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Tresori Vineyards started using SalesVu POS system in 2012 and they couldn’t be happier!


Tresori Vineyard is a small wine boutique located in Newberg, OR. They are a family business that started in 1997 and they produce their own Pinot Noir wine bottles and commercialize them in the region. David Walker shared with us their great experience with SalesVu and why they decided to innovate and start using a POS system.

‘In 2012 we started our journey with SalesVu, it had a very good price point and we decided the system fit into our business plan. We found the system browsing online and we look for recommendations as well. We talked to some people about SalesVu and thanks to the great reviews we decided this solution was perfect for Tresori Vineyards’ – David Walker

David and his team are using the Ipad POS module and it has been great with keeping track of the historical data. They produce a couple of specific pinot noir bottles every season and what they love the most about the POS is the ability to run sales reports, per general sales, categories or products. Basic analytics are available with the this module and are great to run any type of business. In Tresori Vineyards they also sell merchandise as t-shirts or caps but 99% of their sales are wine and they were able to get that information using the POS module and the specific reports.

David also uses the inventory module to keep track of wine bottles. He is always working offsite and he loves that he can login from any city and monitor every sold product and his stock remotely. He uses this feature on a monthly basis to make sure all wine bottles are deducting accordingly and to keep track of what they receive from their warehouse.



SalesVu offers 24/7 support and David shared with us his experience so far, he describes tech support as very easy to get ahold of and extremely helpful with any issue.

Looking for the perfect gift? Check out below Tresori Vineyard’s social media and find out if shipping is available for your state. Or if you’re in the area don’t forget to visit them and buy some Pinot Noir bottles.


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Tresori Vineyards started using SalesVu POS system in 2012 and they couldn’t be happier!

6.0 has launched!

SalesVu 6.0 just launched and is now available in the Apple Store! In case you haven’t already updated your apps, we highly recommend you do because we came out with a lot of new features that will surely be beneficial to our valued merchants. Here is a complete list of the new additions we have just added in 6.0 – clicking on the feature will automatically redirect you to our Knowledge Base where you can find detailed answers and video guides to any question you may have.

  1. Customer Facing Display 
  2. Waitlist SMS Text Message System
    1. How to notify the customer their table is ready
    2. Assigning the customer a table
    3. Setting up the waitlist time on the web portal
  3. Removing a discount on the P.O.S
  4. Vantiv EMV Chip-Card Reader Integration
  5. Customer Based Discount
  6. Improved Tip Screen
  7. New Appointment Scheduling Improvements
  8. Improved Physical Location Map/Layout Screen
  9.  Improved Customer Screen
  10. Ability to Change Delivery Method and Date
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Country Porch Winery wishes they have known about SalesVu iPad POS System and Employee Schedulling years ago.

Country Porch Winery started a winery business in a large warehouse north of Cortland,Ohio by teaching wine making, selling homemade wine supplies, and starting their own winery. Wine, cookouts, and great music from local bands, Cortland Wine Cellar enjoyed a busy and fun five plus years of business. They met and made new friends and customers all while planing the perfect location for their winery. Country Porch Winery has been a work in progress for many years after joining the wine industry in 2006 and SalesVu iPad POS System is proud to be the official credit card processing system that helps them accomplish their goals and drive sales.
Debbie Belts and Sheila Fisher are the co-owners of D&she Inc. Who set out to find a location for their own winery to open in 2012.
“As small business entrepreneurs for 17 years running a fulfilling shipping company a MYO wine store along with a farm produce and antique market,  we knew we would need a good POS system to take care of their front counter, relay information to the kitchen and staff, take care of their customer needs and maintain their inventory, along with capturing all of that information in an easy to use format.”
The fit came naturally when in 2012,Sheila, the office “techie”, did some research and found SalesVu iPad POS System.
“The current POS systems available on the market are just not complete enough. We had previously used a standalone accounting POS system that was cumbersome and time consuming, but after reviewing and demoing several POS systems that were specifically designed for the wine industry Sheila sought out the options of a more updated system using iPads and the cloud as interactive solutions.  It was at this time she found SalesVu along with several other cloud-based POS systems.”
Country Porch Winery told us that upon demoing and reading the SalesVu iPad POS System customer reviews and industry based comments, they tried to teach the other owners and staff  that SalesVu was exactly the system she was looking for that it exceeded their needs and expectations
“Currently, we are using SalesVu iPad POS System on two iPads with a kitchen and receipt printing along with customer information and inventory modules.  It is really easy to ring customers out assisting them with their orders, reviewing their items and printing everything in the kitchen. At the end of the day, employee management and scheduling on the online clock goes on, and of course, the most important tool, the statistical and financial reporting  has made SalesVu invaluable to our small business.  We are looking to grow with SalesVu and the industry. All I can say is I wish I found SalesVu years ago for the other businesses I owned and managed!”
And we look forward to see you thriving too!
Follow Country Porch Winery of social media accounts by clicking any of the icons below and visit their website 
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“Inventory Management is Why I Love SalesVu iPad POS System so Much”


Northern Sun Winery is an estate grown winery located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Everything in their wine bottles is grown on site. The business includes a tasting room, a small gift shop and hosting events such as weddings.  They can also deliver their wines! They use SalesVu inventory management and simply love it for its convenience and simplicity. Northern Sun winery thinks inventory management is among the top features of SalesVu.

