SalesVu iPad POS System at The Candy Wrapper

The Candy Wrapper (TCW) is a bulk custom gift and candy store in Lubbock, Texas. TCW needed an iPad POS to maximize sales and efficiency during the holiday season.

“Being a bulk candy store, we needed to be able to use a decimal point to accurately get people rung up; there were many apps out there, only a few that would incorporate a decimal for us to put in weight for a sales total,” said Tiffany Jablonsky, co-owner of The Candy Wrapper.

In addition to researching SalesVu’s retail POS, TCW also considered using Shopkeep and Imonggo.

“We researched apps for our business knowing we wanted to move to an ipad register,” said Jablonsky. “We found [SalesVu] through online reviews. We were using Square for credit card processing and an old offline register without inventory tracking.”

The Candy Wrapper enjoys the app’s ease of use, employee tracking and the ability to use the POS system in one spot in addition to mobility.

“We like all of the different reports you can look at for the store to track what is selling and when,” said Jablonsky. “We also deliver and it is handy for deliveries.”

For more information about The Candy Wrapper, like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

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