Welcome to SalesVu | SMASH Dance ATX adopts SalesVu’s Studio POS and Online Scheduling Platform

SMASH is a community dance-fitness studio that provides fun & diverse styles of Adult Dance Fitness classes for all levels and non-competitive weekly dance classes for kids ages 3-17.

SMASH prides itself in providing a warm and welcoming environment for their students, with friendly staff and talented instructors who aim to help you be happy, healthy, and fit. 

Brandy, manager at SMASH, heard about SalesVu from Square while searching for an easy way to track class attendance and client history. One of Brandy’s main needs was that the booking software could integrate seamlessly with Square, which they already used. 

She looked into a variety of software options, including Classbug, MindBody, and Wellness Living, but found that none of them integrated with Square. They also didn’t offer a website builder tool that would allow her to customize her own booking page, as she found on SalesVu. 

SalesVu’s customer service team worked with Brandy to understand her business needs and when she was ready to sign up, SalesVu’s team helped her design and build her booking page. Using the SalesVu website builder and the Here app together has made for a seamless booking/check-in process for Brandy and her team, allowing customers to purchase classes or packages online, which reflect immediately on the Here app that Brandy uses at the counter to check-in customers. They’ve also seen a notable increase in client bookings now that customers can easily view the calendar online and schedule classes on their own in less than 3 clicks. 

If you are looking for a fun way to stay active while learning new styles of dance, check out SMASH’s diverse selection of classes and book yours today! You can also follow them on social media for their latest news and dance inspiration.



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Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Restaurant Self-Service Kiosk


Like an ever-growing number of restaurant owners, you may have decided that the many benefits of self-service kiosks — including higher ticket sizes, reduced wait times, and improved efficiencies — would make them a good choice for your business. If you’re ready to take the next step and start shopping for your solution, here are some things to keep in mind.


  1. Spatial Ergonomics

As they say in real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. Every square foot of your restaurant needs to be optimized for maximum efficiency and workflow, so you’ll need to give some careful thought to where your kiosks should be placed. Self-service kiosks are meant to enhance the customer experience by moving diners through your lines more quickly and with shorter wait times; but consider where they will wait for their meals, and how the kiosks should be incorporated into your floor plan for best traffic flow. You’ll also need room for more than just the ordering screen; there will likely be peripherals for payment processing and receipt printing.


  1. Durable and Highly Responsive Touchscreen Technology

Users will already be familiar with the projected capacitive touchscreens on their smartphones and personal tablets, so they should be comfortable ordering from a tablet-based kiosk. Projected capacitive touchscreens generally tend to be durable and have a relatively long life because there are no moving parts to wear out. The screens require only light touches to operate (and some can even be used with gloved fingers, depending on how sensitivity is adjusted), so customers won’t need to bang on them like manual typewriter keys. They also have good optical properties, enabling restaurant ordering screens that are easy to read and full of appealing graphic images.


  1. Point of Sale Integration

One of the most important features that restaurant owners want from self-service kiosks is easy integration with their point of sale (POS) software. The kiosks need to be able to communicate and share real-time information with several other POS functionalities. For example, with integration, kiosks can update your inventory levels as orders are placed, so that customers aren’t trying to order items that are out of stock (and if your inventory management system is good, it won’t let you run out of popular items). When the systems are connected, any menu or pricing changes are applied across the board, ensuring a consistent customer experience no matter which ordering option they use.


Integration with your POS System also allows kiosks to access customer information such as purchase histories, allowing them to make personalized upselling suggestions based on customer preferences. If the customer is a member of your loyalty rewards program, POS integration ensures that they can earn and redeem rewards when using the kiosks. Integration also enables the purchase and use of your branded gift cards at the kiosks. All of this sharing of POS data increases customer convenience and satisfaction.


When choosing the right self-service kiosk for your restaurant, you also need to look for a knowledgeable vendor. SalesVu’s OrderUp App creates self-service kiosk functionality on an iPad and fully integrates with our other POS solutions, all backed by 24/7 customer support. Contact us today to find out more about how our products can improve your business.


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5 Key Benefits of Restaurant Self-Order Kiosks


With all of the dining options available to today’s consumers, restaurant owners need to use every technological advantage to draw and keep diners. Great food is important, but food is just part of an overall customer experience that includes speed, accuracy, and personalized service. One key technology that can help to accomplish those goals is the self-order kiosk. Let’s look at the benefits of adding kiosks to your technology profile.


  1. Increased Upselling and Larger Ticket Sizes

You can train your staff to upsell by asking the customer “Do you want to make that sandwich a combo?” or “Would you like to try New Item X today?” But odds are, they aren’t going to remember to ask those questions every time. With self-order kiosks, you never miss an opportunity to upsell, because the ordering process automatically includes multiple suggestions for customers to augment their orders. And the upselling prompts contribute to increased ticket sizes: kiosk checks tend to be higher than cashier orders by 15 to 30%.


