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Customer Testimonials

  • Testimonials

    "We needed a reliable mobile POS solution that could keep up with the wanderlust of our boutique; it was essential that we partnered with a system that would provide the flexibility to access various forms of payment efficiently and quickly, while also staying on top of our inventory and customer relationships no matter where we were."

    Leilani Sanchez, MIMO Market

  • Testimonials

    "I will recommend SalesVu to anyone. Even posted reviews in commented about the positive opinions and experiences customers had had from SalesVu Ipad POS System. I am very satisfied with all that SalesVu has to offer and will continue to offer me in the future."

    Alan Anderson, The Ear Vinery

  • Testimonials

    "SalesVu iPad POS had everything we needed: an inventory system, merchant service and the ability to scan barcodes. I also like that I could download my info into Quickbooks and the opportunity for an online store."

    Monica Toscano, 49er fan shop

Easily Make Sales

The POS software can help grow your business, manage your information, and increase revenue. The interface is also easy for employees to use and learn, so your business will have no problems getting up and running. Our all-in-one-business management solution will provide your customers with a hassle-free way of making purchases and your employees can easily add products to orders with barcode scanning.

Easily Make Sales

Quickly Setup Products

Our retail POS system can help streamline everyday operations of your retail business. It will allow you to manage your store and promotions, track your inventory, and quickly setup products by size, color, and other options.

Quickly Setup Products

Detailed Sales Reports

With our easy-to-use application, you can monitor your business anywhere, anytime. You can find detailed sales reports by product, employee, business location, and more at the touch of a finger.

Easily Make Sales

Comprehensive Business Management at Your Fingertips

You have enough to worry about, so leave the Retail POS to our experts! Our software can help manage inventory, sales, employees, and more – all from your iPad. This can help you make better business decisions. You can also enjoy complete bundles and additional POS solutions to ensure your success with the POS systems.

From customer-based interactions (such as opening tabs or scheduling appointments) to behind-the-scenes sales reports and marketing efforts, to inventory management tools, our system has everything you need to keep your business organized and running smoothly. The system allows you to simplify your operation, giving you more time to focus on long-term growth.

Simple POS Software You Can Count On Anytime

We make Point of Sale easier than ever. SalesVu offers top iPad POS systems for retail small businesses, allowing you to manage your store, inventory, and promotions in one place. You can set it up in minutes, run your business anywhere, and ensure your business success on your own time. We offer solutions for the retail, beauty and wellness, professional services, restaurant, and winery industries.

Comprehensive Business Management at Your Fingertips


Find out how SalesVu can help you on a daily basis and how it can benefit your small business retail. Have a look at some of its best features below.


We needed something that worked with equipment we already owned. We chose SalesVu because of the feature set and no upfront equipment cost or built in monthly fees.

Brian Costello, Al Capone's Dinner & Show