With an ecommerce website and online employee scheduling, LPV says SalesVu’s iPad POS is an “awesome” system!

The Lilly Pad Village (LPV) is an establishment in Blue Ridge, Georgia that has been in business for nine years and caters to over 25,000 visitors annually. Owner, Geza Csuros says, “We provide gem mining, mini golf and a great fishing pond in a beautiful and serene mountain setting.”

As they began to add more inventory to their gift shop, LPV discovered that their regular cash register would no longer be able to accommodate their needs. LPV “went through about three or four merchant service companies, who offered great savings, a better service etc, but ended up costing a lot more money than was initially indicated… the annual contracts and the hidden fees always ended up costing more.”

fishing - littlle girl with catching fish

LPV also tried Square for an iPad POS but found that they lacked some of the important services that LPV required.

“We have been with SalesVu for three years now, and do not look back.” Csuros raves. “SalesVu allows us to keep accurate inventory and helps with keeping track of employee hours… Makes payroll a breeze!”

LPV appreciates the ability to have multiple terminals that are synchronized in real time – this has allowed them to reduce traffic in the main building by taking payments for activities out on the grounds. LPV has also been able to reduce employee hours because the multiple terminals allow employees to share booking responsibilities.

SalesVu’s ecommerce website widget has helped LPV sell tickets online.

LPV Ecommerce Website 2

“I love using the SalesVu shopping cart!” says Csuros. “Our sales are automatically added to the open orders, hence the only thing customers have to give us is their name, and their open ticket can be redeemed very easily.”

Csuros also speaks very highly of SalesVu’s customer service team.

“Response time to any questions or problems (which are not many) is great. Jarod and Thomas are always on the ball, and I usually get a response within a few hours the most.”

We thank The Lilly Pad Village for their continued patronage and look forward to continuing to serve them!

“All in all the system is awesome! Cannot say enough about the application and about the service we receive,” says Csuros, “No long term obligations, no hidden fees, no compliance fees – just a great application and even greater service.”

 gem mining collage - LPV

For more information on The Lilly Pad Village, visit their website or click below to friend them on Facebook!

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SalesVu’s POS System manages customer relationships for Intuitive Hands!

Intuitive Hands

Intuitive Hands (IH) is a massage therapy studio located within the Healing Arts Center in Austin, Texas. IH owner Bichlien Tran, approaches the human body from a postural perspective, treating a variety of conditions by working with the alignment of the body. She focuses on pairing massage and bodywork with Pilates training to help clients correct dysfunctional movement patterns. Tran strives to develop personalized workout plans not only to prevent pain and injury, but also unite her clients’ mind and body into a state of wellbeing.

Tran sought a mobile POS system for IH when she realized she would need to take payments other than cash. About other mobile point-of-sale solutions Tran says “I did consider Square for a brief moment, but the little square did not seem sturdy for me, easy to lose, as well as their service fee was higher.”

Three years ago, Tran decided to trust SalesVu for her iPad POS solution and she’s never looked back. According to Tran, “SalesVu was straight forward and easy to use. It was a payment solution that also provided other services such as client directory and a record of transactions… Also, the fee was less compared to other competitors that did not offer extra services outside of only a credit card transaction.”

SalesVu’s reporting feature has made record keeping easy and simple for IH. Tran enjoys being able to view sales reports by week, month or year to keep track of how well business is doing. She also likes how SalesVu’s customer relationship management feature allows her to easily view client history in detail.

“I value the option to look up client history and see their payment history in detail: date they visited, how they paid, and if I needed to re-email their receipt or refund, it was only a click away,” says Tran.

Intuitive Hands 2

For more information about Intuitive Hands, visit their website at http://intuitive-hands.massagetherapy.com/ or click below to visit their Facebook page!

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SalesVu is an exemplary provider of iPad POS solutions and cloud-based business management software!

Finding the right POS solution for your business can be a very difficult process. Not only is technology is advancing faster than ever before, but hardware becomes smaller and more capable each year. In this age a traditional cash register’s capabilities are getting close to obsolete. Why pay thousands of dollars for a massive, clunky POS when you could pick up an iPad to ring sales on, then manage your inventory, sales reports and employee schedule at the touch of a finger? Here are a few factors to consider when choosing an iPad POS for your business.