  1. Enhanced Order Customization

One of the most important factors in customer satisfaction is the ability to get orders prepared exactly the way customers like it, whether that means extra toppings, additional cook time, or different side items. With self-order kiosks, customization has never been easier. The kiosk can display all menu information (including nutritional and dietary stats) and all customization options, so your counter staff doesn’t have to memorize every possible combination. Customers can also see how their customizations (substituting a salad for the fries, or adding more cheese) affect their ticket in real time, without having to wait until the order is complete.


  1. Improved Order Accuracy

Placing an order with an actual person is a bit like a game of “Telephone”: the more people involved in the transmission of a message, the more chances for errors to be introduced. With self-order kiosks, there’s no opportunity for things to be mis-heard or miscommunicated. Diners input and customize the orders themselves and can visually check the accuracy before completing the purchase, assured that they will be receiving exactly what they requested.


  1. Reduced Wait Times/Line-Busting

You want to make ordering as easy as possible for customers, and that includes reducing or eliminating long waits in line. By offering an additional path to purchase, self-order kiosks will break up the long lines that could deter potential diners and cost you business, especially during peak times. Research has shown that if the line to order from a cashier is longer than 5 people, 75% of customers would choose to order from a self-service kiosk instead, if available. And reducing lines and wait times also leads to higher throughput, increasing your revenue.


  1. Reduced Front-of-House Labor Costs

Despite what many people may think, self-order kiosks are meant to be used in addition to your front-of-house (FOH) staff, not to replace them. Some customers will still choose to order from traditional cashiers (who won’t feel as pressured to keep long lines moving), and someone should be available to assist with the kiosks as needed. However, you won’t need as many FOH people, and you can reassign some of them to the kitchen for more efficient prep of the increased number of orders that will be coming in.


If you haven’t yet implemented self-order kiosks as one of your paths to purchase, you may be losing customers to restaurants that have. SalesVu can help you upgrade your technology profile with a variety of POS solutions, including the OrderUp App, which can turn an iPad into a self-order kiosk. Schedule a demo today and see how kiosks can benefit your customers and your profits.


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10 Reasons You Need A Beauty Salon Management Software To Run Your Salon Smoothly


Running a hair, beauty or nail salon and spa can be quite daunting for the owner as it is quite interesting how things have changed over the years. Gone are the days when a client would stroll in to a hair or beauty salon, waiting hours on end to book an appointment. Well, hey? It’s a new era and things seem to have taken an entirely different turn.


Whether you own a spa, hair and beauty salon, nail salon, or whatever category you fall under as a salon owner, it is pertinent to note that the world is evolving, times are changing, and the digital age is here to stay. Therefore, it is vital to keep your business updated with latest technology tools for your industry. And that’s why choosing a good beauty spa-salon management software is a progressive factor to any salon out there.


Different beauty salon management software such as Spa salon POS systems, appointment scheduling software and salon management software have been developed specifically to handle the nitty gritties of scheduling client appointments, complaints, providing customer service on the go, amongst other things.


There is a lot of competition out there and customer retainership is very vital. The beauty market is no longer a joke and is getting more competitive by the day. As a business owner, it is highly necessary to differentiate your business from others. This you can achieve by setting some things in place that the next business doesn’t have, especially when it comes to technology. How then can you stand out?


Here are the 10 reasons why you need a beauty salon management software


1. Easy and Flexible Appointments Scheduling

This application will help both the spa salon owners and clients save time on the system. The WELCOME by SalesVu beauty salon and spa management software, for example, allows the clients easily schedule their appointments, which the spa/salon owner can see immediately in the back-end. You can sort these appointments by day or week. You can also create and track employee schedules, see their availability for the week, and allocate appointments accordingly.


2. Organized Booking Calendar

The fact that you’re able to see all client appointments or schedules at first glance makes it easier to organize the calendar. This you can do in the back end. Some software applications such as the Salesvu’s free salon and spa apps for iPad (which also has a cloud version) allows you, the salon owner, see the number of clients that have booked your service, get reservation notifications in real time, cancellation notifications, purchase of any products or services etc. You can also turn on the notification for group bookings. Streamlining appointments allows a seamless process as it helps prevent double booking on the customer’s end. This way, they are able to see what dates are available for booking, without causing an overlapse of dates.


3. Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Most busy beauty salons and spas probably do not have time to collect customers’ information, and in the digital world, most successful online businesses rely on collection of customers’ data. The importance of this cannot be over-emphasized as most beauty salon management software help store customer information such as email, address, service history, loyalty points and other vital details securely. Storage of this information will help the salon owners target the right customers to send emails to about new products, services, or any other information that is needed to convert a first-time customer to a repeated customer.


