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SalesVu Oct-2020 Release | Overview

If you have been frustrated by trying to get everything done this year to manage and grow your business, you’re not alone. COVID19 has certainly made this one of the most challenging years in our collective memory.

Today we share a number of improvements that we hope will help. Based on your feedback, we have been working to help our customers increase sales, save time and money, and manage operations more easily. We hope you find these additional features helpful.  

Please contact us if you have any questions, or need help to take advantage of the new capabilities.  We are, as always, ready to assist.


COVID19 has forced many dining rooms to temporarily freeze operations while restaurant patrons, grocery shoppers, and retail customers are opting to order online and pick up in-store or curbside.

 √  Curbside Pickup

Connect online orders with the new curbside pickup option and provide customers a  COVID-safe and seamless order-to-pick up experience. This option will help keep orders and revenues flowing, while providing customers with a safe way of enjoying their favorite meal or products.

Curbside pickup can be added to delivery preferences.  Customers will be notified of when their order will be ready for pickup. When customers arrive they simply click the “I’m here” button and indicate their location so a server can easily deliver the order to their car.


√  Forms for Local Delivery

I love filling out forms.

– No One Ever

No one likes filling out forms. What’s worse is when the forms contain unnecessary fields. Some users will abandon their purchase when they feel it’s too cumbersome to complete.

For businesses such as grocers, who deliver orders locally, form fields such as city, state, and country can be set to auto-populate with default values. This result is less friction for users placing orders and, ultimately, more delivery orders submitted.


It is undoubtedly a good idea for appointment-based businesses to know anytime there’s an option to book more appointments. One of those opportunities occurs when customers decide to cancel an appointment. When they do, you and your team want to know about it as soon as possible. Now you can know immediately. SalesVu will send email notifications when clients cancel appointments so you can rebook with a walk-in or with someone on your waiting list. This should help to increase bookings and revenue.


For multi-location businesses, such as franchises, individual sites are managed as separate entities. Accounting for Electronic Gift Cards is a part of the picture. Now merchants can easily link Electronic Gift Cards to a particular store or location. Gift Cards can now be viewed or exported by location.


For users of Zoho Books, integrating SalesVu and Zoho Books streamlines business data management and ensures complete consistency across systems. The SalesVu extension enables you to easily sync orders, payments, tax, and product data from multiple sales channels directly into Zoho Books. No matter your industry––restaurant, bar, retail, subscription, or service–this extension will reduce your back office workload. 

To learn how to connect up Zoho Books, click here

If your organization uses Tessitura CRM, you can now extend retail sales to the web. Many of our Arts & Culture customers are looking to bring Gift Shops Online or offer pre-show concessions online ordering for pickup at on location or delivery to in-venue seating. We are pleased to announce that our integration with our Arts & Culture CRM partner Tessitura, is now extended to include online transactions enabling customers to connect with their favorite museums and concert halls as COVID continues to impact the ability to offer onsite shows or visits. 

√  Look up and automatically apply member discounts in your retail shop, café, concessions, and now online!

√  Accept Tessitura-issued gift certificates for in-person + online transactions

√  All in-person and online transaction data stored in Tessitura

Learn about our Tessitura integrations here 


  Grow Online Orders with targeted marketing campaigns, send offers, or drive engagement via a new rule: customers who previously purchased online.  

Time Savers 

√  The OrderUp app now automatically syncs menu changes without manual intervention on the device. 

√  You can now Invoice multiple customers in one action with bulk invoicing. You can also import and export discounts or vendor details via bulk actions.  

Managing Vendors & Inventory is easier with newly added fields:

√  A new Vendor Item Number can be applied to each line item; vendor records now include a primary contact name and multiple phone numbers per vendor. 

√  For those businesses that require greater precision on inventory costs, we have added the ability to track inventory costs to 4 decimal point granularity. You can also now account for negative inventory costs.

√  On the Profitability Report you can view the Total Cost of Goods for items sold  vs. for all items in inventory. 

Set which employees may issue refunds by enabling or disabling employee permissions.

Usability enhancements include improvements to responsive design for mobile devices, certain screens were made more touch-friendly, sorting by customer name when printing labels, viewing custom fields in Orders Reports are some additional improvements delivered in October.

Expect more usability enhancements in the coming weeks and months. Let us know if there is a usability issue slowing you down that you’d like us to address.

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