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iPad POS
for Winery
Leverage the power of free iPad POS apps from SalesVu and gain access to powerful tools that help you grow and manage your winery.
iPad POS for Wineries
Full-Featured iPad POS for Wineries
When you run a winery, you need a technology
solution that can help you manage your business
and carry out essential business functions. Instead
of spending thousands on a costly POS system, why
not download SalesVu iPad POS for winery for free?

SalesVu apps empower you to decrease shrinkage,
streamline inventory management, gain more
visibility, and get hands-on control of your vendors
and supply chain, all while maximizing your ROI.

As a business owner that frequently stocks costly
and in-demand specialty wines, shrinkage can be
detrimental to your bottom line. Make sure you can
maintain control over everything, so you can combat
against loss and generate a better profit.

SalesVu provides iPad POS and other software
solutions that maximize operational efficiency and
minimize cost for winery owners and managers.
SalesVu Apps
for Wineries
Simple setup, Easy to use, No-cost to low-cost options.
Choose from our wide selection of Apps downloadable from
the iTunes Store for free or at a low monthly cost.
OrderUpOur free point of sale App allows you
to process transactions quickly and
generate reports on a wide range of
metrics, forbetter business decisions.
IncomingGain real-time insight into inventory
across all of your channels, in-store
and online, and better forecast your
inventory needs.
Customer DisplayIncrease tips in a comfortable,
low-pressure way and give
customers more privacy
Mobile OrderingIncrease profits by providing a mobile
app that allows customers to place
orders via phone and have them
sent to the Square Register.
OnthelistOptimize your dining space, notify
customers when tables are ready, and
provide customers with accurate
estimates for wait time with this easy
waitlist and reservation management app.
VipZincrease your brand awareness
and customer base by creating,
advertising, and selling e-gift cards,
and incentivize customers through
group-based promotions.
Employee Management/ Shift
Forecast labor needs, enforce shift
schedules, and automate clock-
RegularsFoster loyalty by offering a unique
rewards program that identifies loyal
customers by phone number, and
rewards them based on purchased
amount, rather than frequency of
Download 7 must have Software features
for Wineriess
SalesVu is here to help 24 / 7, 365
Customer service is just a Call or a Click AwayWinery businesses depend on being up and running during business hours, and downtime is costly to your business. Make sure you can minimize downtime if your technology experiences any issues, by using SalesVu's commendable support program for iPad POS:
SalesVu offers:
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In 2012 we started our journey with SalesVu, it had a very good price point and we decided the system fit into our business plan. We found the system browsing online and we look for recommendations as well. We talked to some people about SalesVu and thanks to the great reviews we decided this solution was perfect for Tresori Vineyards.
David Walker