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Full-Featured iPad POS for Wineries & Breweries
Selling costly and in-demand specialty products makes having a efficient and user-friendly inventory and supply-chain system an essential component of success for any Wineries & Breweries. SalesVu apps empower you to decrease shrinkage, streamline inventory management, gain more visibility, and get hands-on control of your vendors and supply chain, all while maximizing your ROI. SalesVu provides iPad POS and other software solutions that maximize operational efficiency and minimize cost. See Counter POS features See Handheld POS features See Self-Service Kiosk features
Do you have a Wine or Beer Club?Our Advanced Cloud Solution makes recurring billing a breeze. Learn more
SalesVu Apps
for Wineries & Breweries
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iPad POS System
Improve your operations, process transactions quickly, and gain access
to critical business data that makes it easy to run a more profitable business.
Learn more about the SalesVu POS app
OrderUp Kiosk
Bust lines by giving customers the ability to self-order, and have
those orders sent directly to the kitchen to begin preparation.
Learn more about the SalesVu VIPz app
Incoming Kitchen Manager
Streamline your kitchen's workflow with this kitchen display system 'KDS',
which automatically displays orders from the Square register.
Learn more about the SalesVu Incoming app
OnTheList Floor/Table Manager
Manage walk-ins with an automated
SMS-based Waitlist Management System.
Learn more about the SalesVu Incoming app
VIPz Gift Card Manager
Sell digital gift cards and discounted group
vouchers to your customers in-store or online.
Learn more about the SalesVu VIPz app
Regulars Loyalty Manager
Offer a unique rewards program to strengthen customer loyalty.
Learn more about the SalesVu Regulars app

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Reduce costs and save time by
managing your business more efficiently.
SalesVu Cloud Basic
Centralized Multi-Location
Centralized Multi-Location
Centralized Labor Management
& Scheduling
SalesVu Cloud Advanced
Inventory and Vendor
CRM and Marketing Automation
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In 2012 we started our journey with SalesVu, it had a very good price point and we decided the system fit into our business plan. We found the system browsing online and we look for recommendations as well. We talked to some people about SalesVu and thanks to the great reviews we decided this solution was perfect for Tresori Vineyards.
David Walker
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