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6.0 has launched!

SalesVu 6.0 just launched and is now available in the Apple Store! In case you haven’t already updated your apps, we highly recommend you do because we came out with a lot of new features that will surely be beneficial to our valued merchants. Here is a complete list of the new additions we have just added in 6.0 – clicking on the feature will automatically redirect you to our Knowledge Base where you can find detailed answers and video guides to any question you may have.

  1. Customer Facing Display 
  2. Waitlist SMS Text Message System
    1. How to notify the customer their table is ready
    2. Assigning the customer a table
    3. Setting up the waitlist time on the web portal
  3. Removing a discount on the P.O.S
  4. Vantiv EMV Chip-Card Reader Integration
  5. Customer Based Discount
  6. Improved Tip Screen
  7. New Appointment Scheduling Improvements
  8. Improved Physical Location Map/Layout Screen
  9.  Improved Customer Screen
  10. Ability to Change Delivery Method and Date
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SalesVu all-in-one business solution and iPad POS System helps freelancers reach their outmost potential

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 12.34.39 PM

Being a freelancer requires discipline, conviction and organization. Our SalesVu user Jamie Weaver is a perfect example of all of these qualities as she manages her own business as a personal beauty consultant. Jamie uses SalesVu all-in-one business solution to manage her operations, both for convenient payments and for inventory tracking. We talked to her about her experience with SalesVu and especially why she chose SalesVu:

“It was easier to keep track of my money. I have a personal account  associated with SalesVu, so all the payments received go directly to that account. Hence, I have the money right where I need it, to pay for products and the beauty supplies.  I also attend to festivals and outdoor fairs, on these places the credit card swipper is extremely useful. I have an android phone and I can put the credit card info manually or use the swipper without any problem. However, I want to get the new generation iPad so I can use the big swipper and provide a more comfortable payment experience to all of my clients. One thing I have to say is that, even when the swipper fails, SalesVu’s rates are still the same, a feature that is extremely different to all the other business solutions I am aware of”.

Jamie told us that among all the POS competitors, SalesVu was the most suitable for her business requirements, especially considering that she needed an all-in-one business solution.

“The fact that SalesVu offers inventory management and a much lower credit card transaction rate were major influences in making the right choice.  Definitely, this was a big, big thing for me. Besides, square didn’t work half of the time. SalesVu is easier for taxes; I can separate things, for example, I can divide women services from men services and englobe everything even if it  is very specific (massages, facials, etc.)”

Jamie Told us about her favorite feature of SalesVu all-in-one business solution; for her, inventory management is extremely important since she needs to carry a very strict list of the ending beauty supplies. She told us:

” I need to know how much color I am using, SalesVu all-in-one business solution helps me get up to date with the supplies I use. With this, I can measure my return on investment. As a result, I can charge the client exactly what I use. I always put the charge per ounce and SalesVu helps me with that.”

She likes the fact that she can print the receipts which show the ones that were paid with cash, credit cards, or money orders. SalesVu all-in-one business solution helps Jamie and any of our users keep track of their clients.

“I now understand what they like to buy, I can see the previous purchases. I can type the client’s name and see the history of the things the clients buy or have bought in the past. I can go to the SalesVu app and see what products they use and which ones they really want because of it.”

Jamie told us that she would like to use the gift card feature SalesVu offers. If you want to have an appointment with a beauty specialist and get pampered by a top-of-the-line professional, like Jamie Weaver, visit her websites and be sure to book an appointment ASAP!


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With an ecommerce website and online Employee Scheduling, LPV says SalesVu’s iPad POS System is an “awesome” system!

The Lilly Pad Village (LPV) is an establishment in Blue Ridge, Georgia that has been in business for nine years and caters to over 25,000 visitors annually. Owner, Geza Csuros says, “We provide gem mining, mini golf and a great fishing pond in a beautiful and serene mountain setting.”

As they began to add more inventory to their gift shop, LPV discovered that their regular cash register would no longer be able to accommodate their needs. LPV “went through about three or four merchant service companies, who offered great savings, a better service etc, but ended up costing a lot more money than was initially indicated… the annual contracts and the hidden fees always ended up costing more.”

fishing - littlle girl with catching fish

LPV also tried Square for an iPad POS but found that they lacked some of the important services that LPV required.