Quick, easy sales transactions will provide your staff with excellent time management and your customers with a satisfied service experience:

Our iPad POS system allows the checkout process to be executed quickly whether you prefer to use a Bluetooth scanner to ring up your sale, or you select the product off the iPad interface. After scanning or choosing the products you’d like to sell, you can simply press the PAY button and easily accept payment in the form of cash, check, credit card or gift card. Once the payment has been accepted you have the option to print the customer’s receipt to a Bluetooth printer in-store, or send it to them via email. In the event that you need to look up a product for your customer, you can search by product name, SKU or UPC code to let your customer know whether or not that product is in stock. You can even manage a tab for someone by creating a new order for them and not closing it out. If you have your devices cross-synced on SalesVu.com, you can start ringing an order on one device and then close it out on another.

 “[SalesVu's iPad POS] has allowed us to accept credit cards at our events, which accounts for almost half of sales every week! We would not have the amount of revenue we earn without SalesVu allowing us to take credit cards in the field.” (Megan Cowan, Trinity River Vision Authority).


iPad iPhone POS

[Photo of SalesVu's POS system for iPad and iPhone]

Manage your business at any location, any time:

With SalesVu’s iPad POS you can check the status of your store at any time by clicking the Shift Management drawer. Here you will be able to see the total sales that have been made for this day including discounts, breakdowns by payment type, how much cash is on hand and how much has been deposited to the safe. Furthermore, these figures will be imported to your cloud portal where you will easily be able to see sales reports by the time of day, employee, location, device, and product category.

“Besides being more user friendly with the cashiers, the ability to run reports and track sales from the home office has improved the efficiency of our organization tenfold.” (Allen Wallace, Lone Star Kolaches)


Shift Management[Photo of Shift Management Screen on SalesVu's iPad POS]

Comprehensive inventory management:

SalesVu’s inventory and supply chain management feature will automatically deduct products from your inventory every time you make a sale. It will calculate what you have in stock based on manual, POS or e-commerce transactions. Also, you can setup a low inventory threshold alert and set up the system to automatically e-mail your vendors for more inventory!

“We needed a low-cost, cloud-based solution that was simple & easy to use. We also needed a product that tracked inventory, and this is what set SalesVu apart from others we looked at.” (Phil Gilbert, Experience Life Now).

Inventory Tracking

[Photo of Inventory Profitability Report, SalesVu cloud portal]

Configure employee schedules and create system-wide bulletins easily:

SalesVu offers a human capital management feature where your web portal will keep track of your staff’s performance history, shift schedule, clock in and out reports and employee access levels. Through this feature, your employees also have access to a company-wide messaging system which will allow for them to exchange documents and request to trade shifts as needed. Furthermore, labor reports can be easily generated and all data can be exported to your accounting software for payroll purposes.

“I love that there is an employee time clock on the POS – it’s nice to have everything on the same program. It makes payroll quick and easy.”  (Emily Potts, Sugar House Coffee).

Employee Scheduler[Photo of Employee Scheduler Module, SalesVu's cloud portal]

Set up your online store using our E-Commerce feature:

SalesVu’s e-commerce feature allows you to host an online store on our server with a fully customizable look and feel, as well as the URL of your choice. If you already have a company website or wish to host it on a separate server, you may do so and simply add our ecommerce widget to manage your online sales. All purchases made through your SalesVu supported e-commerce website will be added directly to your inventory and product reports. If you’d like to, you have the option to push your online orders to one of your in-store devices for review before they are processed.

Ecommerce website 2

[Photo of a real ecommerce website setup through SalesVu]

Automate your marketing efforts so you can spend more time focused on the business!

SalesVu can help generate more customers for your business with our viral marketing campaigns through facebook or email. Our marketing strategy allows you to send your customers coupon codes via their facebook accounts, which will automatically post to their page once they have redeemed it. With this social marketing integration, you will be able to generate detailed reports of the codes that have been redeemed which will include the discount given versus the total purchase amount. You may also use our email marketing to automatically send your customers an email when they fit certain rules that you have set – for example, once a customer completes their first tennis lesson, you can have the system automatically send them a coupon for 15% off their second lesson.

