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Thanks For Using SalesVu iPad POS System, Singer Farm Naturals

SalesVu would like to welcome Singer Farm Naturals (SFN)! SFN is a small farm business in Appleton, New York that grows and sells healthy products such as cherries and garlic. They grow over 60 different varieties of garlic. However, their tart cherry juice concentrate has become their most sought after product since Dr. Oz featured it and recommended a daily dose of 1 ounce.

Singer Farm Naturals switched to SalesVu from Square because according to Owner Tom Szulist, “Square register wouldn’t make the grade.” Szulist explained that in looking for a Mac-based POS system, their options were limited. “Finally SalesVu is here,” said Szulist. “It seems like the perfect system.”

SalesVu is excited to help Singer Farm Naturals with our iPad POS solution at their 1840’s sustainably remodeled barn and at the weekly farmer’s markets.

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