4. Enhances Overall Customer Experience and Revenue

I don’t think I have met any client who would not be happy to just sit back, relax and book their salon appointments online, without having to call or even go into the salon physically. It is alarming how much time people spend online. The spa salon owners must know that a good spa & beauty salon management software allows customers book their appointments easily, view available dates, book their favorite stylists and cancel appointments if they won’t show up. This will help improve customer experience on the customer’s end.


People who spend time on this type of salon spa management apps are also likely to see suggested products and services offered in the app, and also spend more money purchasing these products than if they just walked into the salon.


5. Increased Client Base

You can easily track your client base weekly or monthly to see how much it is increasing or decreasing. Every business wants progress, and this will be evident by setting up a spa salon management software, which will not only help you gain new clients, but also help you set up referral links that can be sent out, and loyalty programs which customers can take advantage of. The loyalty part of the spa salon software allows clients acquire points every time they succeed in visiting the salon. When people know that they don’t need to pick up the phone to book an appointment but can easily do that in an app, then it increases the client base of the business.


6. Helps Monitor Sales (including discounts)

You can easily generate sales reports on the system. This is a great way to track and monitor all your sales on the system. If you have also created an avenue for your customers to be able to apply discounts, then the discount report will allow you see which discounts were used and how they were applied.


7. Manage Upcoming Appointments and Walk-ins via Notifications

Let’s be honest. Nobody really likes long waits at any business. Therefore, it is very crucial to manage appointments and walk-ins. One of the ways to manage appointments is through reminders. Remind your clients via emails or text messages (depending on which they opted in for) on any upcoming appointments they may have, and eventually they will come to appreciate you. Managing your appointments and sending reminders to clients promptly, shows efficiency, a trusted system, and organized system of operation on the salon owner’s part.

8. Makes your Beauty Spa Salon Business Look Professional

Professionalism is one of the keys to making your business stand out from other businesses, and what better way to do that than taking advantage of this software? Think of all the things you are able to do on this system and how easy it allows you to run your business. On the customers’ end, all they see is a very professional business, and this will allow you gain respect.


9. Sell Products and Services

Doesn’t it sound so cool to know that aside from the fact that your clients are booking appointments on the app, you can also list products and services for sale. So, yes, that new shampoo line, nail polish color or beauty service you’re looking to introduce to your clients, can all be done here. You no longer need to wait till clients come into the salon before selling products, go ahead and list it on the app.


10. One Stop Shop

Most spa and salon management apps are one stop shops for all beauty needs, from hair, to nails, to make up, it is a compact way to be able to sell your service to the public without trying too hard. Think of it as a marketplace where a customer can get everything your business offers. This means the opportunity to take your business to the next level is endless, as this functionality will aid productivity, while creating relief and ease for the client.


Overall, other than the perks and benefits that come with using a beauty salon management software, it also makes your business look more professional. Some of these applications even allow you integrate the system with your website, manage your waitlist, and the fact that you can generate a report, makes this a must have for businesses looking to move to the next level.


Ready to Boost Your Spa and Beauty Salon Business?


REGISTER Now for Free Spa Salon Management Apps for iPad


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Dance Studio Software: Here is Why You Need One to Run and Manage Your Dance Classes Smoothly


The right dance studio management software can make a revolution in a way your dance studio is managed. No doubt, most of the dance studio owners are independent and a little bit skeptical of others’ capability to help them. This is the reason they start working on their own and not for any other person.

You might not initially get excited about the idea of letting a dance studio software manage your business operations. But, it can be said confidently that once you go for it, you’ll never regret.

Here are Some Benefits of a Good Dance School Management Software

  • Saves A lot of time

When running your own dance studio, you’ll always need dedicated time just to focus on your dance school’s marketing and growth strategy. In order to do so, you need to come up with a solution to get your day to day tasks automated in an efficient way. And there is no better option than a dance studio software that can manage all your bookings, enrolments, class scheduling, fee payments etc. with a minimal supervision, leaving you with a lot of free space to focus on what matters the most, your business growth.

  • Less stress

Everyone knows that managing your own dance classes can be a hectic experience – mainly in the first few years of starting your business.

Running a dance studio needs a professional lawyer, accountant, manager and more which is enough to roll your head. You started your studio to stay focused on the business and not to wake up worrying for basic things related to your studio management. Online dance studio software helps you manage most of the tasks related to your studio’s day to day operations and hence taking a lot of stress off your mind.

  • Greater performance

When you do everything on your own, you won’t be able to accomplish even the basic tasks until you get the time. And no doubt, time matters a lot when you are running your own business. The dance classes management software helps to automate most of your business which helps to run various things more efficiently. Students can enroll and don’t they need to wait whether they will be selected or not. You’ll get the access to automatic, instant report cards of students which is the best and simple way to go through various data points about the business.

