Welcome to SalesVu, BoomBox DJs

BoomBox DJs (BBDJ) is a mobile DJ company that offers music and entertainment for various events including: weddings, school dances and festivals; they do it all!

BBDJ heard of the SalesVu iPad POS when they were troubleshooting their Square card reader and subsequently were only able to take cash.

“SalesVu really gives us the flexibility that we need,” said Owner Dillon Leduc.

According to Leduc, SalesVu’s POS system gave BBDJ all of the extra features that they don’t like to do manually, like clients, invoices, quotes and the entire back office.

“It is seriously great; the fact that we can meet with our clients and have them pay on the spot,” said Leduc. “It just brings our business to the next level.”

For more information on BoomBox DJs, check out their Facebook page.

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