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Our iPad POS system and restaurant management apps are designed to streamline the hustle of running a restaurant.

Nimble, simple, and efficient, it makes you wonder why anyone still spends thousands on a POS system.
Improve server performance, improve your efficiency, and your bottom line.
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A POS system partner that understands that one minute of downtime is unacceptable. SalesVu's commitment to you includes:
  • Free menu programming and configuration
  • Free 24/7 customer support
  • Intuitive applications that are easy to train, and easy to use
  • Seamless integration through app development that shares information and operates on a single database
  • A single provider for your business software gives you a direct line of communication when troubleshooting
SalesVu understands the restaurant industry, what the pain points are, and has tools available, and experts on hand 24/7 to help overcome these challenges and run your operations more smoothly, at no cost to you.
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Additional Free SalesVu Apps
Choose from our wide selection of apps downloadable from the iTunes store for free:
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Download only the apps that you need
We give restaurateurs the ability to select from a robust line of apps that share the same menu, price list database, and customer database. Select only the app that solves your specific need, and then download. It's that simple
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Add more later as your business grows
Later, add additional SalesVu apps that integrate seamlessly with the ones you already have all for free, and all without any additional data entry. SalesVu's added value apps complement the SalesVu POS system and can go live in minutes.
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SalesVu makes expansion easy
Add new locations while maintaining centralized management and reporting. Enjoy the scalability of our app features and value-add solutions at all your locations.
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Need More Firepower To Grow Your Business? SalesVu Basic Cloud is Here To Help!
Manage Your Restaurant Operations from Wherever You Are with SalesVu Basic Cloud For An Additional $75/Month
As your business grows, you need technology that grows with you. SalesVu's apps scale as your business needs change. Our iPad POS solutions give you the ability to manage your operations anytime, anywhere through cloud-based centralized management and reporting.
  • Employee Management and Shift SchedulingAutomate processes with this restaurant POS system that takes the guess work out of scheduling while providing an easy way to manage time clocks.
  • Centralized ManagementPart of the SalesVu Cloud Basic package, this app offers remote management of your table side restaurant operations from anywhere in the world.
  • Centralized ReportingPull data from one central location to analyze performance across your entire enterprise with this iPad POS application offered through SalesVu Cloud Basic.
  • AccountingUse SalesVu Easy Accounting, or integrate with QuickBooks Online to keep track of revenue and expenses, pull profit and loss reports, and more.
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Need Even More Firepower? SalesVu Advanced Cloud is Here To Help!
Increase Profits by Decreasing Costs and Increase Sales with SalesVu Advanced Cloud For $150/Month
  • SalesVu Basic Cloud Solution
  • +
  • Inventory ManagementTrack inventory levels in real time whether orders are made online or in-store, create purchase orders, get notified when ingredients are running low, and more.
  • Email Marketing AutomationKeep a database of customers and customer meals, filter by table ticket size and visitor frequency. Create email and SMS campaigns that can be sent to all customers, or to customer segments, delivering personalized offers and specials to targeted audiences.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Restaurant POS System?
Restaurant point of sale system have replaced obsolete cash registers with modern computing technology that great streamline the hustle of running a restaurant. Compared to cash registers, POS Systems allow restaurant employees to easily split checks, mange tags, and view the list of modifiers that go with each product. POS Systems can also be linked with Kitchen Displays, Digital Signage, Customer-facing Displays, Waitlist Management systems, and more.
What Is the Difference between a Traditional POS System and a Modern POS System?
Traditionally the restaurant POS system is where a customer makes a payment in exchange for goods or services. To perform this transaction, payment terminals, touch screens and a wide variety of hardware and software options are used. Nowadays, however, the restaurant's point of sale is often referred to as the restaurant's service point, as it no longer deals with sales alone. Modern POS systems for restaurants provide a platform and it is the backbone for smaller and larger scale food and beverage operations and helps to improve customer experience and business operations.
How Does a Modern Restaurant POS System Offer a complete Restaurant Management Platform?
POS systems of any restaurant allow food and beverage operators to process orders and maintain financial control of the company through cash management and integration with payment service providers. In a context where margins are becoming fairer in this sector, restaurant POS Systems have evolved to also include:
  • Reports and statistics
  • Inventory management
  • Employee Scheduling and Attendance Tracking
  • Loyalty Programs Gifts Cards
  • Accounting and Financial Controls over Labor Costs and Cost of Goods Sold
  • Marketing Automation via Email Campaigns and Social Media Outlets
  • Omni-Channel Support for Online Ordering via Smartphones and PC's
How to Choose the Right POS System?
The choice of the POS system for restaurants is a fundamental thing for the proper functioning of your restaurant. It is worth to know exactly what you need and what you do not need. Until recently POS systems for restaurants were managed locally. Local solutions require a significant upfront investment needed expensive computer servers to run the system as well as maintenance which can also take a part of the budget. Resources are required to manage software updates, enhancements, and security patches for the POS, which must be scheduled for installation and must be manually installed. Today all this upfront cost can be saved by replacing expensive 1990�s touchscreen technology with iPads on sturdy reliable stands, and also be replacing server-based onsite technology with more reliable cloud-based solutions.
What are the Benefits of a Cloud-connected iPad POS System?
The fact that modern POS platforms leverage the cloud now offer restaurant operators a more reliable solution to manage their operations from anywhere. Food and beverage operators who have adopted a cloud POS system for restaurants already enjoy benefits such as:
The speed of Innovation: With a cloud POS for restaurants new stores will be available on the Internet much faster. Each new release includes a new option that will help you deliver great customer experiences, improve operational efficiency, and increase staff productivity.
Lower IT costs and complexity: With a cloud POS for restaurants, you can reduce initial capital spending on software and hardware. In addition updates, enhancements, and patches run automatically that reducing IT costs and complexity.
Unparalleled customer experiences: With a cloud POS for restaurants you can implement innovative interaction, rewards, and recognition strategies and can deliver customer experiences that achieve brand loyalty.
Data to help you make money and save money: Restaurant POS can be an important tool in your business because it contains details of each and every transaction and manages the things that can kill your business like Food waste, over-staffing, theft.
SalesVu iPad POS system provides the best tools to manage our restaurant!- 20 Feet Seafood Joint
Customers and Case Studies
Customers and Case Studies
Customers and Case Studies
Customers and Case Studies
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