Automated marketing

[Photo of Social Marketing manager, SalesVu cloud portal]

Seamless bookkeeping with Quickbooks Online or SalesVu’s easy accounting software:

With SalesVu, you have the option to use our easy accounting software, or you can sync with your QuickBooks online account. If you choose our easy accounting software, you have access to a detailed breakdown of expense categories, transactions made and a full profit and loss report. These reports can be broken down by date or category, and you have the option to export it to a CSV file at any time. If you already use QuickBooks, you can integrate SalesVu with your existing QuickBooks online account to import all of your data.

“It just makes so much more sense to save the man hours involved in numbers and marketing… [With SalesVu], reports are done how I want, in less time and without having to pay someone to do it for me.”  (Denae Dehoyos, Cloud Cafe).


[Photo of Profit & Loss Reports brought to you by SalesVu's easy Accounting Feature, SalesVu Web Portal]

Superior Gift Card Management:

SalesVu would be happy to provide your business with Gift Card services! In our cloud portal, you can choose whether or not you would like to accept gift cards as a payment option. From there, you will be able to view a detailed report of all gift card transactions, outstanding balances and activate or disable cards. We offer this service at a low rate of $10/month/location + 1.7% per transaction. All gift card purchases made at through your iPad POS or e-commerce website will automatically integrate with all of the back end reports you see on the cloud portal. While SalesVu does not provide the physical hardware, you may purchase fully customizable SalesVu compatible gift cards from mposgear.com or cardprinting.us.

Gift Card Management

[Photo from SalesVu.com]

Competitive credit card processing rates:

SalesVu’s POS system for iPad and iPhone can provide you with reliable credit card processing from Mercury Credit Card Processing and Century Business Solutions. With the help of our trusted partners, SalesVu can process credit card transactions in-store from your POS system, online from your ecommerce website or through an emailed invoice. If you have recurring billing service set up with SalesVu, our partners will ensure that credit cards are validated prior to the billing date. Not only do you have the capability to accept Credit Card Processing with SalesVu’s partners starts as low as 2.6% – which is lower than our biggest competitors!

When he began searching for a mobile POS system, KBKR owner Kent Black started by looked into Square, who charges a fee of 2.75% of credit card sales for processing. “I noticed that SalesVu only charged 2.7% so I started looking into [that]…I was impressed by all the features SalesVu offered both on the iPad as a POS device as well as the reporting software available online.”

iPad POS

[Photo from SalesVu.com]

Manage multiple locations with ease!

SalesVu is all about mobility, even if you have multiple locations. All of our features can be managed by location and fully integrated with the cloud portal! This means you can check sales reports, employee’s stats, inventory and more on any device, wherever you are. And what’s more? You even have the option to cross-sync your devices. This means you can start an order for somebody on one iPad POS, and cash it out on a completely different device if you need to.
multi location management
[Photo from SalesVu.com]

Allow your Customers to Reserve Tables and Schedule Appointments:

In a restaurant it is critical to be able to book reservations and manage tables. SalesVu’s table and reservation feature allows your guests to make reservations online and you can easily manage all their reservation preferences right from your POS system. With this feature, managing your physical resources is easier than ever. At any time you can re-draw your physical layout, view total sales made at each table and configure available time slots for booking. This service can be subscribed to along with other business management features in the Restaurant Bundle for $150/month/location, or by itself for $50/month/location.

SalesVu took into account that many beauty and wellness establishments need to schedule appointments. Customers can easily schedule an appointment online and can pay a non-refundable deposit at that time if they need to do so. You may also view a physical layout of your resources (massage rooms, salon chairs, etc.) and see appointments by the day, week or month. Another great aspect of this feature is that you can post a reservation widget on your existing website which will allow easy scheduling for your customers and easy management for your staff.

table reservation[Photo from SalesVu.com]

Invoicing and Billing is Easier than Ever

With our invoice management feature you can e-mail invoices directly to your customers from your iPad POS or the cloud portal. This makes it easy for customers to send electronic payments, because they receive an email with a “Pay Now” link that lets them securely pay their balance from SalesVu.com. This feature is great for many businesses in the professional service industry or anyone who needs to manage invoices easily!

