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Maximize your business potential with SalesVu POS system: Web Store and Gift Cards modules!


Estes Park, Colorado, is hometown of the popular brewery Rock Cut Brewing Co. This place offers well-crafted ales and lagers, snacks and merchandise such as hats, t-shirts, growlers and more. Tracy Goodemote, founder of the company, shared with us how him and his colleague Matt Heiser started a brewing company and tap room from scratch.

Rock Cut Brewing Co. was founded in 2015, starting on Tracy’s garage, their passion lead them to have a 7 barrel system and tap room downtown with great a great view of the city. They started their journey with SalesVu right away when they opened and they selected this particular POS software for a couple of reasons.

“The pricing structure with SalesVu is one of the main reasons we chose this POS System. We started with the POS module and as we grew SalesVu was growing as well, at anytime you are able to upgrade to an advanced bundle. Pricing was also very competitive, it was nice that we started with one feature and we could add more tools if needed”. – Tracy Goodemote

Thanks to the E-commerce module, Tracy was able to offer merchandise on his website and he likes the option of offering online ordering to his customers. Any order that takes place online, is sent out as an email notification and he can keep track of any order on the back end, having access to all kind of customized reports has been very valuable for the Rock Cut Brewing Co. staff members.

Before holiday season, Tracy was very interested about selling gift cards, they found out SalesVu provided this service and they implemented it right away. They were using printed gift certificates and upgraded to plastic barcoded cards that can be scanned for recharging and redemption. All reporting is available on the web portal, and you have an ease of access for balances, recharge history and purchase history.




Having a software system that’s flexible and grows at the same time as you is what Rock Cut Brewing Co. was looking for and they found it with SalesVu! Manage your business remotely from any place at anytime. For more information about promotions or if you’re just in the area, visit them and follow them on social media below!


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Maximize your business potential with SalesVu POS system: Web Store and Gift Cards modules!

SalesVu iPad POS and the open tab feature are vital for Darryl’s Couch


Darryl’s Couch is Ventura County’s premier craft beer pub, featuring 11 rotating taps of exclusively craft beer along with an ever-evolving bottle list of over 30 beer selections. At Darryl’s they understand the passion for brewing and in the uniqueness of every sip of the golden liquid. The pub was first attracted to SalesVu because of the ability to open tabs for customers; a feature that is essential for operating efficiently a successful bar.

“We wanted a solution with an integrated credit card system that was easy for our staff to use, with a small device footprint, which allowed us to open tabs for customers while providing back office reports that were meaningful. Having a cloud-based service was desirable since we didn’t really have space for full sized system and data storage. “

Business owner Darryl told us that:

“I had seen other products that didn’t have the open tab feature which would have required us to write down orders and ring them in all at once at the end of the transaction. Looking further into the system I was also attracted to the merchant service rates, contract terms, and the application’s ability to track inventory and employee hours.”

Before SalesVu iPad POS, they were using a standard cash register that was purchased at the time of acquiring the business. He told us that under the traditional system, they were able to track PLU code, but that’s a great disadvantage was that the reports were only shown in the register tape.

Darryl considered other POS competitors, but he felt they were either too big of to expensive for what he was really looking for. Darryl also says that among his favorite features the finds that:

“The ability to open tabs is great. It allows us to easily and electronically keep track of a customer’s purchase during their visit. Inventory tracking is another great feature. The system will keep track of the number of servings we pour and alert management and staff when a product is near to running out. This is incredibly helpful when pouring beer from taps and you can’t see the quantity remaining in a keg. We’ve been able to easily track sales, see margin reports, simplify tracking staff hours, and anticipate ordering new inventory. “

We also talked about money and asked him how much money did they save upfront and ongoing using SalesVu. They answered

“We estimate that we save on average $50 each month over our previous merchant services, but the time savings that we now have by allowing our staff access to an easy to use interface, and management’s access to SalesVu’s backed reporting and management system are immeasurable.”


Good crafted beer, friends and a comfortable environment motivate Darryl’s Couch in providing an upscale service. Definitely, they are a must-go place for relaxing with a cold one.

Visit their website and their social media channels by clicking any of the icons below.


