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Shout Out to Celia Scissor Hands for Joining SalesVu iPad POS System Community

Welcome to SalesVu, Celia Scissor Hands!

Hairstylist Celia Shields has adopted SalesVu! Shields decided to turn to an iPad POS solution because the salon that Celia Scissor Hands is located in uses what she referred to as “a dinosaur machine” that took “forever” to get money to her. According to Shields, her clients generally do not carry cash or checks, creating the need for a credit card processor. She also looked into PayPal but chose SalesVu’s POS system because of the reviews and customer service. Shields loves that it is easy to use and everything can be done quickly!

For more information about Celia Scissor Hands or online scheduling, please visit her website: www.

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