The recurring billing feature will automatically charge your customers for services you have specified. After doing so, the system will send an e-mail receipt or failed payment notification to that customer. Billing information can be edited at any time, and you may also suspend billing whenever you’d like to.

Email Invoice

[Photo of an emailed invoice]

Software, hardware, customer service and subscription costs:

SalesVu’s business management software can be purchased in a bundle that will encompass all the features your business may need at a low rate of $150 per location, per month. If you’d like to purchase additional features, you may do so for between $10-$50 per month. While SalesVu does not provide hardware devices, it is compatible on iPad, iPhone and Android Tablets so if you or your staff already owns any of these devices, you can download the SalesVu app and get started at any time!

“As we are an all tech-savvy staff at the cafe, we enjoy having up to date technology at our fingertips – literally! It’s so much easier to just have a tablet or iPad (most of us here already own at least one) that we can pop a card reader on and handle our business,” (Denae Dehoyos, Cloud Cafe).

Also, SalesVu customer service is free for you at any time! You can call our support line at 888-900-5819 or send us an email at support@salesvu.com.

Support[Photo from SalesVu.com]

“We chose SalesVu because of their customer service foremost. SalesVu’s associates were so helpful in answering all my questions and taking suggestions from me.” (Emily Potts, Sugar House Coffee).


Choosing the right POS system can be a challenging process so thank you for considering SalesVu. We encourage all interested parties to schedule a demonstration with our support staff on our website for more information. In this demo, a member of the SalesVu team will meet with you online, walk you through all the capabilities of the iPad POS and the cloud portal, and answer any questions for you. At the end of the demonstration, you have the option to sign up for a free 15-day trial of SalesVu’s software. What have you got to lose? Sign up for a demonstration today!

Schedule Demo Free Trial

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Retail POS system helps Experience Life Now track inventory across multiple locations

Experience Life (EL) is a non-denominational Christian church in Lubbock, Texas. After being founded by Chris Galanos in 2007, the church has grown to an average weekly attendance of over 3,500 people. This establishment is one of only two churches in the Lubbock/Amarillo area that has been certified by the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability. Outreach Magazine has also recognized them for being one of the fastest growing churches in the country. Experience Life has five physical campuses in the Lubbock/Amarillo area and 2 digital campuses that can be viewed on local TV station KLBK or on the Experience Life website.

EL 2

“At Experience Life, our vision is our name. We want to help people experience all God has for them in this life!” explains Phil Gilbert, HR director. “We believe that you can experience God’s best in your life no matter what your past or present looks like. At Experience Life, there are no perfect people allowed!”

Across EL’s multiple campuses, they provide discounted books and t-shirts for their church attendees. As their fellowship continued to grow, they realized they would need an inventory-based POS system that could support credit card processing.

“We noticed that few people carried cash or checks anymore,” says Gilbert. “So if we wanted to really serve people as much as possible, we needed to provide more common means of payment.”

After using Square for about a year, EL felt they needed a POS system that could provide better inventory features. As a business, EL was growing faster than ever and wanted a way to ensure none of their products were getting lost. They considered Quickbooks and Paypal before switching to SalesVu.

“An important feature that Square was lacking was the inventory tracking side. We needed a program that would help us track inventory by site for a low fee,” says Gilbert. “SalesVu fit the bill & has helped us to monitor our inventory more closely.”

SalesVu’s inventory tracking has helped EL better serve their church community by making sure that products are always available when they’re needed. They’ve saved a significant amount in man-hours now that they don’t have to recount the entire inventory on a weekly basis, and still they can remain confident that they will never run out of products.

“We needed a low-cost, cloud-based solution that was simple & easy to use,” says Gilbert. “We also needed a product that tracked inventory, and this is what set SalesVu apart from others we looked at.”

