From your 1st to 500th
location, SalesVu is here
to improve your operations
and nurture your growth
every step of the way.
Manage your restaurant, increase sales, and lower costs without adding to your workload.
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Optimize your operations to
create a great guest experience
With 6 different ways to place orders, you can
tailor the ordering process to your business
Make fast look easy with SalesVu's
integrated suite of apps designed
to reduce steps and increase speed
Online, in-app, or in-person,
we've got you covered on fast
and safe payment methods
No specialized
hardware required.
There's no need to get locked into a contract
or buy expensive proprietary equipment.
SalesVu runs on standard off-the-shelf devices,
so you can use what you already have and have
the flexibility to repurpose devices anytime.
Reduce Costs and save time with the most
efficient and comprehensive solution on the market. Easily manage your business from any location in real-time using our centralized management solution
Manage 100 locations as easily as 1
with our integrated and cloud-based
management tools.
Enjoy a birds-eye view of your business.
Having a finger on the pulse of everything
from inventory to scheduling to customer
behavior means it's easy to make smart,
data-driven management decisions that
advance your business.
Say goodbye to double entry.
All our tools talk to each other, making
your experience seamless as you navigate
the system.
Manage inventory and
Vendor relationships.
Save time on employee
management and payroll
with smarter tools.
SalesVu is designed to grow
with you and meet your needs
at every stage.
Increase sales and expand your
business with our strategic growth features.
Increase Average Tickets with our
AI-powered order feature.
Keep them coming back for more
with loyalty rewards, subscription
services and more.
Your online reputation matters. Manage your
reviews to put your best foot forward online.
Get real-time notifications as reviews
get posted online, including on Yelp
and Google, so that you can respond
quickly to maximize good reviews and
address negative ones.
Encourage guests to write
reviews while their experience
is fresh in mind with automated
SMS and email invitations.
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Your clients love you.
Make it easy for them
to spread the word.
Create group discounts so friends and family
can share and save.
No need to pay those high commissions to Groupon.

Easily launch group discount campaigns to turbo-charge
your word-of-mouth marketing.
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Everyone loves to give the
gift of a great experience.
Be gift-box ready with physical and digital gift card options.
We integrate with your favorite software
Take payments with your preferred payment provider, sync contacts
with your CRM, eliminate manual data entry to accounting software and more.
Connecting your FIS Worldpay account to SalesVu for your POS/ECommerce payment processing is easier than ever
Run your entire arts and culture operation with Tessitura and SalesVu
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We've partnered up to help you get even
more value from Spektrix.
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PayPal Zettle helps empower your business by accepting more payment options.
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Use SalesVu software solutions
with Square for financial processing.
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We integrate with QuickBooks
online and desktop (PC).
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Our online accounting software streamlines your business and increases collaboration across departments.
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Use SalesVu software solutions with Clover for financial processing
Our support team
is here for you.
SalesVu is more than a software solution;
we are your IT pit crew.

Let us handle onboarding, data migration,
and system integration for you free of charge.
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are saying about us.
I am so satisfied with SalesVu's online ordering solution. It completely gave the restaurant a second chance! Without the website and branded app, I don't know how we were going to be able to get through this difficult time. I actually saw a huge increase in sales. ECommerce orders increased by 200% in May 2020 compared to April 2020.
BJ Wang
After months of searching and testing multiple kiosk solutions, we decided to partner with SalesVu. We knew that in order to be nimble in today's market, we needed to be able to offer an in-store kiosk ordering solution, a streamlined online ordering platform, and be able to integrate with the multiple delivery service platforms that are a major part of our business all in one place.
Alex Gingold
We really like the online ordering option provided by SalesVu. We've been pleasantly surprised by the number of people who utilize the system on a daily basis. We also found that the average ticket for orders has gone up 18% since most customers now order through this method.
Antony Ayodele
We were able to use our older iPad as our KDS running incoming so its a good use case for older hardware. We see SalesVu incoming as a necessary element for any busy operation seeking to be more efficient, seeking to grow (with delivery and mobile), and boost customer service.
20 Feet Seafood Joint
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