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SalesVu Specialty Retail

Download free SalesVu iPad POS apps for Specialty Retail Stores and simplify your business management for streamlined operations and increased profits.

POS Software for Specialty Retail
Full-Featured iPad POS for Specialty
Retail Stores
Traditional POS costs for specialty retail stores can
run into the thousands. Why spend all that money
when you can download SalesVu apps for free?
SalesVu apps can enhance your point of sale with
features that allow you to do everything from
managing shifts, to offering easy refunds and
exchanges, pre-printing receipts, and applying

The solution also provides the flexibility
to transform your retail store and provide a better
customer experience by adding a cafe, coffee shop,
or even full-service restaurant into an existing retail
establishment. SalesVu easily handles both the retail
and restaurant sides of your business with one

Manage all your locations and departments from a
single account, seamlessly transferring inventory
and data from one location to another for a better
omnichannel operation. With SalesVu iPad POS,
you can access the tools you need to maximize
operational efficiency and minimize costs.
Leverage digital channels
to interact with your
customers outside of
your four walls
SalesVu offers SMBs the solutions required to build
a comprehensive omnichannel presence and grow
the business through digital channels, as well as
through experiential brick-and-mortar methods
like "coffee shopping."
SalesVu's digital ordering and ecommerce solutions
integrate with SalesVu POS, ensuring that all of
your channels are accounted for in your sales
reports, orders are never dropped, and your
customer experience is seamless both online
and in-store.
Start expanding your omnichannel presence with a branded website from SalesVu
SalesVu Apps
for Specialty
Retail Stores
Simple setup, Easy to use, No cost options
Choose from our wide selection of Apps downloadable from the iTunes Store for free or at a low monthly cost.
SalesVu iPad POSManage transactions, reduce errors,
and streamline your operations with
this free iPad POS app.
Inventory ManagementManage your vendors and gain
complete visibility into your
supply chain, all from one App.
Loyalty Program Activation
Manage your vendors and gain
complete visibility into your
supply chain, all from one App.
Employee Management/ Shift
Keep tight control over labor costs
while optimizing schedules to cover
Download 4 must have Software Features for
Time for a Website Makeover?
With SalesVu, you'll have access to a full Graphic Design team at no cost to you.
We Also Deliver Exceptional Customer Support
The very nature of specialty retail stores requires that you are always up and running. Downtime from technical issues is not an option you can afford. We understand that issues can occur outside of the normal 9-5 work day. That's why SalesVu is here 24/7, so you can minimize downtime and get back up and running ASAP.
SalesVu POS and Inventory Management System has been a great tool for us to track our inventory, cost and profitability in real time.
Corinne Buchanan Vroom Vroom Bitsy Boo
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