Let us build you a great
looking website and
ecommerce pages to
maximize your brand.
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Elevate your online experience with
your own branded app in the iPhone
App Store and Android Play Store.
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Create sophisticated marketing
emails and track which messaging
gets the best results.
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Increase sales with a
phenomenal in-store experience.
Getting new customers is only half
the battle. Turn window-shoppers
into regulars.
Reward your customers with a configurable tiered
loyalty program that allows them to earn more and
unlock deals the more they spend.

Personalized next-day coupons on receipts to
inspire their next visit.

Get on the subscription train. Boxes create a fun new
way for your customers to explore your products and a
more consistent income stream for you. With SalesVu,
you can easily build a subscription program, track
inventory, and manage shipment.
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Modernize the way you manage and operate
to become a leader in the digital era.
Whether you have one location or dozens, SalesVu makes it easy
to run your entire business from a cloud-based portal/database,
so you can monitor sales, employees, and inventory from one

Easily manage thousands of SKU's from HQ - Add products,
automatically create size/color combinations, change prices,
update inventory levels, etc. Even transfer inventory from store
to store with a single click.

Shelf-space is valuable. Track what's selling and what's not, so
you can optimize your space.
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Inventory control doesn't have to be an operational nightmare.
Manage your in- store and ecommerce catalogs from one place,
with inventory syncing automatically between the two.

Know your inventory and reduce theft. Scan-in inventory with
SalesVu scanner integrations and get an automatic discrepancy
report if anything looks off.

Take employee schedule management off your to-do, with simple
and efficient tools that let you update schedules, communicate
changes quickly, and allow employees to manage their own shift
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We integrate with your favorite software
Take payments with your preferred payment provider, sync contacts
with your CRM, eliminate manual data entry to accounting software and more.
Connecting your FIS Worldpay account to SalesVu for your POS/ECommerce payment processing is easier than ever
Run your entire arts and culture operation with Tessitura and SalesVu
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We've partnered up to help you get even
more value from Spektrix.
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PayPal Zettle helps empower your business by accepting more payment options.
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Use SalesVu software solutions
with Square for financial processing.
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We integrate with QuickBooks
online and desktop (PC).
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Our online accounting software streamlines your business and increases collaboration across departments.
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Use SalesVu software solutions with Clover for financial processing
Our support team
is here for you.
SalesVu is more than a software solution,
we are your IT pit crew.

Let us handle onboarding, data migration,
and system integration for you free of charge.
See what our customers
are saying about us.
'Before COVID-19 we were selling about 10 orders per month (online). During the pandemic, we decided to implement the new website shopping page and in the first 5 days, we saw an increase of 2000% in online sales, we went from 10 orders per month to 40 orders per day, so we had a dramatic increase'
David Steinbach
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