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SalesVu Partners With Square for Increased Capabilities


Austin, TX – March 2019 – In an effort to continue its quest towards innovation, popular restaurant and business management solutions provider SalesVu has partnered with Square, a leading payment processing service and provider of POS(Point of Sale) solutions. With a wide variety of free SalesVu applications currently available, the partnership will allow SalesVu’s free applications to integrate with Square’s payment hardware for increased capabilities and enhanced user experience.
“SalesVu is committed to providing innovative solutions to the restaurant industry,” noted Pascal Nicolas, CEO. “Our partnership with Square will allow us to expand our innovation and help restaurant owners in more forward-thinking and accessible ways.”
SalesVu restaurant management solutions include an array of free iPad apps, which can now be utilized with Square hardware. Square hardware is now compatible with several SalesVu Apps, including:

  • OrderUp – An app that allows customers to self-order that automatically sends orders to the Square Register.
  • Incoming – Automatically displays all orders from Square Register in the Kitchen.
  • Customer Display – Displays orders from Square Register to customers so they can add a tip and sign discreetly.
  • Restaurant-Branded Smartphone Ordering App – All orders placed on this app automatically appear on the Square Register with pickup or delivery information.
  • Restaurant Website – All orders placed on the restaurant website will automatically appear on the Square Register with pickup or delivery information.

Optional apps that can be integrated with Square include free OnTheList, which handles reservation waitlist with SMS notifications; free OrderUp for self-order kiosks; as well as a number of other solutions which handle everything from gift cards and loyalty rewards to invoicing and order management.
Square is a popular payment processing solution that has already been implemented by many businesses. Under the new partnership, any business with an existing Square account will be able to download the free SalesVu apps and be running in no time.
For additional information, please visit the SalesVu website.

About SalesVu

Founded in 2007 in Austin, TX, SalesVu is a leading provider of restaurant management solutions that include a robust portfolio of iPad apps, as well as cloud-based remote management features.
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Grow your business on SalesVu + Square



Merchants need business solutions that enable growth, operational efficiency, and play well with others.

These needs aren’t new–particularly when it comes to the ability to process in-store and online payments.

What is new is just how critical it has become to merchants to have the freedom to choose software that best suits their business requirements, and integrates seamlessly with their preferred payment platform to enable streamlined business operations 

But why?  Here are a couple of reasons we’ve heard quite often from our customers:

  • The Freedom to Choose: Some POS and business management solutions impose upon their merchants, a particular payment provider (or their own version and fee schedule) But, merchants need the flexibility to change payment providers as their business evolves and expands. No one likes to be told which solution they must use for a capability so critical as processing payments.

    Note: With SalesVu, by design, you are never locked in to a particular payments solution. Instead, you choose the solution which works best for you.

  • Seamless Integration: Efficiency is no longer just one piece of overall management requirements. It’s central to driving business success. A merchant’s ability to spend time on growth activities such as customer outreach, loyalty, and marketing campaign efforts is critically important.

    Note: Best-in-class, all-in-one solutions like SalesVu provide integrations that do improve business operational efficiency significantly creating the ability for business owners to focus on growth.


As an industry leader in payments solution, and a key integration partner on the SalesVu platform, Square is one such option to consider. Square continues to gain enormous traction in the payments space, serving businesses of all sizes and industries.  

If you use Square, you already know about its great features, such as quick setup, ease of use, and affordable flat-rate pricing. But, what you might not know is how well SalesVu’s integrated solutions work with Square.

We’ve partnered up to help you get even more value from your Square Register.  Better yet, our Square integrations extend to the full suite of SalesVu apps, and Cloud platform solutions. Between Square and SalesVu’s suite of apps, how everything integrates–though designed to be easy –may be not immediately apparent to anyone new to either solution. And because the SalesVu platform offers so much in terms industry-specific apps and cloud solutions, platform  integrations, and business management capabilities to grow sales and save costs we decided to compile this guide.

So from here, you can read on, or schedule a demo to let one of our professional solution experts walk you through the power of what’s possible when you combine SalesVu & Square.

→ Get a Demo Now: Schedule a custom demo with a specialist

You can also use the links below to visit pages and videos on Square & SalesVu.

→ Apps: Top SalesVu apps that integrate with Square

→ Videos: How to connect Square & SalesVu apps

→ Downloads:  Get a PDF Overview


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