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SalesVu offers a fully functional
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restaurant management

apps that meet your every need.
Our iPad POS system and restaurant management
apps are designed to streamline the hustle of
running a restaurant. Nimble, simple, and
efficient, it makes you wonder why anyone
still spends thousands on a POS system. See Counter POS features See Handheld POS features See Self-Service Kiosk features
  • Easily split checks by item, seat
    numbers, or custom amounts.
  • Simplify tab management by syncing
    up your POS terminals.
  • Utilize visual modifier prompts to
    help your team pair and up-sell.
SalesVu Apps for
Food & Drinks
Simple to set up, easy to use, and customizable.
Choose from our wide selection of Apps downloadable
from the iTunes Store for free or at a low monthly cost.

iPad POS System
Improve your operations, process transactions quickly, and gain access
to critical business data that makes it easy to run a more profitable business.
Learn more about the SalesVu POS app
Incoming Kitchen Manager
Streamline your kitchen's workflow with this kitchen display system 'KDS',
which automatically displays orders from the Square register.
Learn more about the SalesVu Incoming app
OnTheList Floor/Table Manager
Guest management tools to help you know
more first-timers and delight your regulars.
Learn more about the SalesVu OnTheList app
Customer Display
Give customers a secure, low-pressure way to review
their order, view loyalty points, and tip discreetly.
download the app now
Regulars Loyalty Manager
Offer a unique rewards program to strengthen customer loyalty.
Learn more about the SalesVu Regulars app
VIPz Gift Card Manager
Sell digital gift cards and discounted group
vouchers to your customers in-store or online.
Learn more about the SalesVu VIPz app

OrderUpOur free point of sale App allows you
to process transactions quickly and
generate reports on a wide range of
metrics, forbetter business decisions.
IncomingGain real-time insight into inventory
across all of your channels, in-store
and online, and better forecast your
inventory needs.
Customer DisplayIncrease tips in a comfortable,
low-pressure way and give
customers more privacy
Mobile OrderingIncrease profits by providing a mobile
app that allows customers to place
orders via phone and have them
sent to the Square Register.
OnthelistOptimize your dining space, notify
customers when tables are ready, and
provide customers with accurate
estimates for wait time with this easy
waitlist and reservation management app.
VipZincrease your brand awareness
and customer base by creating,
advertising, and selling e-gift cards,
and incentivize customers through
group-based promotions.
Employee Management/ Shift
Forecast labor needs, enforce shift
schedules, and automate clock-
RegularsFoster loyalty by offering a unique
rewards program that identifies loyal
customers by phone number, and
rewards them based on purchased
amount, rather than frequency of
Need more Firepower to grow your business?
Manage your restaurant operations from wherever you are with SalesVu Basic Cloud for an additional $75/month.

As your business grows, you need technology that grows with you. SalesVu's apps scale as your business needs change. Our iPad POS solutions give you the ability to manage your operations anytime, anywhere through cloud-based centralized management and reporting.
CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT Part of the SalesVu Cloud Basic package, this app offers remote management of your table side restaurant operations from anywhere in the world.
ACCOUNTING Use SalesVu Easy Accounting, or integrate with QuickBooks Online to keep track of revenue and expenses, pull profit and loss reports, and more.
EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT / SHIFT SCHEDULING Automate processes with this restaurant POS system that takes the guess work out of scheduling while providing an easy way to manage time clocks.
CENTRALIZED REPORTING Pull data from one central location to analyze performance across your entire enterprise with this iPad POS application offered through SalesVu Cloud Basic.
Need even more Firepower?
Increase profits by decreasing costs and Increase sales with SalesVu AdvancedCloud for $150/month
SalesVu Basic Cloud
INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Track inventory levels in real time whether orders are made online or in-store, create purchase orders, get notified when ingredients are running low, and more.
EMAIL MARKETING AUTOMATION Keep a database of customers and customer meals, filter by table ticket size and visitor frequency. Create email and SMS campaigns that can be sent to all customers, or to customer segments, delivering personalized offers and specials to targeted audiences.
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Manage your Food & Drink
app remotely with our cloud-based solutions
Reduce costs and save time by
managing your business more efficiently.
SalesVu Cloud Basic
Centralized Multi-Location
Centralized Multi-Location
Centralized Labor Management
& Scheduling
SalesVu Cloud Advanced
Inventory and Vendor
CRM and Marketing Automation
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Restaurant POS System
How can POS Help Your Business Grow?
The Product Recommendations will be available on your
website (both desktop and mobile version), in the OrderUp
self-ordering kiosk, in your branded app and on the POS.
Features that will grow your business. SalesVu POS has more
than 100 features that will save you time and improve your sell.
Custom invoices - Generate purchase invoices or receipts,
print or mail them.
Inventory - Know the entries, departures, and transfers of
products between warehouses.
Control your expenses - Efficiently manage your company's
expenses and know the real profits.
Works without internet - SalesVu POS works normally and
syncs everything when the internet gets back.
Multi-warehouse - Manage the movements of all your warehouses
from the same platform.
Cloud Platform - Take the Cloud Jump with SalesVu and take
your business to another level.
Control of boxes - Manage daily cash opening and closing and
take control of your money.
Reports - Get Reports and alerts at your email that will give you
accurate information.
How to Choose the Right POS System?
The choice of the POS system for restaurants is a fundamental
thing for the proper functioning of your restaurant. It is worth
what exactly you know that what you need and what you do not
need. Until recently POS systems for restaurants were managed
locally. Local solutions require a significant upfront investment
needed expensive computer servers to run the system as well as
maintenance which can also take a part of the budget. Resources
are required to manage software updates, enhancements, and
security patches for the POS, which must be scheduled for
installation and must be manually installed.
How Do POS Work for Restaurant Businesses?
POS systems of any restaurant allow food and beverage
operators to process orders and maintain financial control of
the company through cash management and integration with
payment service providers. In a context where margins are
becoming fairer in this sector, hospitality companies must
have a POS for restaurants.