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Keep improving your business with SalesVu brewery iPad POS System


Located in Downtown Asheville’s Brew District, Hi-Wire Brewing embraces its craft from top to bottom – from its handcrafted brews to its artwork, hand-drawn by a local artist. Their light-hearted circus theme embodies the fun, authenticity, and creativity of this deep-rooted craft. Hi-Wire business owner Adam Charnack told us why choose SalesVu brewery POS and why he plans to stay with it.

“We are a production brewery in Western North Carolina. We have been in business for a year and a half. Our beer has grown enormously  in popularity. The reception to all of our beers to-date has been fantastic. With 300-400% growth in our first year and a half. SalesVu brewery POS has been an active participant in our growth and expansion.”

We asked Adam why they needed a POS and why they decided to go with a high-end POS like SalesVu, instead of a traditional one.

“We have a tasting room, open 7 days a week. We receive all of our clients who come and try our beers. It is a really great social event full of great interactions between our staff and people’s friends. Due to the increasing demand, we stay open late on weekends. SalesVu is important for us because it helps us keep open bar tab management, which maintains every account organized and receipts in order.”

SalesVu is helpful everywhere Hi-Wire goes. Mobility and portability are additional advantages we offer to all. Adam told us that:

“We strive to provide the best possible service to all our clients. Everytime we assist to local food and drink festivals we want to serve not only the highest quality of beer, but also a comfortable and  reliable payment method so that everyone ends up happy. We can take payments with cell phones, like our own iPhone’s or iPads.”

SalesVu worries about  becoming better and brighter every day. This 2015 we will keep raising the bar even higher and continue helping all our members grow. Like we do for Adam.

“I like that SalesVu is constantly adding features an improving. I see that you are constantly working for the product. I believe Hi-Wire Brewing and SalesVu e are going in the same direction of growing and becoming superior.”

If you are interested in knowing more about Hi-Wire brewery in North Caroline be sure to check out their website and follow their social media accounts clicking any of the icons below.


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The smartest choice is SalesVu iPad POS System for Seminar Brewering


Seminar Brewing LLC is a partnership of three brewers: Bryan Fisher, Travis Knowles and John Mathias, along with business partner and project manager Dave Peters. They have created an exciting standard tap list, along with a solid reservoir of recipes for special releases and seasonal ales.Seminar is a microbrewery specializing in high quality, hand-crafted ales.Never has it ever been so much fresh, exciting and local craft beer being produced. Seminar Brewing is a proud user of SalesVu restaurant POS.

“We operate a tasting room within our brewery. The space doubles as brew space, so our restaurant POS needed to be mobile and able to be packed away when not in use. In addition, we participate in beer festivals where merchandise sales are encouraged. A mobile POS solution allows us to process credit and debit cards on the go.”

Seminar Brewing  considered as other options Square, ShopKeep, and NCR Silver, but chose SalesVu over all because of its broad range of features, simple and the easy organization of the interface. They told us about the immense advantage of having an open tab management within SalesVu restaurant POS.


“Creating open tabs for our customers is easy, and viewing or reviewing sales activity is simple. It’s easy to get a daily sales summary and sales breakdown by category; we make a bank deposit for the cash portion the next morning. Credit card deposits in Quickbooks are made only when they are posted to the bank account, so we use a spreadsheet to track credit card deposits.”

SalesVu gives Seminar the ability to process credit and debit card transactions without any barriers to customer spending. The “only cash” sign has been removed while ago!

 “SalesVu restaurant POS also allow us to track tasting room sales of different products. Although we haven’t calculated the exact breakdown of money saved upfront, we know that the other products’ combined costs of the restaurant software solution, plus card processing fees, were much higher.

Seminar Brewery has not yet tried SalesVu Quickbooks integration nor the Ecommerce feature, but they look forward to try them in the near future and expand the reach of SalesVu restaurant POS benefits.


If you would like to know more about this exciting and fresh local  be sure to visit their website by clicking on here and like them on Facebook for updates. 

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Open tab management on SalesVu’s iPad POS System at New Republic Brewing Co!


New Republic Brewing Company (NRB) is a brewery in College Station, Texas that serves quality brewed beer in their on-site Taproom.