  • Lesser cost

Running your own organization can feel like you are throwing all your money and hoping everything will grow from it. The expenses might include:

  • Marketing that includes memberships, advertising, etc.
  • Business management cost
  • Branding like making signs and creating logos
  • Fess to supporting staff and instructors

Every expense can’t be eliminated but some of them can be cut out, most probably the ones that are bigger. Rather than going to hire a couple managers or dedicated staff for each basic task, try a FREE dance school management software such as HERE by SalesVu instead. It helps to manage income, enrollment, reports, and payments that allow you to spend the amount on something other useful than training, hiring and compensating.

  • Fewer errors

Nothing is perfect, but the students can expect it. There would be nothing more embarrassing than telling students that there’s no space in the dance class. What about correcting some of the errors that your staff on the front desk could make?

A good dance studio software helps to provide students with accurate and seamless information without any issue. Some of the offerings include:

  • Timely progressive reports
  • Upgraded information about classes schedule
  • Real time changes about anything related to the dance studio (enrollment, classes timings, fees, availability of the dance instructor etc.)

Thus, it is better to go with a good dance school management app to avoid basic errors related to dance classes bookings and studio management.

  • A growing dance studio

Every dance instructor would want his/her dance school to get popular and grow fast, but not when you are not ready to handle the responsibilities, work pressure and all the management related things the come with all the growth at the same pace. This is where the dance classes management app comes in. The growing business also means growth in demand. The right dance studio manage software helps you in every way, it doesn’t matter how far your business gets.

  • Remote Access

Starting a new dance studio means to always be ready no matter where you are. A good dance studio management software will give you the functionality to access the software from anywhere making it easier for you to manage you dance classes remotely too. With a cloud-based dance studio software you’ll never have to take stress about crash of a hard drive as all your data will be safe even if the computer misbehaves.

So, what are you waiting for!

Get ready to take your business on success with HERE by SalesVu Fitness and Dance Studio Software.


SIGN UP for our FREE Dance Studio Management Apps for iPad Today!

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3 Ways Lifestyle Stores are Redefining the Customer Experience with Community Spaces


In the days where online shopping rules the market, it has become more and more difficult for retail stores to attract foot traffic by simply using traditional tactics. Because of this, a new trend has risen: lifestyle stores. These are a form of experiential retail that combines traditional stores with cafes, lounges, and a comfortable atmosphere reminiscent of the beloved coffee house that the Friends crew frequented. With the right technology, lifestyle stores and “coffee shopping” conveniences are pretty easy to implement, even if you haven’t considered branching into the hospitality sector. For retailers that have already implemented this concept, they are noticing several advantages:

They Keep People Coming Back

“Coffee shopping” essentially bridges the gap between brick-and-mortar and ecommerce by offering a retail experience where showrooms are café-inspired and customers can browse items on a tablet while sipping on their favorite beverage. The products you sell are secondary. What you want to provide is a retail customer experience that gives customers a reason to visit your location. By doing this, you indicate to customers that you are willing to focus on what is important to them.

Additionally, you give employees the chance to interact with your customers in different ways. By arming the customers with mobile technology that can find products and provide information, employees can focus more on building positive relationships with customers.

CTA: See how the right POS tailored to lifestyle stores can benefit business. [Link]

They Encourage People to Stay Longer and Spend More

When a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere is provided, people are in less of a rush to get in and get out. Lifestyle stores provide a public place outside of work and home for people to meet and spend time together. The longer they stay inside your store, the more opportunities they have to browse the various products you offer until something catches their eye.

Not to mention, you will provide a space for customers to have a positive experience all on their own, such as catching up with old friends at a café, or working on the book they’re writing while using the free Wi-Fi you offer.

They Provide a Community that Increases Loyalty

Retail stores give people a place to both spend time with the people they know and love, and meet new people. This results in the forming of a close-knit community where people genuinely enjoy spending time in your store. When people associate their communities with your location, they feel a stronger sense of loyalty to your business. This community also incentivizes customers to spend more time in your store, rather than simply paying it a quick visit to pick up a few things, or shopping online for their products.

The extra time they spend in your store allows retail staff to establish a good rapport with your customers, which is incredibly helpful when it comes to providing quality customer service and understanding customer needs.

Why Focus on the Experience?

Brick-and-mortar stores face tough competition these days—not just from other physical stores, but from online stores as well. The best way to keep people coming back to your store is to adapt to the wants and needs of customers, and give them a more valuable and memorable experience when they visit. Lifestyle stores do just that.

To draw people in to your lifestyle store, make sure your website aligns with the experience you want to provide to customers. SalesVu offers a website builder that you can use to create a professional website that showcases your brand and the experiences you offer. Learn more.


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Consider These 10 Tips to Buy a Yoga Studio Management Software That’s Worth Your Time


Are you looking for a yoga studio management software? After a long time of manually handling your administrative tasks, like billing, attendance tracking, retail sales, and student communication you finally have come up with the great idea of managing your yoga studio, not through the use of Excel or paper sheets but using an all-in-one yoga studio management software. But as you happily degust your new plan, you’ll find yourself stuck in a new challenge; finding the best yoga studio software among ample choices that sound similar and make you dizzy.