“We have been with SalesVu for three years now, and do not look back.” Csuros raves. “SalesVu allows us to keep accurate inventory and helps with keeping track of employee hours… Makes payroll a breeze!”

LPV appreciates the ability to have multiple terminals that are synchronized in real time – this has allowed them to reduce traffic in the main building by taking payments for activities out on the grounds. LPV has also been able to reduce employee hours because the multiple terminals allow employees to share booking responsibilities.

SalesVu’s ecommerce website widget has helped LPV sell tickets online.

LPV Ecommerce Website 2

“I love using the SalesVu shopping cart!” says Csuros. “Our sales are automatically added to the open orders, hence the only thing customers have to give us is their name, and their open ticket can be redeemed very easily.”

Csuros also speaks very highly of SalesVu’s customer service team.

“Response time to any questions or problems (which are not many) is great. Jarod and Thomas are always on the ball, and I usually get a response within a few hours the most.”

We thank The Lilly Pad Village for their continued patronage and look forward to continuing to serve them!

“All in all the system is awesome! Cannot say enough about the application and about the service we receive,” says Csuros, “No long term obligations, no hidden fees, no compliance fees – just a great application and even greater service.”

 gem mining collage - LPV

For more information on The Lilly Pad Village, visit their website or click below to friend them on Facebook!

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SalesVu’s iPad POS System manages customer relationships for Intuitive Hands!

Intuitive Hands

Intuitive Hands (IH) is a massage therapy studio located within the Healing Arts Center in Austin, Texas. IH owner Bichlien Tran, approaches the human body from a postural perspective, treating a variety of conditions by working with the alignment of the body. She focuses on pairing massage and bodywork with Pilates training to help clients correct dysfunctional movement patterns. Tran strives to develop personalized workout plans not only to prevent pain and injury, but also unite her clients’ mind and body into a state of wellbeing.

Tran sought a mobile POS system for IH when she realized she would need to take payments other than cash. About other mobile point-of-sale solutions Tran says “I did consider Square for a brief moment, but the little square did not seem sturdy for me, easy to lose, as well as their service fee was higher.”

Three years ago, Tran decided to trust SalesVu for her iPad POS solution and she’s never looked back. According to Tran, “SalesVu was straight forward and easy to use. It was a payment solution that also provided other services such as client directory and a record of transactions… Also, the fee was less compared to other competitors that did not offer extra services outside of only a credit card transaction.”

SalesVu’s reporting feature has made record keeping easy and simple for IH. Tran enjoys being able to view sales reports by week, month or year to keep track of how well business is doing. She also likes how SalesVu’s customer relationship management feature allows her to easily view client history in detail.

“I value the option to look up client history and see their payment history in detail: date they visited, how they paid, and if I needed to re-email their receipt or refund, it was only a click away,” says Tran.

Intuitive Hands 2

For more information about Intuitive Hands, visit their website at or click below to visit their Facebook page!

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Tiburon Golf Club gets an ace for convenience using SalesVu’s iPad POS System

T Golf 1
Tiburon Golf Club (TGC) is a semi-private 27-hole facility that handles events such as business outings, graduation parties and league tournaments in Omaha, Nebraska.  They not only offer golf lessons with a PGA professional, but have an on-site sports bar where you can eat your favorite American dishes at any time.

Always working to stay a step ahead of their competition, TGC owner Bob Hill Jr sought a mobile POS solution so their facility could process credit card sales on beverage carts. TGC has three carts that rotate around the 27-holes and they needed to incorporate a system that could manage multiple tabs from different devices. Using SalesVu’s iPad POS solution, TGC has been able to keep the beverage carts running consistently and conveniently on the course while managing different tabs and processing credit cards on the spot. Hill remarked that this software has made it easy to host corporate events because guests can charge multiple drinks on their tab from different locations on the course and have just one receipt to deal with at the end of the day.

Before deciding on SalesVu, Hill downloaded Intuit and other similar software programs but chose SalesVu after speaking with our technical support team.

SalesVu’s reporting feature has helped TGC tremendously as well. Their accountant has been able to use the detailed sales reports to allocate the company’s budget more efficiently. This has also allowed Hill to easily monitor sales trends and make business decisions based on the reports.