SalesVu’s retail POS has helped EL seamlessly track their sales and inventory across three separate locations. They can now easily see trends by church site and monitor loss prevention.

EL 1

For more information on Experience Life, visit their website at www.experiencelifenow.com, or follow their social media accounts by clicking one of the icons below.


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iPad POS with multi-location management & easy accounting software helps raise revenue at Trinity River Vision Authority by almost fifty percent!


Trinity River Vision Authority (TRVA) is a government entity in Fort Worth, Texas whose main objective is improving the quality of life in Fort Worth by connecting every neighborhood in the area to the Trinity River. Not only would this redirection project provide much-needed flood protection, it would also add new recreational amenities, improve infrastructure and provide environmental enhancements. The Trinity River vision is to create a vibrant, pedestrian oriented urban waterfront neighborhood adjacent to Downtown Fort Worth.

As part of their efforts to bring attention to the Trinity River, TRVA holds a free summer concert series called “Rockin’ The River”. In this event, attendees can enjoy a plethora of river-related activities that include tubing, paddle boarding, kayaking, pedal boating and more! This is a popular event whether you’re river junky or a “land lobber” who would prefer to enjoy the show from the shaded tables at the Coors Riverfront Ice House. With live music, good food and a nightly firework show, TRVA puts on one of the best summer gatherings in Fort Worth!

When they began holding events, TRVA quickly realized they would need the ability to securely accept payments on the river. When considering mobile point-of-sale solutions, they were drawn to the simplicity of SalesVu’s iPad POS interface, the low credit card processing fees and the ability to manage multiple devices in multiple locations. About other POS systems, Megan Cowan, Special Project Coordinator says they cost almost double what SalesVu does. “They have minimum monthly fees, and fees for each transaction.  Not to mention they won’t let us set up more than one bank account without more fees.”

Cowan also speaks highly of the SalesVu easy accounting software.

“[Our accounting department] loves that we’re able to set up a store for each bank account and use that store to sell only relevant items!” she says, “It saves them so much time on the back end.”

SalesVu’s accounting capabilities, low credit card processing rates and multi-location management has helped TRVA expand so they can now hold more events than ever. You can join TRVA’s efforts by tubing the Trinity River on “Sunday fun day”, or celebrating Independence Day with them at “Fort Worth’s Fourth.” At any of these events, you’ll find TRVA’s friendly staff proudly using SalesVu’s iPad POS. TRVA currently has nine iPads running SalesVu software; 8 of which are used right on the river, and the 9th which they use at conferences.

 “[SalesVu's iPad POS] has allowed us to accept credit cards at our events, which accounts for almost half of sales every week!” raves Cowan, “We would not have the amount of revenue we earn without SalesVu allowing us to take credit cards in the field.”


For more information on the Trinity River Vision, view their website here. If you’d like to attend one of their events, you can visit this page. To connect with TRVA on social media, you can click any of the icons below.





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Low CC Processing rates AND excellent reporting? K Bar K Ranch chooses SalesVu’s iPad POS!


K Bar K Ranch (KBKR) is a pasture in Pottsboro, TX that has mastered the art of producing naturally fed, humanely raised, high-quality meats. With more than 1,300 acres of land, 20+ years of experience, and a cowherd of more than 400 head, KBKR has managed to pioneer the “black baldy” calf. Cattlemen, butchers and customers alike prefer the hybrid black baldy because it’s beef is faster growing and more tender than other calves. KBKR is an establishment that consistently brings high-quality products as well as innovation to the field of cattle farming.

KBKR felt the need for a mobile POS solution about 3 years ago when they began selling their meat at the Frisco Farmers Market in Frisco, Texas. At the time, they were using a notepad and calculator to track their sales, which proved to be incredibly slow.

“We have 5 or 6 people trying to keep up as orders are entered and product is picked out of 6 different freezers,” says Scott Galyon, KBKR Manager. “It is a very hectic process on Saturday mornings.”

KBKR was looking for a way to streamline their checkout process and reduce some of the chaos involved in making sales. These days at the Frisco Farmers Market, you can find KBKR using two devices that run SalesVu’s iPad POS software and business is booming.