“We have a couple of kegerators where we serve the beers we brew here at the brewery,” explains founder John Januskey. “We typically have live music and food trucks to provide something to eat while customers enjoy beer and music.”

After using Square and an external credit card reader for some time, NRB found themselves looking for a more well-rounded business management solution that would allow them to regulate tabs for customers. Though they had used Square for some time, they also researched Micros and OPos before making their decision to switch.

NRB chose SalesVu’s iPad POS not only for tab management but also for the “low cost of entry and better features than the alternatives.”

NRB’s Taproom enjoys being able to share tabs between devices. It’s very convenient for them to be able to open a tab and then give the customer’s credit card back to them.

“A full POS like Micros was so far out of our budget it wasn’t a real option,” says Januskey, “We would have stuck with Square over Micros, but SalesVu has much better features for a bar.”

NRB also used SalesVu to build an ecommerce website through which they could sell tickets online for their 3rd anniversary party.

For more information about New Republic Brewing Co., visit their Taproom in College Station, their website or click any of the social media icons below!


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McKinneys Irish Pub Chooses SalesVu’s iPad POS System over Square, Micros and Aloha


McKinneys Irish Pub (MIP) is a new, authentic 2,000 square foot pub in the Haymarket district of Lincoln, Nebraska. MIP boasts a large selection of craft beer and Irish whiskeys.

Though McKinneys only opened in November, Owner Nathan Stewart has been in the food industry for almost 15 years and worked with numerous POS system, including Micros, Aloha and Square.

Stewart wanted an iPad POS to “step up the service.” McKinneys can now have servers on the floor with iPad Minis and save two to three minutes in the ordering process.

“This was the first time we went to an iPad interface,” said Stewart. “I used Square before for my other business but I knew that I would be running a bar and needing more detail like, printing credit card receipts, inventory control and clocking employees in and out. I would say I researched [SalesVu] for about a month [prior to making my decision].”

Stewart also considered Square, Breadcrumb, Revel and Micros for McKinneys.

“I chose SalesVu’s restaurant POS because of the price, customization abilities, inventory control and integration with QuickBooks,” said Stewart.

Stewart says his favorite SalesVu feature is the QuickBooks integration.

“It makes our job as business owners a lot easier when you don’t have to spend so much time doing the reports,” said Stewart. “All of the different reports that SalesVu can do are really convenient as well.”

Stewart believes that SalesVu has made them more efficient and saved them anywhere from $500 to $15,000 based on other estimates he was given. He also says he has saved on SalesVu’s free customer support.

For more information about McKinneys Irish pub you can like their Facebook or follow them on Twitter.



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Cheers to Pitchfork Brewing Using SalesVu’s iPad POS System


Pitchfork Brewing (PB), a small Wisconsin brewery, has just adopted SalesVu! PB focuses on brewing craft beer with an emphasis on environmental practices and locally sourced ingredients. They also have a tap room attached to the brewery where customers can stop in for a pint or pick up a growler to take home.

PB Owner Jessie Fredricksen read about SalesVu while researching credit card processors. Fredrickson thought that because PB is a small business with a small budget they would have to use a basic register and an add-on card processing machine. Then, they learned about the various POS systems that operate on iPads and iPhones.

“We discovered that we could have a POS system that provided great analytics without having to buy expensive equipment,” said Fredricksen.

In addition to SalesVu, PB considered Square, Shopkeep, NCR Silver and a traditional cash register. PB chose SalesVu’s POS system because it has everything they need in an iPad POS for a great price.

“Square wouldn’t let us run tabs for our customers, which we absolutely need in the tap room,” said Fredricksen. “We also liked the sturdier card reader that comes with SalesVu, as well as the in-depth analysis that the program can run for us. We are just beginning to scratch the surface of using all the data that SalesVu provides.”

With SalesVu, PB can operate smoothly when they are busy. They can now process transactions on the spot while delivering kegs to restaurants, outdoor festivals and events. Their favorite feature is the ability to run tabs for customers because they can swipe the card, leave the tab open under the customer’s name and keep track of multiple tabs simultaneously.

“This is incredibly helpful, especially when the tap room is busy,” said Fredricksen. “Another great thing about SalesVu is that it’s very easy to setup and use. It is quite intuitive and user friendly; I was able to teach everyone in the company how to use it very quickly.”