Hill says that TGC “loves the software because it works very well.” They were thrilled when they could use SalesVu to process credit cards on the beverage carts while still maintaining the golf-course specific software they use elsewhere on the property. Hill says their next ventures with SalesVu will be to explore the QuickBooks integration and launch an ecommerce website.

T Golf 2

For more information on Tiburon Golf Club, visit their location in Omaha, Nebraska or follow their social media accounts by clicking the following icons.


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Inexpensive inventory management from SalesVu iPad POS System helps Denver Bicycle Cafe break away from it’s competitors

Denver Bicycle Café (DBC) is a very unique establishment that opened as a bike shop, tap house and coffee house in November of 2011. DBC regularly changes their selection of beers on tap in order to highlight the variety offered by local Colorado brewers. In addition, DBC provides a diverse array of coffee beans from local roasters and places a great deal of importance on their hands-on brewing process. Aside from all the delicious drinks available at DBC, they also operate as a full-service bicycle shop that offers both repairs and sales. DBC is set apart from their competitors because they pride themselves on having approachable, front of shop mechanics that are available to chat with you in order to understand your repair, as well as offer on-the-spot instructions and a selection of common tools for the do-it-yourself personalities.

iPad POS Solution

Prior to adopting SalesVu, DBC was using an old-fashioned cash register for their point-of-sale transactions. Being as new as they were, DBC sought a cloud-based POS solution that was compatible with Android platforms and that is what drew them to SalesVu.

After investigating ShopKeep and Square, DBC concluded that other solutions “didn’t have the functionality they needed” and decided to go with SalesVu for their business management needs instead.

SalesVu is the only inexpensive POS solution that had advanced features like inventory management and employee payroll for timekeeping.” said Peter Roper, manager and co-founder of DBC.

DBC loves that SalesVu’s inventory tracking works flawlessly, and they are looking to integrate the ecommerce feature to their website as the next frontier.

SalesVu is a necessary component of running DBC because without it, they would have to reinvent their whole processing system. To run a business, Roper says you need “electricity, water and your POS system.” SalesVu is ecstatic to be the preferred choice of POS solution for DBC’s business management needs.

Restaurant POS

Want to learn more about Denver Bicycle Café? Visit their social media sites by clicking any of the icons below.


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SalesVu’s ECommerce Website Transforms CBS Cycling into a Worldwide Business

CBS Cycling began as a consignment shop in Paul Chia’s house where people could recycle their used bikes, parts and accessories. This eventually evolved into a small location in Valencia, California that went beyond just consignment to new products, as well. Today, CBS Cycling is a boutique shop that specializes in one-on-one customer service. They cater to everyone from beginner riders to elite amateurs.

A mobile POS was important for CBS because of their transition from home business to retail location.

“[SalesVu] has been able to move with us and grow as we have grown,” said CBS Owner Paul Chia.

Chia looked into several retail POS systems, including: Shopkeep, NCR Silver and LightSpeed. However, all of those options had high initial costs that CBS could not afford as a new business. Chia had also previously used Regit POS, but was not happy with the cost.

“We had no upfront costs to start the business with SalesVu, so the savings just keep growing since there have been no further costs to maintain,” said Chia. “The capability to use almost any electronic device made the choice easy.”

SalesVu’s iPad POS allows CBS to be tech savvy with ease of use and accessibility.

“The best feature is the ability to access the site anywhere,” said Chia. “The ease of use in setting up and creating inventory, tracking orders and managing employees has been a major plus.”

Additionally, Chia really likes the available customer service. SalesVu’s team has been “a great bouncing board” in terms of features and how-to’s for Chia.

However, he claims the greatest feature is the ECommerce website.

“The website/widget allows our products, currently on-site, to be sold worldwide,” said Chia. “This one-stop shop that integrates current inventory to online availability will allow us to reach more customers.”

For more information, visit or like their Facebook page.

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Fly Lake Austin with SalesVu’s iPad POS System!

Fly Lake Austin (FLA) is a water sports entertainment and instruction company that teaches people how to fly a Jetovator or Flyboard, the newest crazes in power water sports. FLA offers individual lessons, private parties and corporate team building events on the south end of Lake Austin.

