SalesVu iPad POS System Customer Support is a Standout for Arcieri Confections


The Company

  • Arcieri Confections (AC) makes handcrafted artisan bark that is sold at markets, online and by order.

“I have been, and still am, a restaurant designer for 30 years,” said Arcieri Confections Owner Dawn Arcieri. “I have always had a passion for creating desserts and entertaining. Creating the chocolate bark has become a fantastic outlet for that passion, not to mention it is an awesome product that most people seem to truly enjoy.”

The Needs

  • Many orders are purchased on corporate credit cards and AC does not have a storefront, as Arcieri frequently delivers to clients.

Choosing an mPOS

  • In addition to researching SalesVu iPad POS, Arcieri also considered using Square, PayPal and Wells Fargo.

“I did a lot of research when deciding on a POS solution,” said Arcieri. “At first I chose SalesVu for the rates, but as I dug deeper there were many other features that would allow me to adjust as I grew; the customer service was great too! I must have called five or six times before making a final decision and every time the person I spoke to was informative and helpful.”

  • Arcieri’s favorite things about SalesVu are the ability to add and subtract items and rework the inventory as she needed to fit her business.

What Stands Out?

“Everyone at SalesVu has always been so helpful,” said Arcieri. “Amazingly enough, even when I call on a Sunday morning, someone will take the time to walk me through my challenge at the time.”

  • Customer support

“I remember one Saturday right after I had gotten the new swipe device for my iPad, I was at a show and couldn’t get it to swipe; I panicked of course,” said Arcieri. “I called SalesVu and got someone immediately. Thank goodness it was as simple as turning up the volume, but for me it was a life saver at the time!”

The Results

  • AC has saved money on a POS station and software.

“[SalesVu] has made it easier for my clients to make payments other than cash or check,” said Arcieri.

For more information about Arcieri Confections, please visit or like their Facebook page.

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