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Schedule clients, track commissions, and increase sales across locations with SalesVu’s all-in-one integrated solution for Salons and Spas.  Integrates with payment, accounting and other leading industry software

As a salon owner, are you investing more than you’re earning to attract new clients, retain the ones you have, and grow your salon or spa business?

If you’re like most salon owners, you are tired of paying exorbitant monthly subscription fees for expensive and complex software and tools. You want more control over the way you manage your business and it must suit your pocketbook as well.

We understand. We know salon owners are hard-working people who find it challenging to run a salon’s business operations and focus on growing the business at the same time. There is plenty to worry about such as the salon industry being highly competitive and the ability of big brand names to invest big dollars in the latest technologies to attract clients. Also, it’s difficult to hire  and retain top talent staff and keep them from going to the big brands.

Don’t you wish you had a cost-effective way to attract more walk-ins and appointments? Don’t you wish there was a way to retain all those clients?

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We’ve researched the most significant challenges for Salons and learned the topmost challenges for salon owners include:

  • Attracting new clients
  • Retaining clients
  • Justifying price to clients (as compared to their competitors)
  • Mismanagement of appointments
  • Mismanagement of Loyalty program
  • Investment (technology, software, and tools) to run the business is high

These just some of the issues. Imagine the plight of salon owners when it gets to managing smaller issues that crop up every day!

What if we told you that you can run a flourishing business and a host of clients with extremely affordable tools and technology to help you do it (less than 50 cents per day.)

Would you believe us?

Welcome by SalesVu is a leading appointment management app for salons.

You get all (Yeah! You read it correctly!) features that without paying some of the astronomical sums for other apps or software offering similar features.

Welcome by SalesVu is a simple, flexible, easy-to-use, and powerful spa salon management software.

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As we mentioned, Salon business owners are under continual pressure to use tools and software that makes their operations smooth and easy. Again, it’s a highly competitive industry and there’s a huge race to attract more walk-ins and appointments.

It is imperative to run the business using an user-friendly, and intuitive app that clients find convenient.

Key Features

  • Schedule appointments (booking appointments online and easy payments)
  • Publish your calendar openings for online bookings
  • Enter call-in appointments and send automated text confirmations
  • Take deposits to avoid no-shows for both online and phone appointments
  • Add walk-ins and notify them via text message,
  • Use the POS feature to sell services and products from a single consolidated app.
  • Integrates with Square and other payment processors so you are free to choose


Create a personalized floor plan; Manage service providers;  Configure services durations & prices; Set up variable pricing; Setup / lookup commissions;  easily manage appointment calendar; Check-in appointments or Cancel appointments.

Welcome by SalesVu is the perfect app for salon or spa owners who are tired of being drained mentally and financially, and want to switch over from costly apps.

It’s an all-in-one app to help  optimize appointment scheduling, online booking, marketing, billing, and payments. It’s the perfect way to manage your clients and grow your business.

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