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Food & Drink
Customizable, scalable, and comprehensive IT solutions
SalesVu offers a fully functional
iPad POS and

restaurant management

apps that meet your every need.
Our iPad POS system and restaurant management
apps are designed to streamline the hustle of
running a restaurant. Nimble, simple, and
efficient, it makes you wonder why anyone
still spends thousands on a POS system. See Counter POS features See Handheld POS features See Self-Service Kiosk features
  • Easily split checks by item, seat
    numbers, or custom amounts.
  • Simplify tab management by syncing
    up your POS terminals.
  • Utilize visual modifier prompts to
    help your team pair and up-sell.
SalesVu Apps for
Food & Drinks
Simple to set up, easy to use, and customizable.
Choose from our wide selection of Apps downloadable
from the iTunes Store for free or at a low monthly cost.

iPad POS System
Improve your operations, process transactions quickly, and gain access
to critical business data that makes it easy to run a more profitable business.
Learn more about the SalesVu POS app
Incoming Kitchen Manager
Streamline your kitchen's workflow with this kitchen display system 'KDS',
which automatically displays orders from the Square register.
Learn more about the SalesVu Incoming app
OnTheList Floor/Table Manager
Guest management tools to help you know
more first-timers and delight your regulars.
Learn more about the SalesVu OnTheList app
Customer Display
Give customers a secure, low-pressure way to review
their order, view loyalty points, and tip discreetly.
download the app now
Regulars Loyalty Manager
Offer a unique rewards program to strengthen customer loyalty.
Learn more about the SalesVu Regulars app
VIPz Gift Card Manager
Sell digital gift cards and discounted group
vouchers to your customers in-store or online.
Learn more about the SalesVu VIPz app

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Manage your Food & Drink
app remotely with our cloud-based solutions
Reduce costs and save time by
managing your business more efficiently.
SalesVu Cloud Basic
Centralized Multi-Location
Centralized Multi-Location
Centralized Labor Management
& Scheduling
SalesVu Cloud Advanced
Inventory and Vendor
CRM and Marketing Automation
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