Tessitura + SalesVu
The Tessitura integration gives you a
complete picture of your patrons' spending
and to easily fulfill membership perks.
Increase revenues with online ordering,
concessions sales and gift shops
Museums, attractions, and performing arts
organizations with the Tessitura system can look
up any customer in their database using the
SalesVu POS app.

All existing Tessitura gift certificates can be
redeemed with the SalesVu POS app by
scanning the card or manually entering the

SalesVu iPad POS apps and auxiliary solutions,
can be utilized for bars, gift shops, and
concessions stands in entertainment venues
and arts and cultural organizations.
Key Features
Customer discounts, coupons, and loyalty rewards
points can then be directly applied to any purchases.

Purchase history from SalesVu is transmitted to the
Tessitura CRM, providing organizations with a full
view of all purchases and interactions.

Customers can be searched using membership
number, name, phone, email, or customer
membership card.
Grow revenue
Integrate new revenue streams
by adding order-ahead, gift
shop and snack bar sales.
Sell everything
Sell tickets, season packages
or souvenirs with ease and
manage it all in one place.
Manage data
Get a 360 degree view of patron
spending and curate offers to
keep them coming back.
Save money
Optimize every aspect of venue
operations, reducing costs and
saving valuable time.
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