Retail POS system helps Experience Life Now track inventory across multiple locations

Experience Life (EL) is a non-denominational Christian church in Lubbock, Texas. After being founded by Chris Galanos in 2007, the church has grown to an average weekly attendance of over 3,500 people. This establishment is one of only two churches in the Lubbock/Amarillo area that has been certified by the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability. Outreach Magazine has also recognized them for being one of the fastest growing churches in the country. Experience Life has five physical campuses in the Lubbock/Amarillo area and 2 digital campuses that can be viewed on local TV station KLBK or on the Experience Life website.

EL 2

“At Experience Life, our vision is our name. We want to help people experience all God has for them in this life!” explains Phil Gilbert, HR director. “We believe that you can experience God’s best in your life no matter what your past or present looks like. At Experience Life, there are no perfect people allowed!”

Across EL’s multiple campuses, they provide discounted books and t-shirts for their church attendees. As their fellowship continued to grow, they realized they would need an inventory-based POS system that could support credit card processing.

“We noticed that few people carried cash or checks anymore,” says Gilbert. “So if we wanted to really serve people as much as possible, we needed to provide more common means of payment.”

After using Square for about a year, EL felt they needed a POS system that could provide better inventory features. As a business, EL was growing faster than ever and wanted a way to ensure none of their products were getting lost. They considered Quickbooks and Paypal before switching to SalesVu.

“An important feature that Square was lacking was the inventory tracking side. We needed a program that would help us track inventory by site for a low fee,” says Gilbert. “SalesVu fit the bill & has helped us to monitor our inventory more closely.”

SalesVu’s inventory tracking has helped EL better serve their church community by making sure that products are always available when they’re needed. They’ve saved a significant amount in man-hours now that they don’t have to recount the entire inventory on a weekly basis, and still they can remain confident that they will never run out of products.

“We needed a low-cost, cloud-based solution that was simple & easy to use,” says Gilbert. “We also needed a product that tracked inventory, and this is what set SalesVu apart from others we looked at.”

SalesVu’s retail POS has helped EL seamlessly track their sales and inventory across three separate locations. They can now easily see trends by church site and monitor loss prevention.

EL 1

For more information on Experience Life, visit their website at, or follow their social media accounts by clicking one of the icons below.


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Low CC Processing rates AND excellent reporting? K Bar K Ranch chooses SalesVu’s iPad POS!


K Bar K Ranch (KBKR) is a pasture in Pottsboro, TX that has mastered the art of producing naturally fed, humanely raised, high-quality meats. With more than 1,300 acres of land, 20+ years of experience, and a cowherd of more than 400 head, KBKR has managed to pioneer the “black baldy” calf. Cattlemen, butchers and customers alike prefer the hybrid black baldy because it’s beef is faster growing and more tender than other calves. KBKR is an establishment that consistently brings high-quality products as well as innovation to the field of cattle farming.

KBKR felt the need for a mobile POS solution about 3 years ago when they began selling their meat at the Frisco Farmers Market in Frisco, Texas. At the time, they were using a notepad and calculator to track their sales, which proved to be incredibly slow.

“We have 5 or 6 people trying to keep up as orders are entered and product is picked out of 6 different freezers,” says Scott Galyon, KBKR Manager. “It is a very hectic process on Saturday mornings.”

KBKR was looking for a way to streamline their checkout process and reduce some of the chaos involved in making sales. These days at the Frisco Farmers Market, you can find KBKR using two devices that run SalesVu’s iPad POS software and business is booming.

When he began searching for a mobile POS system, KBKR owner Kent Black started by looked into Square, who charges a fee of 2.75% of credit card sales for processing.

“I noticed that SalesVu only charged 2.7% so I started looking into [that],” said Black. “I was impressed by all the features SalesVu offered both on the iPad as a POS device as well as the reporting software available online.”


KBKR was also interested in the real time data syncing and the ability to sell products by decimal quantity, which was not offered by other services. “If you are selling meat, you have the price per pound for each product stored in the POS system,” explains Galyon. “Most items are sold by the pound. The packaged meat item is weighed at time of sale and that weight must be entered out to two decimal places (e.g., 5.85 pounds).”

Black and Galyon like that they’re able to view all their reports online. They enjoy the option to see their orders by individual product or group of products (e.g. steaks, roasts, brisket vs beef).

They also appreciate that the mobility of an iPad POS helps them seamlessly make deliveries.

“We have what we call co-op orders which we deliver during the week,” says Black. “A customer from a remote location or neighborhood can collect a group order from their friends and email that [list] to us.  We can enter that order into the iPad in advance and collect the products into a package. Then when we deliver, we just pull up [their order], enter the payment and it is complete.”

