Plugnpay + SalesVu
Simple to use, fast to integrate, and highly
cost effective.
Streamline operations, save time,
and automatically sync POS data.
Plug'n Pay is one of the pioneers of Internet payment
solutions, enabling customers to maximize online and
point-of-sale profits, reduce risk of fraud, and build
customer loyalty with a wide array of leading-edge
premium products and services.
Key Features
Plug'n Pay offers the industry's most feature-rich,
easy-to-integrate processing gateway, along with a wide
array of leading-edge premium products that enable
customers to maximize online and point-of-sale profits,
reduce risks of fraud, and build customer loyalty.

Plug'n Pay's seamless “plug-in” technology allows
merchants to accept and manage both credit card and
electronic check payments in a secure environment.

Plug'n Pay offers a number of powerful ways to bring the
unique benefits of our gateway to the retail point-of-sale
Grow revenue
Shift your attention from
tedium toward activities that
will grow your business.
Sell everything
Bookings, food, drink or physical
products, any transaction
auto-syncs to Zoho Books.
Manage data
Manage data with precision
accuracy and reduce manual
booking-keeping errors.
Save money
Streamline the tedious aspects of
back-office work and save hours
of data-entry.
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