SalesVu Jan-2021 Release Overview


New Features Have Arrived

Based on your feedback, we have been working to help you increase sales, reduce costs, serve customers and manage operations better. We hope you find these additional features helpful.  Please contact us if you have any questions, or need help to take advantage of the new capabilities.


Auto-assign table number or location via QR Code Scan

A small improvement has been made to the initial version of our contactless order and pay solution. Users are no longer required to input their table number after scanning a QR code located on their table. Once the code is scanned, the table number or location is automatically assigned to the order.

As a reminder, guests can view menus, place orders, and pay on their own devices without handling menus or payment devices—and without the assistance of waitstaff. Give your guests peace of mind as they order & pay from their own device, reducing perceived risk from server interactions or by handling a paper menu.

Holiday Hours for Pickup and Delivery

There is a new option to input holiday hours into the system. On holidays many business have either abbreviated hours or other exceptions to normal business
hours. Once holiday hours are setup, they will be reflected in the available hours for pick up or delivery orders.

Deliver My Order To My Seat Please

Guests attending an events at performance halls or multiplex venues can now order concessions from their mobile devices, and have their order delivered directly to their seat.

Open a Tab

Customers will now have the option of opening a tab using their stored credit card or by adding a card and then complete the checkout via the branded app.


Inventory Management Areas

As well as aisle and shelf data, Inventory Management now allows you to define storage areas such as first-floor storage or basement storage.



Consolidated Weekly Report for All Locations

Merchants with lots of locations can now schedule and receive a consolidated weekly
sales report vs. separate reports for each location.



Segment Customers by Location

For multi-location businesses such as franchises, individual sites are often run in a particular geography. When a location is having an event such as a grand opening or a winter, there is no need to invite customers from other states or countries. You can now manage customers by location and send marketing emails to just a single location’s customers. 



Prebook Appointments

For a salon or spa business, booking a new appointment is common when clients finish their engagement and checkout of the facility. For example, pet grooming businesses often perform services on a recurring basis. Now, personnel can rebook quickly and easily with a new Prebook button. With a new report coming in the pipeline, managers can monitor key metrics such the % of visits which include bookings for a customer’s next appointment.

Stay tuned. Additional new features and product improvements are just around the corner! Let us know what ideas you have to improve SalesVu.



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