When he began searching for a mobile POS system, KBKR owner Kent Black started by looked into Square, who charges a fee of 2.75% of credit card sales for processing.

“I noticed that SalesVu only charged 2.7% so I started looking into [that],” said Black. “I was impressed by all the features SalesVu offered both on the iPad as a POS device as well as the reporting software available online.”


KBKR was also interested in the real time data syncing and the ability to sell products by decimal quantity, which was not offered by other services. “If you are selling meat, you have the price per pound for each product stored in the POS system,” explains Galyon. “Most items are sold by the pound. The packaged meat item is weighed at time of sale and that weight must be entered out to two decimal places (e.g., 5.85 pounds).”

Black and Galyon like that they’re able to view all their reports online. They enjoy the option to see their orders by individual product or group of products (e.g. steaks, roasts, brisket vs beef).

They also appreciate that the mobility of an iPad POS helps them seamlessly make deliveries.

“We have what we call co-op orders which we deliver during the week,” says Black. “A customer from a remote location or neighborhood can collect a group order from their friends and email that [list] to us.  We can enter that order into the iPad in advance and collect the products into a package. Then when we deliver, we just pull up [their order], enter the payment and it is complete.”

Mobility in the field, low credit card processing rates and impressive sales reporting is what keeps KBKR with SalesVu. We thank KBKR for their continued patronage and look forward to continuing to serve them well! For more information about KBKR visit kbark.com or see their Facebook page.


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SalesVu’s restaurant POS solution seamlessly integrates Lone Star Kolache’s six locations!

LoneStarKolaches Store

Lone Star Kolaches (LSK) was founded ten years ago by Massey and Allen Wallace. This Austin, Texas bakery specializes in “those delicious Czech pastries known as kolaches.” Today, you can pick up these delectable treats at any of LSK’s six locations – all of which are fully integrated with SalesVu’s iPad POS software.

Before switching to SalesVu, LSK used standalone cash registers that were “very archaic.” They considered a few other restaurant POS solutions but after an excellent recommendation from a local coffee shop, they chose SalesVu because of the many features offered and low cost of getting started.

“Switching from the old style cash registers to a mobile POS system was a no brainer,” says Allen Wallace, “Besides being more user friendly with the cashiers, the ability to run reports and track sales from the home office has improved the efficiency of our organization tenfold.”

Wallace’s favorite SalesVu feature is the multi-location management report.  He finds it very convenient to be able to track sales per location as well as sales per product – then easily export that data to an excel spreadsheet.

These reports have given the Wallace family “better eyes” to see which products are selling best and which are not. It has also greatly improved their efficiency in managing the menus for their six different locations.

Whenever they run into technical trouble, Wallace says kindness and patience of SalesVu’s support staff has been a “godsend.”

“Thomas is always there when we need him and he’s demonstrated enormous patience dealing with a couple of computer illiterates like us.”

Although they aren’t able to generate an exact figure on their savings, Wallace says that the credit card processing rates with Mercury Payment Systems and the POS solution with SalesVu is “definitely less money than a lot of the competition.”

We are thrilled for the opportunity to continue to provide LSK with the exceptional business management software they require to run their business.

LoneStarKolaches front

For more information about Lone Star Kolaches, visit any of their six Austin locations or click one of the following icons:


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ECommerce website allows ease of ordering at Brian’s Brew

iPad POS

Brian’s Brew (BB) is an establishment that serves coffee, espresso drinks and breakfast items to the downtown Austin area. The coffee beans served here are roasted in a brick oven over a mesquite wood fire, courtesy of Summermoon Coffee Roasters. BB provides free delivery services to offices in the downtown area, and also offers a coffee solution to high-rise apartments.

BB sought a mobile POS solution because they wanted to have a consistent system that worked both in the shop and while out catering.

“It is nice to be able to charge a card from anywhere in downtown,” said owner Brian Burns.

After researching Intuit and Breadcrumb, as well as trying Square, Burns decided to use SalesVu.

“We chose SalesVu because we spent a lot of time looking for a good POS and SalesVu was the best one at the best price!”