Since there is a ton of fitness studio management software to choose from, selecting the right yoga studio app or software that meets your needs and is easy-to-use for you, your staff and students can be a daunting task. From free yoga studio apps to pricey long-term membership software, the rule of thumb is to determine your criteria before getting overwhelmed with varying capabilities of yoga studio softwares.


To ease your mind, we have set out

10 essential things you need to know before buying a yoga studio software



Why do you need to analyze a yoga studio management software before buying?

A Yoga studio software is a comprehensive solution that’s specially designed to effectively and efficiently help the management of yoga studio classes. There are many different yoga studio management applications available to select from. Though some attributes are common to each of the software packages, some of them are entirely distinct from others.



As an example, a few yoga studio apps might let you access it remotely, while some might require a connection to a private network. Some yoga studio apps might be designed specifically for employee management, while others might prefer to serve customers so that students can easily monitor and maintain their physical fitness classes.

3 Key features every great Yoga Studio Software should have:


1) Cloud computing or web-based capability allows you to access your software over a network connection, rather than being bound to your device’s memory.

Cloud-computing yoga studio management software means that you have remote access to your management software from anywhere anytime. Therefore, no need to be bound to your computer desk while managing your yoga classes operations because you can have access to all the features of the software from any device is connected to the internet. Meanwhile, whether your customers are running Android, iOS, Desktop, or any other operating system, they can still use your app because it pulls out information from the web, not the device’s memory.



2) Comprehensive yoga studio software that could manage all of your yoga classes booking, scheduling and administration operations in one place

The more features, the more savings in your time, expenses, and the more improvement in your business administration. A lot of your time and money is wasting for tackling front-stage and back-stage management operations.

It would be best if you choose the yoga studio app that is a weight off your shoulders with its various capabilities. For example, it might automatically tackle several tasks like assigning confirmations messages and notices to customers through email, texting, or even via the software. It might be able to make recurring payments set up by itself, control the membership standing of the students, make waitlists for loaded classes, and remind students when a spot gets available.



3) Automation- Typically, the primary reason why you need a yoga management software is the automation of manual tasks, so the more automation, the better.

Running a yoga studio is not a piece of cake, and it involves handling a significant number of factors, including students, staff, yogis, programs, stock, sales, and so on. The objective of a thriving yoga studio is to make sure your yoga classes are filled, and you have enough recurring students. If you want to deal with repetitive and tedious tasks so that you can place your thoughts and time to tasks that are more important in growing your business, like marketing plans, automation will undoubtedly help you. Before you take a look at the free yoga studio management app demo you’re contemplating, you need to figure out what are repetitive, time-consuming tasks that you would like to get rid of. By Way of Example, the next automation could be crucial to your choice:


  • Subscribe, registering, cancellation.
  • Course, class, appointment scheduling
  • Management of booking cancellation and wait-list
  • Payment processing
  • Customer communication and reminders


Yoga Studio App/Software Features To Consider:

Sure, the needs of your yoga studio will be different from your competitors. The rest of this post points out all the various management features you might need in your yoga studio app:


Online course scheduling:

This can be a very customer friendly service for the students. You might need the following features.

A wait-list that students can add their names.

Student ID card in-check option: It’s a feature that allows your student to get to the class after scanning their ID card and waiting for your confirmation.

Printable sheets: Sometimes, you also need a print of sign-in sheets, so get software that provides you with printable sign-in options.

Room and equipment rental scheduling: some softwares can automate even the process of renting room or equipment.

Custom booking: one factor for growing your business is increasing the number of recurring customers. So, with a recurring booking your students can easily book as many classes as they want.

Check how many students showed up for the yoga class: by monitoring class attendance statistics, you can find out whether your business plans are working. Therefore, get a yoga studio management software that provides accurate attendance statistic reports that gives you the perspective of which classes are profitable, and which are not and should be improved or closed.


1. A user interface with a more comfortable scheduling procedure

You should choose a yoga booking software that has the most straightforward scheduling process where your clients can easily book classes and sessions with you. For example, drag and drop for booking is a user-friendly luxury feature.

Cloud/Web based application: By choosing this type of yoga studio software, you can manage your business from anywhere at anytime. Moreover, using a web-based software can save you on the complicated installation process, networking costs, and upgrade hassles.

Multiple filters to view your yoga business from different perspectives: You can filter your software operations by day, week, last name, service, gender, etc. It’s very convenient when you want to see it from a more comprehensive perspective.

Schedule by color coding: yes, some software allows you to implement your habits in your yoga studio management software. There is no need for those messy colored sticky notes to remind you of important events.

2.  Multiple Yoga Studio Enrollment Options

Sometimes, you want to something besides yoga classes in your health club, so you should look for a software that is flexible enough to schedule a variety of events like seminars or special events. It should have a custom template specially designed for people to quickly sign up in your seminars/workshops and a straightforward scheduling layout for you.