Mobility in the field, low credit card processing rates and impressive sales reporting is what keeps KBKR with SalesVu. We thank KBKR for their continued patronage and look forward to continuing to serve them well! For more information about KBKR visit or see their Facebook page.


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SalesVu brings restaurant POS to the cloud at Cloud Cafe

Cloud Café (CC) is a tech-oriented espresso and teahouse that caters to the technology subculture in Katy, Texas. This establishment serves everything from bubble tea to coffee, to Italian soda and much more!

Restaurant POS

“We’re a hidden gem in our area,” said Denae Dehoyos, General Manager at CC.  “We are well known for our espresso based coffee drinks, as well as latte art, and the science behind making amazing coffee!”

CC sought a mobile restaurant POS system for versatility when dealing with different kinds of transactions. Whether they’re in the shop or out at an event, they wanted a system that could effectively and quickly take care of their most important priorities: great customers and great drinks.

Cloud Café has been a customer of SalesVu since their opening. They love the iPad POS system because it allows the use of up-to-date technology which most of their employees already have.

“As we are an all tech-savvy staff at the cafe, we enjoy having up to date technology at our fingertips – literally! It’s so much easier to just have a tablet or iPad (most of us here already own at least one) that we can pop a card reader on and handle our business,” said Dehoyos.

In addition, the reports feature has helped CC organize all of their purchase data by category. They enjoy being able to compare sale statistics in the form of graphs or charts in order to make the best financial choices for the company. The ease of reporting has saved CC “tons of man hours” that would be spent collecting data and entering numbers. Now they can put their minds to work on better, more innovative ideas for the company.

“It just makes so much more sense to save the man hours involved in numbers and marketing,” said Dehoyos. “[With SalesVu], reports are done how I want, in less time and without having to pay someone to do it for me.”

Cloud Café considered Square, as well as a “big, ancient and clunky POS machine that would cost a ton of money”, but decided to go with SalesVu for their business management needs instead.

“We already have phones and tablets handy. Why spend the money on old technology?” said Dehoyos, “We saved tons of money not having to hire an accountant for the company alone. SalesVu makes it easy to let anyone manage the finances.”

Using SalesVu, CC is able to give certain employees different permissions for managing POS transactions. Each month, CC holds a contest among its employees for who has the highest average ticket price for a prize.

“This is a fun and easy way to boost our own sales and we can check their progress easily and without confusion,” said Dehoyos. “It also encourages our employees to perform better on the job.”

For more information on Cloud Café, stop by their location in Katy, Texas or visit any of their social media pages:

- Facebook:
- Twitter:
- Instagram:

iPad POS

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Online Store Woes? Get Started with SalesVu ECommerce

Your customers are spending more time and dollars online. It makes sense to meet them where they are with your products and offerings. Makes sense. Sounds simple. But setting up and managing your online store can be a headache without the proper tools. Our customers love our ECommerce module, but we believe in continuous improvement. So, we’ve enhanced it to better meet our customers’ growing needs.

SalesVu ECommerce integrates with your POS solution and allows you to fully customize your online store. Host your site with us or use our simple widget to add an online shop to your current site. Optimize your ECommerce website for mobile and enhance your customer’s experience regardless of how they choose to interact with you. With this widget, you can accept credit cards and gift cards securely, continue to sell products on additional websites, select delivery options (pickup, delivery, mail) and select payment options (online, at time of pickup, etc.).

We also know it’s important for you to attract customers and keep your business identifiable and consistent. With this in mind, you can configure page color and fonts, banner and picture sizes, add logos and create product descriptions. Shoppers can search for products, sign in via Facebook or create an account, view purchase history and reorder products without having to re-enter their credit card info.

This module integrates with SalesVu’s Inventory Management and Quickbooks to streamline operations at your business.

Interested in SalesVu’s ECommerce for your business?

Sign up for a free 15 Day Trial (no credit card required)

“The website/widget allows our products, currently on-site, to be sold worldwide. This one-stop shop that integrates current inventory to online availability will allow us to reach more customers.” – Paul Chia, CBS Cycling Read the CBS Cycling Story>>

For more information, contact a SalesVu representative at or call 888-900-5819.


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Ease Your Inventory Management Pains

Tracking inventory and managing your supply chain may not be exciting to you, but you know it’s a vital part of running your business. And that’s why it’s exciting to us. We live for making businesses thrive. We’ve taken the Inventory and Supply Chain Module our clients rave about and made it more comprehensive.