Burns says he likes that SalesVu’s reporting feature helps him monitor which items are selling best and which need to be promoted further or removed from the menu completely. Also, he enjoys being able to track BB’s catering and in-store sales online, from anywhere.

With the use of SalesVu, BB has also been able to establish an ecommerce website that has helped their customers place orders online and pick them up in the store. Burns says that SalesVu has saved them an average of $1,100 per year!

Restaurant POS

For more information on Brian’s Brew, visit them in Austin, view their website or click any of the icons below to follow them on social media.


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Tiburon Golf Club gets an ace for convenience using SalesVu’s iPad POS Solution

T Golf 1
Tiburon Golf Club (TGC) is a semi-private 27-hole facility that handles events such as business outings, graduation parties and league tournaments in Omaha, Nebraska.  They not only offer golf lessons with a PGA professional, but have an on-site sports bar where you can eat your favorite American dishes at any time.

Always working to stay a step ahead of their competition, TGC owner Bob Hill Jr sought a mobile POS solution so their facility could process credit card sales on beverage carts. TGC has three carts that rotate around the 27-holes and they needed to incorporate a system that could manage multiple tabs from different devices. Using SalesVu’s iPad POS solution, TGC has been able to keep the beverage carts running consistently and conveniently on the course while managing different tabs and processing credit cards on the spot. Hill remarked that this software has made it easy to host corporate events because guests can charge multiple drinks on their tab from different locations on the course and have just one receipt to deal with at the end of the day.

Before deciding on SalesVu, Hill downloaded Intuit and other similar software programs but chose SalesVu after speaking with our technical support team.

SalesVu’s reporting feature has helped TGC tremendously as well. Their accountant has been able to use the detailed sales reports to allocate the company’s budget more efficiently. This has also allowed Hill to easily monitor sales trends and make business decisions based on the reports.

Hill says that TGC “loves the software because it works very well.” They were thrilled when they could use SalesVu to process credit cards on the beverage carts while still maintaining the golf-course specific software they use elsewhere on the property. Hill says their next ventures with SalesVu will be to explore the QuickBooks integration and launch an ecommerce website.

T Golf 2

For more information on Tiburon Golf Club, visit their location in Omaha, Nebraska or follow their social media accounts by clicking the following icons.


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Inexpensive inventory management from SalesVu helps Denver Bicycle Cafe break away from it’s competitors

Denver Bicycle Café (DBC) is a very unique establishment that opened as a bike shop, tap house and coffee house in November of 2011. DBC regularly changes their selection of beers on tap in order to highlight the variety offered by local Colorado brewers. In addition, DBC provides a diverse array of coffee beans from local roasters and places a great deal of importance on their hands-on brewing process. Aside from all the delicious drinks available at DBC, they also operate as a full-service bicycle shop that offers both repairs and sales. DBC is set apart from their competitors because they pride themselves on having approachable, front of shop mechanics that are available to chat with you in order to understand your repair, as well as offer on-the-spot instructions and a selection of common tools for the do-it-yourself personalities.

iPad POS Solution

Prior to adopting SalesVu, DBC was using an old-fashioned cash register for their point-of-sale transactions. Being as new as they were, DBC sought a cloud-based POS solution that was compatible with Android platforms and that is what drew them to SalesVu.

After investigating ShopKeep and Square, DBC concluded that other solutions “didn’t have the functionality they needed” and decided to go with SalesVu for their business management needs instead.

“SalesVu is the only inexpensive POS solution that had advanced features like inventory management and employee payroll for timekeeping.” said Peter Roper, manager and co-founder of DBC.

DBC loves that SalesVu’s inventory tracking works flawlessly, and they are looking to integrate the ecommerce feature to their website as the next frontier.

SalesVu is a necessary component of running DBC because without it, they would have to reinvent their whole processing system. To run a business, Roper says you need “electricity, water and your POS system.” SalesVu is ecstatic to be the preferred choice of POS solution for DBC’s business management needs.

Restaurant POS

Want to learn more about Denver Bicycle Café? Visit their social media sites by clicking any of the icons below.


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