3. Payment Process

Since you want to automate your tasks, credit card integration is one of those user-friendly features. A yoga studio software that provides this service integrates credit card processing in the cloud, that means there is no need to pay for hardware and set up.



Linking payments to services: This helps you have financial statements to see the  status of each service you provide.

Payment packages: You should have different types of pricing packages regarding customers’ needs. So, the yoga business management software should be able to accept payment of various packages.

Payment state monitoring: Maybe you have customers who are in debt. Choose a yoga studio software that can see at first sight which clientele are still debtor and how much they should pay.

Membership cards and ID tag capability: Choose the yoga studio app that provides you with scanning barcoded cards to make self-check and client tracking much faster.

4- Adding new user cost

Some yoga applications businesses charge depending on the number of consumers you have added on the program system. It might not lead to any problems at the beginning when you manage a small studio. However, as your yoga studio develops, you might want to add an increasing number of customers and create individual profiles for every one of your yoga trainers.



It can result in a higher price a month than you initially expected and budgeted. Make sure to review the yoga software supplier’s usage policy to choose a yoga studio app that fits your budget now and later, so not to be forced to cancel your contract at the peak of success.

5-Mobile compatibility

The future of all businesses, including Yoga and Fitness industry is on mobile, and a yoga studio application which is not mobile compatible is not going to work for you for a very long time.

Studies indicate that adults have been spending roughly 2.8 hrs. every day working with their cellphones. As a yoga studio owner, it’s an excellent chance for you to grow your business and make more communication with clients. So, the yoga studio management software provider should enable you to embrace this trend and implement it in your business. Mobile is especially powerful when it comes to making  bookings and payments better.

Thus, your yoga classes app supplier should allow you to not only adopt this feature but to make the most of it when managing your company.

6- Running Your Online Fitness Shop

Creating an online shop is an excellent idea for making more revenues if you currently sell retail in your studio. When you choose a proper paid or free yoga studio app, it’s a simple process because it provides you e-commerce capacities so that you can track your sales, and also you have other options to make more money with your software.



Actually, you can cooperate with physical yoga shops and wellness products providers to supply products to market on your virtual shop. You’re able to do carrying stock inventory or start drop shipping agreements. Your options are unlimited. Moreover, in your online shop, you can sell different products such as coupons, gift cards, class packages, tickets for special events, etc. All of them together make your studio a complete health club and make your customers feel more satisfied with your services.

7- Gift Card Set Up Feature

Coupons and gift cards can have a significant impact on the number of customers. You can choose yoga software that can add gift cards option and integrate them with leading software, so you can easily create, sell, and track them. Other options that might come with gif cards set up are including:

  • Prepaid Option for Gift Cards
  • Ability to track the balances
  • Loading gift cards with different prices
  • Selling gift cards in your online retail stores

8-Email marketing

Your yoga business gives a massive boost by using E-mail marketing. So, if you want to pick a yoga studio app for iPad, see if you can choose something that integrates it with email marketing. And that’s how you can link the contact database of your yoga studio management software to your e-mail marketing rather than using separate databases.

Using email marketing allows you to not only make your yoga classes full and find more regular students but it is essential for promoting, reminding your students of their classes, encourage referrals, sell products, packages etc.



By using an e-mail marketing option, you can classify your students and realize what the best messages will be for them.

For example, if a student registers on the internet for a course, you can deliver electronic reminder messages for attending to the class.

Therefore, you can increase your yoga classes’ attendance, and when any student can’t attend, they’ll be recalled to remove their name off the current class, and a spot will be opened in wait list to reserve their place. For this, your e-mail system will create an email to the people in the waiting list to remind them of the open spot. Just imagine how it is doing manually; good yoga studio management softwares automates all of those laborious tasks to ease your mind.

9-Yoga forums

You can choose a software for your yoga center that can provide a community that other yoga studio owners come together to share different methods for improving their business operations, trade business technics, getting inspired, and learning how to use the software for excellent customer service.

10- Choose Short Term Contracts

These days, there is no need for long term contracts because if a company believes in their application, they should offer a free demo version of the yoga studio app that you can see its capabilities and then make a purchase.
If it is the right product, they should not tie you into a long term contract in order to retain your business.
Yoga studio softwares might offer various pricing strategies to meet the needs of different yoga studio owners: monthly payments, payment every three months or yearly payments.


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Spa Salon Management Software: How to Choose the Right One?

Automated salon and spa software, in the recent years, has changed the landscape of the beauty and wellness industry. Regardless of the size of the business, each beauty salon and spa owner (both big and small) needs a salon booking software and spa management app to manage their operations efficiently. In a competitive industry, adopting technology is the essential to thrive in the beauty, wellness and spa industry. With the help of a reliable and trustworthy salon software and spa management software, the salon and spa business owners can infuse efficiency and high customer satisfaction in their business model. Selecting the ‘most appropriate’ salon and spa management software is, however, critical to the results you wish to achieve from the technology.