Our Inventory and Supply Chain Management Module allows you to keep track of inventory levels and notifies you when products drop below their custom threshold. Products will automatically be deducted from your inventory based on any type of sale, whether it be in-store or on your website. The module also accounts for orders made through recurring billing or invoicing. Allocate product status as available, preparing to ship or awaiting customer pickup. Create PO’s to automatically send to vendors when product thresholds are reached. Run detailed reports of your profit margins and COGS. Maybe you have multiple stores (or are hoping to). This module allows you to transfer inventory between locations and track transfer history for your records.

This module integrates with our ECommerce solution and barcode and SKU systems to further simplify inventory management.

Interested in SalesVu’s Inventory Tracking for your business?
Sign up for a free 15 Day Trial
(no credit card required)

“It’s completely worth it to have amazing functionality like the reporting and inventory — a lot of great tools that make our job a lot easier. We love that we receive alerts when a product has dropped below a certain amount. We don’t have to guess, go to the shop, ask our employees; we know right away.” – Colleen McConeghy, Yo’Cheese. Read the Yo’Cheese Story>>

For more information, contact a SalesVu representative at or call 888-900-5819


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Quick Product Addition, Inventory Management and Customer History Make the Difference at JV Skin and Beauty

The Company

JV Skin and Beauty (JVSB) is a skin care and beauty boutique. JVSB was created with the intent to ensure a customized, serious treatment focused on skin health. Each appointment is unique and centers around individual clients’ goals.

“I help clients achieve individual beauty,” said Jen Valdivia. “It is not how we look to the world, but how we feel in it. JV Skin and Beauty is about helping people realize their desired experience.”

The Needs

JVSB needed an mPOS solution to accept payments anywhere, anytime using mobile devices. Valdivia occasionally travels for work and needs the flexibility of a “simple card reader” and a “secure system that is capable of quick transactions.” JVSB includes products and services, so the POS system needs to go beyond a simple solution.

“I need to be able to manage inventory, customers, product costs and taxes on the go,” said Valdivia. “This helps me avoid time-consuming updates and painful reconciliation when I’m back at my desk.”

The SalesVu Decision

JVSB began looking into other POS and ECommerce solutions, including Booker, Intuit, NCR Silver and Shopify, after using Square.

“SalesVu allows me to manage product inventory and link customers to their purchases,” said Valdivia. “I have products that I provide for my clients and needed a system that allowed the inclusion of products in the same transaction of an actual client service. I also chose SalesVu because of the easy export feature and customizable features that set it apart, such as: alerts, customer profiles and quick additions at POS.”

The Results

JVSB likes the capability to quickly add a service or product that may have been missed in the initial upload of products. They can quickly type in the service, cost, tax rate, etc when finishing a transaction without disturbing the client. According to Valdivia, this ability has been critical at JV Skin and Beauty.

“One of my customers tends to add on services on-the-spot that are not common, so I absolutely needed to quickly add it at POS,” said Valdivia.

SalesVu has also helped JVSB streamline the ability to view revenue and profits.

“I can pull and save reports when I analyze sales; I get inventory alerts, can customize the type of notifications I receive and use both the mobile and full site to view data,” said Valdivia. “It’s easy to use, looks clean and streamlines, and customer service has been outstanding the few times I’ve called.”

Lastly, JVSB has saved about $50 per month by using SalesVu.


For more information about JV Skin and Beauty, go to, like their Facebook or follow them on Twitter @JVSkinandBeauty.

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SalesVu Retail POS Beats Sam’s Club AND Square at The Clay Purl

The Clay Purl (CP) is a small yarn and pottery shop in Nashville, Indiana. CP sells high quality yarns and supplies for fiber artists, offers classes and workshops and dyes their own yarns. Additionally, they carry Paul Hayes Pottery.

Owner Michele Hayes came across SalesVu while checking out Square (as well as PayPal). Previously, she was using a Sam’s Club cash register and spiral notebook as her POS system. She had just purchased an iPad, so an iPad POS seemed like the natural next move. Hayes said she was tired of the “un understandable” fees being charged by the bank, so she thought to look into mobile options. While researching, she found another yarn shop that uses the SalesVu POS system, contacted them and was strongly advised to try it out.

“I wanted to spend the money on product, not software that would be out of date in a few months,” said Hayes.

An iPad POS became crucial for The Clay Purl as they plan on doing off-location sales in the future, are in need of inventory control and want to eventually offer products online.

“I wanted to get the big cash register off the counter,” said Hayes.

Between reviews, customer service, app features and recommendations, Hayes decided to adopt SalesVu’s retail POS.

“I love the simplicity; it is so easy to use,” said Hayes. “I love the reports and being able to look at them even if I am away from the shop!”

