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Credit Card Processing

SalesVu has partnered with Vantiv Payments to offer you a FREE credit card reader and the best credit card processing rates in the industry.

Note: Chose one of the plans below or click here to get a match with your current processor
Credit Card Processing SalesVu + Vantiv
Swiped and Manual Transactions in Canada 1.73% - 3.26%
First Credit Card Reader $0
Additional Credit Card Readers $69.99
Minimum Required Credit Card Transaction Volume Per Month $560/month. Flat fee of $15 for months below $560.
Cancellation Fee $0 with 30 day notice
PCI Compliance Fee $0
Statement Fee $0
Next Day Deposit Yes
Ability to accept/adjust tips Yes
Supported Platforms iPad, iPhone, iPod, E-Commerce

You have to get a credit card reader from your local bank and use our external credit card payment feature to track those payments.