What is the key purpose of the spa and salon management software?

The purpose of each of the spa salon management software is to provide outstanding customer services and experience to earn loyalty from customers. It must also help you attract new customers. Once you’re free from the day-to-day management of the salon and spa operations, you can focus on expanding your current market. Despite the numerous benefits offered by a salon software, the spa and salon owners are reluctant to adopt this technology change. The spa salon software had a huge impact on the beauty and wellness industry, and the trend is catching on globally. There are aspects and functions that are inherent part of the salon and spa industry that can be effectively and efficiently managed.
For any spa salon software, to be productive and helpful, the salon and spa owner must use the right parameters to select the right salon booking software. Here are eight points that can help you consider the right beauty salon management software to run your beauty and wellness business successfully and in an efficient manner.

  1. Consider the total value of investment in the salon management app

You’re wrong if you’re only considering the cost of the salon management software. You need to assess all the benefits (both short-term and long-term) that you will reap after investing in the salon booking & appointment management software. There are factors that you cannot measure like improved customer experience and skilfully managed salon operations that outweigh your initial investment. The operational and administrative tasks of your salon and spa business will be managed seamlessly and flawlessly with the right salon and spa booking software.

  1. List all the benefits that you expect from the beauty salon management software

Some of the top challenges that all salon and spa business owners face are no-shows, managing reschedules and cancellations. This is where a salon scheduling software can prove to be useful and make your business profitable.

If you can optimize your appointment schedule with automated appointment confirmations, the number of your no shows can be drastically reduced. Moreover, you need a solid database of customer contacts, point of sale to process payments and attract customers again, get detailed reports for improved customer loyalty and business growth.

  1. Ensure that the salon management software has a workflow suited to the salon and spa industry

The business needs of the salon and spa industry are unique. You must select a salon and spa management software that offers a workflow suited to the salon industry. It should provide a seamless and smooth workflow so that you can perform the tasks that are relevant for the salon and spa business in a productive and efficient manner.

  1. Choose a salon and spa app that offers value added functions

There are several salon and spa management software available in the market that offer basic functions like salon scheduling function, credit card processing, inventory management, and other rudimentary functions. There are few, however, that offer value added functions and at no additional cost. SalesVu offers iPad POS system for complete management of your salon and spa. It is one comprehensive salon and spa software packed with a world of functions.

  1. Assess if the salon booking software is user-friendly

Use the salon booking software yourself to ensure that it can be easily used. Assess the spa and salon management software on factors such as responsiveness and speed. It should also be evaluated on additional factors such as user experience, intuitive interface, ease of understanding and performing basic functionalities and the ease of your staff learning the use of the salon and spa software.

SalesVu provides free training and 24X7 support for the users of Welcome – Spa Salon Management Software?

  1. Ensure that your data is secure

The most important asset for your business and wellness business is client data. The contacts that you have must be stored in a secured and confidential location. You must ask the spa salon software provider about the most effective ways that they employ to protect your business data. Even when information flows from the software to the smartphones, you must understand the security mechanisms that are used to defend the data.

  1. Select a salon and spa software provider that has relevant industry experience

Choosing the right salon and spa software provider is as important as any other investment decision of your business. You must search for a company that has relevant industry experience in the beauty, wellness, salon and spa industry. It must have developed beauty salon management software that can cater to all your business needs and help it grow.

  1. The beauty salon management software should improve your customer relations

The underlying purpose of any spa salon software is to enhance your customer relations. You want your customers to experience an exceptional customer service, maximize your returns from the investment, improve your number of walk-ins and offer all the basic and advanced functionalities of a comprehensive salon and spa management platform. Ensure that the salon spa software provider gives you a consistent, round-the-clock and efficient customer and technical support to enable seamless salon booking software.

In conclusion, while there are several spa and salon management software in the market today, it is difficult to choose the right one. The cheapest or the most expensive may not always be the best salon management app or beauty salon management software for your business. SalesVu offers WELCOME, a complete spa and salon software, for free to ensure that you have access to all the functions listed above and much more. We are client-focused and have helped several beauty spa and salon owners manage their beauty and wellness business efficiently and smoothly.

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Say Hello to Welcome by SalesVu!

Schedule clients, track commissions, and increase sales across locations with SalesVu’s all-in-one integrated solution for Salons and Spas.  Integrates with payment, accounting and other leading industry software

As a salon owner, are you investing more than you’re earning to attract new clients, retain the ones you have, and grow your salon or spa business?

If you’re like most salon owners, you are tired of paying exorbitant monthly subscription fees for expensive and complex software and tools. You want more control over the way you manage your business and it must suit your pocketbook as well.