FLA’s “office” is a boat therefore traditional POS systems are not an option. When searching online for the best way to make Fly Lake Austin mobile and accept credit cards and gift cards, Owner Ed Hughes came across the SalesVu iPad POS. Hughes also considered Square but chose SalesVu after seeing a checklist of the benefits of each side-by-side.

“There seemed to be far more benefits to using SalesVu over Square,” said Hughes. “The most memorable benefit of SalesVu iPad POS over Square, to me, was SalesVu’s compatibility with QuickBooks.”

Hughes also likes that the manual entry and swipe options are equally priced.

“The reason I like that is because, being on a boat, if I forget my credit card swiper or if I did not charge it properly I can still process a transaction as long as I have my iPhone,” said Hughes.

For more information about Fly Lake Austin, go to, like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @FlyLakeAustin.

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Maybe we’re partial, but this looks like San Francisco’s best golfing!


The Company

Eagle Club Indoor Golf (ECIG) brings a real golf experience to an indoor environment in the heart of downtown San Francisco. Using a real set of clubs and balls, golfers can practice in driving stalls or in a simulation room to play 18 holes in just about an hour per person. ECIG’s goal is to help customers get the most out of their game by using the latest launch monitor and simulation technology to help gather data on players’ ball flight or put them in the context of a shot they’re struggling with on a real course.

The Needs

Eagle Club needs an iPad POS in order to maximize their golf space and limit the office and desk clutter.

“Not having wires running everywhere and a bulky screen helps make that possible,” said Owner Michael Sharratt.

The SalesVu Decision

After looking into Square, PayPal and Intuit, SalesVu iPad POS turned out to be the right solution for ECIG. A big factor in their decision was that SalesVu is cheaper than a traditional POS system/merchant service provider on both startup and monthly costs. Sharratt also loved the “cool features for easy setup.”

“SalesVu was an easy choice with the cheaper processing price, cloud based features, inventory control and quick deposit times,” said Sharratt.

The Results

Sharratt likes the cloud based system as they use two registers, one cash drawer and one receipt printer.

“We can open up orders on one and close it on the other, which is important if one iPad is out taking drink orders so customers checking out at the front desk can close their orders there,” said Sharratt.

SalesVu iPad POS allows ECIG to be more profitable as they don’t have to pay additional fees and can access next day payments.

“For a startup, cash flow is essential and not having a waiting period to receive our payments is crucial to paying our bills on time or getting that crucial piece of equipment or advertising sooner rather than later,” said Sharratt.

Eagle Club has saved at least $1,000 upfront by not going with a traditional POS system.

“I used to sell merchant services so I know we’re paying far less,” he said.

According to Sharratt, they’re saving hundreds of dollars over the course of a year by not using similar solutions to SalesVu; plus, the savings in times because of the cloud based system, reports and lack of system downtime.

For more information on Eagle Club Indoor Golf, visit, like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @EagleClubIG

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F-Town Longboards Using SalesVu iPad POS System to Bring Longboarding to Arkansas


Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 11.14.18 AM

F-Town Longboards (FTL) is the first pure longboard store in Arkansas, founded in 2012 after two cousins discovered longboarding in Southern California. They saw the sport spreading across the country and realized that there was no place dedicated to longboarding in Northwest Arkansas. Local riders wanted to bring longboarding to their town; so they did.

“Riders want access to all the cool, quality gear: wheels, bushings, trucks, dominoesso we opened our store,” said Owner Kevin Higgins.

F-Town is located in Fayetteville where they are growing their lineup every week and are “super stoked to be [in business] among one of the coolest sporting communities out there.”

“We want to see longboarding grow rapidly and help educate the community on the sport,” said Higgins.

Higgins was using a free invoicing system for PC called Express Invoicing when he decided an iPhone POS would be better suited for FTL.

“We used Square for credit card processing and looked at some other systems but none of them appeared to give us everything we get from SalesVu for the cost,” said Higgins.

FTL needs an mPOS because they do local events in their community but they also wanted a small POS that was very powerful.

Higgins loves SalesVu for the “reports, inventory and the the html code which allows [them] to offer an online store at some point.”

For more information about F-Town Longboards, go to, like their Facebook or follow them on Twitter @Ftownlongboards.

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