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SalesVu's end-to-end business management solution increases sales while lowering costs, without adding to your workload.
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SalesVu is the preferred solution for leading arts & culture brands and venues.
Built for Arts & Culture
Purpose-built features customized to support Arts & Culture businesses.
Manage dozens of revenue centers
with the same ease as managing one
Clients really enjoy taking advantage of a unified solution that helps them
increase revenue across their gift shops, concessions, cafes, and e-commerce.
Reduce data entryAdjust prices, placement, and descriptions across POS, kiosk and website with our single-click catalog editing tool.
Control costs better with inventory managementControl inventory at every counter, stand, and warehouse. Transfer products, track missing items and waste, and monitor margins in real time.
Keep a finger on the pulse of sales and revenueCompare gross sales and average tickets by revenue center, event, or individual employee.
Consolidate reporting across Concessions, Concessions, Gift Shops both in-store and onlineUnify and streamline reporting from your SalesVu all-in-one backend any device web portal.
Scale up with 5 different ways to place orders
Whether in-person or online, SalesVu makes it easy for your customers to purchase from you.
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SalesVu Point of Sales (POS)
The best POS system for iPad on the market: SalesVu's point-of-sale system is the most efficient, secure, and flexible option out there.
Increase sales: An easy-to-use interface translates to faster service. WiFi down? No worries!
Decrease costs: Theft proof your cash management and close out procedures.
QR Code Ordering
Provide a touchless method for customers to safely order and pay anywhere, anytime
Increase sales: Get creative while enhancing patron experience and boosting sales with pre-ordering or seat/table-side ordering with payment
Decrease costs: Maximize the productivity and efficiency of staff with ability to pre-order and early prep
Self-order Kiosk
Empower your customers with OrderUp, SalesVu's kiosk solution for iPad: elevate kiosk service with AI-powered recommendations that effectively upsells your products.
Increase sales: Boost average ticket size; customers order more when they have control
Decrease costs: Don't lose customers to long lines and streamline labor costs with kiosks
eCommerce Platform
Let your brand stand out from the crowd: SalesVu will build you a great looking website and eCommerce pages to maximize your brand.
Increase sales: Elevate your online experience with your own branded mobile apps and website
Streamline operations: Modernize the way you manage & become a leader in the digital era.
Digital Menu App Kiosk
Elevates your restaurant with paper-like fine dining menus: our elegant software interface for Kindle Fire tablet provides your customers with chic semi-self-service.
Increase sales: Boost average ticket size; customers order more when they have control
Decrease costs: Double the number of tables one server can handle + easily update menus
Waitlist & Reservation Management
Easy to use waitlist & reservation app: get the fully-featured Waitlist & Reservation Management App for just $15/month/terminal.
Increase sales: Effortlessly serve more customers and increase your capacity with apps
Streamline operations: Don't lose customers to long lines and streamline labor costs
Fast, simple setup so that your operations don't miss a beat.
  • Onboarding, without the headache. Our team will migrate all your data over for you and provide the support you need to get up and running without disruption to your business.
  • Each of our Arts and Culture clients has their own unique style of how they work. They enjoy SalesVu's flexibility to mix and match offerings to suit their needs. SalesVu also provides them peace of mind and confidence that our flexible and extensive offering can meet their needs now as well as when they expand and grow.
  • Let our Customer Success team make your life easier by getting you the solutions you need tailored to help you boost your sales and streamline your operations.
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No specialized
hardware required.
There's no need to get locked into a contract
or buy expensive proprietary equipment.
SalesVu runs on standard off-the-shelf devices,
so you can use what you already have and
enjoy the flexibility to repurpose devices anytime.
We integrate with your favorite software
Take payments with your preferred payment provider, sync contacts
with your CRM, eliminate manual data entry to accounting software and more.
Connecting your FIS Worldpay account to SalesVu for your POS/ECommerce payment processing is easier than ever
Run your entire arts and culture operation with Tessitura and SalesVu
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We've partnered up to help you get even
more value from Spektrix.
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PayPal Zettle helps empower your business by accepting more payment options.
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Use SalesVu software solutions
with Square for financial processing.
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We integrate with QuickBooks
online and desktop (PC).
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Our online accounting software streamlines your business and increases collaboration across departments.
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Use SalesVu software solutions with Clover for financial processing
Our support team
is here for you.
SalesVu is more than a software solution,
we are your IT pit crew.

Let us handle onboarding, data migration,
and system integration for you free of charge.
Ready to make the switch?
We make it effortless!
Our team will handle all the data entry, configuration, migration, onboarding, staff training, 24/7 customer support at no additional cost. We consider your success our #1 North Star metric for success!
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Our initial attraction to SalesVu was its mobility and scalability. As a major presenting arts organization, we have an ever-changing range of needs across our venues, events and festivals and we were searching for one system that would allow us to capture both concessions and merchandise sales with an easy to learn interface for part-time/seasonal employees.
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