For more information about Pitchfork Brewing, go to, follow them on Twitter @PitchforkBeer or Like their Facebook page.

photo(6)                         photo(5)

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SalesVu iPad POS System at Craft Brewing Company


Craft Brewing Company (CBC) is a small microbrewery in Lake Elsinore, Ca. CBC is distributed throughout Riverside and Orange county but is rapidly expanding. Currently, they produce around 1,000 barrels per year and are growing production as they expand their reach. CBC runs a tasting room in the brewery, which is open 7 days/week and serves all of their production beers as well as specialty beers that are only offered in-house.

CBC came across SalesVu when looking for a more “sophisticated” POS system than the electronic cash register they were using; they read an article comparing Square to SalesVu. According to one of the CBC’s partners Tim Reagan, the cash register served them well but lacked capabilities and interfacing abilities. In addition to looking at Square, CBC also considered NCR Silver.

“We were really wanting to go to a POS that allowed us to set up a more intuitive retail system that was less confusing to train individuals on; we also wanted more accurate tracking of products,” said Reagan. “With the old style cash register we were not able to do this and what information we could get from it was very time-consuming in moving it from that device into a spreadsheet so that we could do some form of analysis on the data.”

When researching POS systems, Reagan broke down the abilities and functions of each system to compare them and see if each would perform the same operations and have similar processes as what they were already doing to avoid a difficult transition for the staff.

“All the systems have unique features that separate them from each other, but when it came down to it the SalesVu application gave us 95% of what we were looking for,” said Reagan. “With SalesVu iPad POS, we are now able to get all data regarding how certain products are doing even while the business is open real time.”

Having an iPad POS is important for Craft Brewing because they sell tastings on location, bottles to go, growlers and retail merchandise. They also do events which sometimes allow them to sell their merchandise.

“[This] is one of the reasons we were looking for a system that not only allows us to use it in our tasting room but also would give us the ability to do remote sales for events,” said Reagan. “This allows us to tie the databases for sales together and do reporting and inventory tracking much more easily.”

“We are also going to grow the [SalesVu] system as we grow our retail; at some point we will have more than one terminal in the tasting room and potentially have multiple terminals running off-site as well,” said Reagan.

For more information about Craft Brewing Company, visit their website:, like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @CraftBrewingCo

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Tomoka Brewery Adopts SalesVu iPad POS System for Ease of Use and Inventory Management


Tomoka Brewery is a brewpub in Ormond Beach, Florida that serves house-made craft beer and gourmet California-style pizzas.

Since Tomoka Brewery is a new business, they were looking for a mobile solution to save money on a restaurant POS. Owner Peter Szunyogh heard about SalesVu iPad POS from one of his friends who uses the system at his brewery. Szunyogh compared SalesVu and Square before making the decision to adopt SalesVu.

SalesVu has more POS features and inventory control,” said Szunyogh. “It’s easy to use!”

For more information about Tomoka Brewery, go to, follow them on Twitter: @TomokaBrewery or like them on Facebook.

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Open Tabs Make All the Difference at Yellow Springs Brewery


Yellow Springs Brewery (YSB) is a seven barrel brewery located in Yellow Springs, Ohio, just outside Dayton. YSB is a production brewery with a taproom that is open Wednesday through Sunday.

YSB wanted a mobile POS for flexibility.

“Old POS systems are very clunky and stationary,” said Yellow Springs Owner Nate Cornett. “Our staff can walk to the customer, set up a tab and take care of their needs right then and there.”

SalesVu was recommended by other breweries and having open tabs was a must for YSB to run their taproom. Cornett had helped set up Quickbooks in a friend’s taproom and says it was “not near as flexible.”

“The tabs feature is invaluable,” said Cornett. “There are too many [favorite] features to name, really. The ease of use and ability to add a new product online are a huge benefit! If one beer drops midweek and you are adding a new one, it’s easy to modify your POS.”

YSB has saved modestly upfront but not having to pay a maintenance fee is a big deal for them.

SalesVu has allowed us to spend more time on running the business and less worrying about whether or not our POS system can handle our environment,” said Cornett.

  • Website:  
  • Twitter: @YSBrewery                     
  • Facebook
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