Acute Payrolls Have Never Been Easier with SalesVu Employee Scheduling


Antonelli’s Cheese owner, John Antonelli  has been asked many times “Why a Cheese Shop?”, his response is simple and always the same: it comprises everything he loves. Traveling, spending time together with his partner, and eating great cheese. Antonelli placed himself in a very intense cheese bootcamp, attended to cheese conferences and found out the secrets for the production of an amazing product. He concentrates on sourcing the finest artisanal cheese and serve the growing demand of their customers with private events and cheese education sessions. SalesVu employee management system has been essential integrating their restaurant needs. 

“We have two reasons for needing SalesVu.  1) We were in need of a clock-in/clock-out employee time system that would integrate both sides of the street.  and 2) We operate events in our Cheese House on a regular basis and it requires a POS solution to allow us to check guests out after making purchases post event.”

Antonellis chose SalesVu to assist with their clock-in/clock-out management because the interface of SalesVu employee management  is holistic enough to control the payment of the team members and check their hours of work.

“Employee scheduling is the most helpful tool and it adapts to our necessities. Before using SalesVu for our clock management system, we were leveraging our Microsoft RMS software installed on a HP computer. It was not really convenient, SalesVu employee management became the ultimate solution to submit payments efficiently”

What they like the most is the easy-to-use functionality of the app. It suits Antonelli’s Cheese requirements and according to John:

” I am so happy that that we are able to sync both locations! Team members can flow between spaces without having to worry about clocking. Checking in and out at the correct location, has never been easier. We have now a more acute payroll for our team members and for our business.”

There is no such thing as having “too much” cheese, so be sure to visit Antonelli’s Cheese Shop website  and like them on Facebook and follow their Twitter account by clicking any of the icons below. 


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