 “We needed a mobile POS system because our tasting room does not have phone or Wi-Fi service.  We are located in a desolate location.   We also can deliver our product to stores or customers, this way I can ring their sale on site accepting cash, check or credit card.  It is very convenient for our customers increasing their satisfaction.”

We talked to the business owner, Susan Anthony and she gave us her opinion about the SalesVu inventory management system. For Susan, flexibility and lower credit card transaction rates were a must when searching for a business management solution.

“SalesVu is my first POS system and feel very lucky I got the best.It is hard to pick out a favorite thing, it’s like looking at a picture and picking out one subject.  The whole thing is great.That being said I like that it keeps track of my inventory, COGS, taxes.  Taxes are huge because I need to really keep on top of that not only on the state, but also on the federal level.  I also really like that I can easily obtain my monthly sales of wine for filing purposes.  I can break the sales down by time, day or month.”

According to Susan, SalesVu has helped Northern Sun Winery substantially. She says they can now accept credit cards, thus they can make each of their clients feel more comfortable with the transactions. Cold, hard and old cash is a thing of the past. Now everytime she gets foreign customers, SalesVu is perfect for their payment selection.

“SalesVu is priceless. What I paid for it has returned in so many ways to my business. SalesVu inventory management has given me comfort, tranquility, automation, and more importantly customer satisfaction.I must say that I tried the Quickbooks integration a year ago; however, I am not planning on using it this winter.”

If you are one of those people who think wine is bottled poetry, be sure to check Northern Sun Winery’s webpage and like them on Facebook clicking the icon below. 


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“Every business should have an iPad POS System like SalesVu”


Enjoy craft beers and fine wines in a cozy Downtown Rogers bar in Arkansas, featuring  crafts Arkansas beers and fine wines from around the world. Business owners Rick and Naomi were previously the owners of a Farmers insurance Agency a few blocks from Brick Street Brews and have chosen SalesVu mobile POS solution as their business management tool.

“We knew we wanted to be convenient for the people on the way to Beaver Lake or the Rogers Little Theater or any of new restaurants around the downtown area. Then we got to work and created a place we want to share with all our friends, including the ones we don’t know yet.”

We asked them why a mobile POS solution and they said the cheapest and the most convenient way to receive any type of payments at very affordable credit card rates, was under SalesVu mobile POS platform.

“Another Local Brewery gave us the recommendation, and certainly we made the right decision. Customer service is always available for us and they treat us very well every time we call with numerous questions. All business should have a mobile POS platform like the one SalesVu offers. As new business owners, SalesVu is our first POS. We are very satisfied with our choice and we are certain our happy customers are too.  We feel we are updated to nowadays technologies and included in the business trends”

Brick Street Brews owners believe that the best features that SalesVu has in comparison to other competitors is that is really easy to use, has a great variety of services that complement the overall SalesVu business management tool.

“SalesVu mobile POS has low start up cost and the mobility and reach is great. SalesVu have helped us grow and become better partners and offer not only great quality beer, but also a great quality service at the cash register. By choosing SalesVu mobile POS, we have chosen to save more than 3,000 dollars or more.”

Brick Street Brews uses the Quickbooks integration that SalesVu provides and their experience using it has been exceptional. They would recommend all other users to explore this option and enjoy the helpful resource it can become.

If you enjoy good beer and having high quality time with friends, follow Brick Street Brews social media clicking the icons below or find more info about them on their website clicking here.


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Barnstormer Winery Explains Which SalesVu iPad POS System Features Make the Difference for Them


The Company

Barnstormer Winery (BW) is a Seneca Lake winery located in a century-old, historic barn.

“Just like the Barnstormer pilots of the 1920’s, we make it our mission to entertain and provide our guests with an unforgettable experience,” said Kyle Knapton, BW tasting room manager.

The newly renovated winery offers a wide array of Finger Lakes wines.

“We incorporate the charm of the rustic barn into the design of our laid back tasting room where you can relax, enjoy great wines and experience a slice of the Finger Lakes wine region that you will be sure to remember,” said Knapton.

BW also provides local cheeses, cured meats, snacks and beverages for creating your own picnic to go.