For more information on The Clay Purl, check out or like their Facebook page!

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Thanks for Choosing SalesVu, Katrin Elia Yoga


Katrin Elia Yoga (KEY) is a yoga studio in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania that teaches mainly Yin Yoga as well as its variations (i.e. Yin Yoga and Vinyasa, Yin and Alignment). KEY’s mission is to heal through classical yogic practices such as breath work, meditation and specific postures. Owner Katrin Elia believes that yoga should be brought back to its roots as practiced in the Western world.

“Yoga is life and not only a body exercise,” said Elia.

KEY, which opened in March, is Elia’s first yoga studio. Elia discovered SalesVu’s POS system in the Apple App Store. After considering PayPal, Elia decided SalesVu was the best POS system for her as it “seemed easy to work with and did not charge fees upfront, only with transactions.”

Katrin Elia Yoga needed an iPad POS because many students come to class all at once and Elia wants to avoid long lines in the office.

“The SalesVu mobile point of sales solution makes it possible to move around,” said Elia.

It was important for Elia that customers be able to sit and relax on their mat in the practice room while the teacher handles payments efficiently.

“I like the fact that the features are easy to handle and easy to understand–very intuitive,” said Elia of the SalesVu iPad POS.

Thanks for the support, KEY! We’re excited to be assisting you run your yoga studio!

For more on Katrin Elia Yoga, visit

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Have You Tried an Armadillo’s Ice Cream?

Armadillo’s Ice Cream Shoppe (AICS) is a true hometown, locally owned ice cream shoppe that serves a multitude of items: from sundaes to shakes or malts to old fashioned ice cream sodas. They also serve a variety of lunch and dinner options including: paninis, wraps and sandwiches. AICS is best known for their renowned homemade sherbet.

“We are committed to providing the best food and ice cream around with the best customer experience you can get, all at a reasonable price,” said Owner Michael Brummer.

When AICS heard about SalesVu iPad POS from another local business, they were in the process of using Square but were concerned about their accounting and reporting features. They also looked into PayPal when researching the best restaurant POS for them. An iPad POS was important to Armadillo’s because they wanted a touch screen register with the ability to accept credit cards.

“The iPad and free software was the most economically feasible option,” said Brummer. “The software coupled with the credit card services made the SalesVu option very attractive to us.”

SalesVu proved to be the best mobile point of sales system for AICS because “first and foremost SalesVu has the best customer service, along with all the right things [Armadillo’s] wanted from an accounting perspective.” The 25 employees’ transition to SalesVu’s POS system was easy, which made for an enjoyable customer experience as well.

Armadillo’s favorite things about the SalesVu solution are the reporting and customer service.

“The reporting is absolutely amazing; it makes accounting so easy and we can get as detailed or as simple as we like,” said Brummer.

We are thrilled that you chose SalesVu to help run your business, AICS! Send some of that ice cream our way please!

For more information on Armadillo’s, go to or like their Facebook page!

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See How This Bookstore Emerged from the Stone Age into the Future with SalesVu!

New Wine (NW) is a new and used Christian bookstore connected to New Song Worship Center.

NW discovered SalesVu when looking for a POS system that handled inventory and worked with an iPad or iPhone.

“SalesVu saved the day for us,” said New Song Pastor David White. “At the time, everything was expensive and SalesVu was free and so easy! For me it was too good to be true.”

Prior to adopting SalesVu, they used Quickbooks but were forced to upgrade.

“The whole system was costly, glitchy and cumbersome,” said Pastor White of Quickbooks. “So glad to get rid of it! I feel like I have emerged from the Stone Age into the future!”

New Wine had also used Square and PayPal but was dissatisfied with inventory control. They chose SalesVu because it is free, handled inventory, worked with the iPad and was the perfect fit for credit card transactions.

“The swiper is great and perfect for accounting purposes,” said Pastor White. “Both Square and PayPal deduct money from each transaction but SalesVu deposits the full amount with a clean monthly billing and reconciliation; much more business savvy!”

New Wine needed an mPOS for ease of use and the ability to sell their products anywhere they go.

“Streamline, portable, very compact and light, instant setup and no limitations,” said Pastor White.

NW’s favorite thing about SalesVu’s iPad POS is the bluetooth barcode scanner connectivity, which makes transactions quick and customer friendly along with the credit card swiper for “incredibly efficient sales!”

“Our customers are very impressed by the ease and speed of the checkout process and love the hi-tech look and feel of the iPad, app, scanner and swiper package,” said Pastor White. “Also, the simplicity of adding and editing inventory and the way it’s displayed and accessed for transactions…love it!”

For more information, go to, like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @newsongwc.

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