Current POS solutions for restaurants also offer:
1. Reports and statistics 2. Inventory management
3. Personnel management 4. Loyalty and gifts.
What is a Restaurant POS System?
Restaurant point of sale systems helps to enable transactions and
operations features that improve customer experience and able
to optimize the business operations.
What Is The Difference between Traditional POS &
Modern POS?
Traditionally the restaurant POS system is where a customer
makes a payment in exchange for goods or services. To perform
this transaction, payment terminals, touch screens and a wide
variety of hardware and software options are used. Nowadays,
however, the restaurant's point of sale is often referred to as the
restaurant's service point, as it no longer deals with sales al one.
Modern POS systems for restaurants provide a platform ans it is
the backbone for smaller and larger scale food and beverage
operations and helps to improve customer experience and
business operations.
What Is The Benefits of Restaurant POS?
Mobile POS platforms in the cloud for restaurants offer a
modern solution for food and beverage operators to manage
their technology. Food and beverage operators who have
adopted a cloud POS system for restaurants already enjoy
benefits such as: The speed of Innovation: With a cloud POS for
restaurants new stores will be available on the Internet much
faster. Each new release includes new option that will help you
deliver great customer experiences, improve operational
efficiency, and increase staff productivity.

Lower IT costs and complexity: With a cloud POS for restaurants
you can reduce initial capital spending on software and hardware.
In addition updates, enhancements, and patches run
automatically that reducing IT costs and complexity.

Deliver unparalleled customer experiences: With a cloud POS for
restaurants you can implement innovative interaction, rewards,
and recognition strategies and can deliver customer experiences
that achieve brand loyalty.

Increased security: With SalesVu Cloud Restaurant POS system
you can access all the dollars in security software and hardware
helping you protect your customers.

What does SalesVu Offer?
SalesVu offers business owners an all-in-one, powerful POS System
that includes all the capabilities that would ever be needed to run
a retail store, restaurant, bar, brewery, winery, spa, salon, yoga
studio, self-employed professional services business, and more!
Our POS software helps you speed up operations, increase sales,
and serve your customers in personalized manner.
What are the Advantages of the SalesVu POS System?
SalesVu is a POS System built for streamlining customer service
in fast paced environments. The SalesVu POS has been optimized
to respond quickly to the high volumes of turnover experienced.
The Point-of-Sale Software allows businesses to operate multiple
cash registers with maximum control. In fact, the SalesVu POS
System is able to quickly find products in inventory databases
that have more than 70,000 items.
What are The Benefits of POS Systems?
Through our Point of Sales Software, SalesVu user customers
can operate establishments with more than 30 cash registers in
a single location, and get to perform more than 500 POS invoices
per day without experiencing any delays. SalesVu iPad POS is
compatible with any computer or iOS mobile device. You can also
connect POS printer as well as barcode reader, cash drawer, and
weight scale. No matter what your business needs are, at SalesVu
we have the ideal solution for your company or business.
How can a POS System Help Your Business Grow?
Features that will grow your business. SalesVu POS has more than
100 features that will save you time and improve your sell. Like
Cloud Platform, Reports, Email Marketing and Loyalty Program,
Recurring Billing, Reliable with or without an internet connection,
Inventory, Cost Control, Cash Management And much more!
Ready to learn more?
SalesVu iPad POS system provides the best tools to manage our restaurant.
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