Choosing an iPad POS

Barnstormer needed an mPOS because they “run everything” from behind a square tasting bar.

“It’s best to take our POS to our customer rather than make them search for a checkout location,” said Knapton.

When researching their first POS system, BW looked into Shopkeep and SalesVu. They chose SalesVu as it seemed to be the most affordable and customer-service oriented POS that also fully tracked inventory.

“We love the ability to track our inventory and get sales reports instantly online from any location,” said Knapton. “The ease of getting all of the information is incredible! This allows us to track daily sales and set up employee scheduling at a moment’s notice.”

For more information about Barnstormer Winery, go to, like their Facebook or follow them on Twitter: @BarnstormerWine.

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See SalesVu iPad POS System in Action at Dolce Vita

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98 Cents Plus Discount Store Talks about SalesVu iPad POS System Extensive Capabilities

At the 98 Cents Plus Discount Store, you can get anything from beer and wine to home improvement goods to baby food. They describe their business as a convenience store mixed with a merchandise store. 98 Cents Plus also sells tobacco, products and lottery tickets. Additionally, they have a Western Union Service on location to transfer money.

98 Cents Plus discovered SalesVu’s POS system while looking into Square. They considered Square but Square did not have the ability to track inventory as SalesVu’s retail POS does. Prior to adopting the SalesVu iPad POS, they did not have the ability to track sales and inventory.

“We had to do everything manually,” said Nitya Patel, owner of 98 Cents Plus Discount Store.

98 Cents Plus did not need a mobile POS system but due to the rates, they could not resist.

“We picked SalesVu iPad POS because first of all it has very low rates for merchant service when compared to other merchant companies,” said Patel. “Also, it has a backend website where we can input inventory, track sales, change prices, etc. We love this feature.”

Patel’s favorite aspect of SalesVu is that they now use an iPad for the terminal and the customers love it.

“We had situations already where customers would come back with their kids just to show their kids how the system works,” said Patel. “They love it!”

Also, it is much easier for them to track inventory now.

“We used to have to remember each and every item and its price so that we could ring it up,” said Patel. “Now, we just scan the items and we do not need to worry about charging the wrong price to a customer. This also helps us to save money in the long run.”

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The Company

  • THE STARDUST CLUB and BILLIARDS (SCB), a family owned and operated business since 1996, has set itself apart from the rest of the Austin, Texas social scene. With two full service bars, 16 pool tables, a projection screen TV (along with 17 other screens), live music and karaoke, there is something for everyone to enjoy. In addition to these main attractions, they also provide darts, dominoes, a digital jukebox, shuffle board, video games, touch screen bar tops and liquor catering. STARDUST has daily specials and events that incorporate all of their great features

“We have everything you need to have a great time,” said Owner Joan Castillo.

The Needs

  • Because of her busy schedule, Castillo wanted the ability to see everything related to her business remotely.

“To be able to wake up at my home and pull information from the previous evenings sales and/or reports in my pajamas is great,” said Castillo. “I can do most of my work from my phone or computer without coming into my business.”

  • Prior to adopting SalesVu, SCB was using Casio electronic cash registers. They had a very basic register system, paper inventory and sales reports were done either manually or on a spreadsheet.

The SalesVu Decision

  • Castillo looked into Aloha, POS Nation and Prosperity POS.

“I know several business owners in Austin that use SalesVu and I asked them if they liked the functionality and if it was user friendly; it seemed to fit what I had been looking for in a POS system,” said Castillo.

  • SCB needed inventory control and uniformed pricing for all of its bartenders; SalesVu had the necessary features.

“I like the fact that I can be anywhere and adjust a product price, name, marketing tool, read reports and email items to my manager or my CPA,” said Castillo. “I am still finding new things that SalesVu has to offer for me and my business.”

  • SalesVu is user friendly and simple.

“Almost all of my bartenders are younger and use Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPods, iPads and Macs,” said Castillo. “When I looked into this system and its use of Apple products, it was a win-win because I would not have to teach them how to use it.”

  • Castillo liked the remote capabilities.

“I like being able to go into the system and look at a sale or a report at any given time at home, on the road, whatever,” said Castillo.

The Results

  • STARDUST has been able to utilize uniformed pricing and simpler inventory management.
  • The reports have helped save time.

“I can view everything from average sale tickets to quantity of items sold in a day, week or monthly basis, which saves time,” said Castillo.

  • According to Castillo, SCB has saved a minimum of $10,000 by switching to SalesVu iPad POS; including, needing multiple devices, printers and credit card swiper
    • s.





    tech support is priceless! I am able to call them any time of day and get my questions or inquiries answered with a phone call,” said Castillo. “I think they are great!”

    For more information about THE STARDUST CLUB and BILLIARDS, you can visit their website:, follow them on Twitter: @StardustAustin or like their Facebook page!

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