We understand. We know salon owners are hard-working people who find it challenging to run a salon’s business operations and focus on growing the business at the same time. There is plenty to worry about such as the salon industry being highly competitive and the ability of big brand names to invest big dollars in the latest technologies to attract clients. Also, it’s difficult to hire  and retain top talent staff and keep them from going to the big brands.

Don’t you wish you had a cost-effective way to attract more walk-ins and appointments? Don’t you wish there was a way to retain all those clients?

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We’ve researched the most significant challenges for Salons and learned the topmost challenges for salon owners include:

  • Attracting new clients
  • Retaining clients
  • Justifying price to clients (as compared to their competitors)
  • Mismanagement of appointments
  • Mismanagement of Loyalty program
  • Investment (technology, software, and tools) to run the business is high

These just some of the issues. Imagine the plight of salon owners when it gets to managing smaller issues that crop up every day!

What if we told you that you can run a flourishing business and a host of clients with extremely affordable tools and technology to help you do it (less than 50 cents per day.)

Would you believe us?

Welcome by SalesVu is a leading appointment management app for salons.

You get all (Yeah! You read it correctly!) features that without paying some of the astronomical sums for other apps or software offering similar features.

Welcome by SalesVu is a simple, flexible, easy-to-use, and powerful spa salon management software.

Try “Welcome by SalesVu” Now

As we mentioned, Salon business owners are under continual pressure to use tools and software that makes their operations smooth and easy. Again, it’s a highly competitive industry and there’s a huge race to attract more walk-ins and appointments.

It is imperative to run the business using an user-friendly, and intuitive app that clients find convenient.

Key Features

  • Schedule appointments (booking appointments online and easy payments)
  • Publish your calendar openings for online bookings
  • Enter call-in appointments and send automated text confirmations
  • Take deposits to avoid no-shows for both online and phone appointments
  • Add walk-ins and notify them via text message,
  • Use the POS feature to sell services and products from a single consolidated app.
  • Integrates with Square and other payment processors so you are free to choose


Create a personalized floor plan; Manage service providers;  Configure services durations & prices; Set up variable pricing; Setup / lookup commissions;  easily manage appointment calendar; Check-in appointments or Cancel appointments.

Welcome by SalesVu is the perfect app for salon or spa owners who are tired of being drained mentally and financially, and want to switch over from costly apps.

It’s an all-in-one app to help  optimize appointment scheduling, online booking, marketing, billing, and payments. It’s the perfect way to manage your clients and grow your business.

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Why pay hefty monthly charges for MINDBODY when you can get all those features for free?

Do you find it hard, month on month, to shelve your hard-earned earnings (and that too a large portion) for a MINDBODY subscription? While it is a tendency for any business owner to opt for the most popular option/ technology to help with their business operations, but if you delve deeper, there are better options available.
As a fitness/ dance/ yoga instructor, you are probably a user of MINDBODY, but many people are unhappy with its high investment requirement as the ROI is quite miserable.
Though fitness is your passion, but you are a business owner as well and your goal is to maximize your returns and help as many people as possible to reach their fitness goals. ‘HERE’ is your answer to maximize your ROI, reach your business goals and grow your fitness practice.
And now the best part – ‘HERE’ is completely FREE.
‘HERE’ is meant for fitness, yoga and dance studios with the objective of increasing the sales of classes and session packages. It also helps to track the attendance of clients who purchase the package.

Register Today – It’s FREE


Some of the brilliant features of ‘HERE’ are listed below:

  • You can sell the classes and packages to specific customers directly through the app in the Point of Sale section.
  • The payments go through the merchant’s account.
  • Classes are assigned to customer immediately (classes can be created directly in the app).
  • Classes can be auto renewed and billed accordingly to the customers.
  • There is an option to sell fitness related products through the app.
  • Calendar section allows you to view customers along with the classes that they have purchased.
  • Check-in screen allows the staff to view who’s online and gives an option to chat with them (to discuss promotions and offers).
  • Class count is detected automatically from the customer’s account as they check-in. The system also notifies them when they’re running low on pre-purchased sessions.
  • Loyalty program is easy to manage as customers can view accumulated points and use for certain purchases.
  • SalesVu offers 24X7 customer service for the ‘HERE’ app to ensure all questions are answered.

Reasons for you to choose ‘HERE’ over MINDBODY

  • MINDBODY is client facing and (despite the heavy subscription that they are charging) does not allow creation of classes through the app.
  • The retail point of sale app comes at an additional cost (something that is FREE in the ‘HERE’ app).
  • MINDBODY requires customers to self-check-in (at times some customers forget to check-in). It eliminates any contact between staff and customers.
  • MINDBODY manages the loyalty program via a third-party provider called Perkville (that comes at, yes you guessed it right, an additional cost).
  • The complete cost for MINDBODY subscription is as high as $445 / month and on the other hand ‘HERE’ comes free for absolutely the same features (in fact better features that are user-friendly, easy and efficient to use and operate).




If you have further questions / feedback related to ‘HERE, you can speak to us.

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