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How did SalesVu iPad POS System make this business owner’s job easier?

Chillin’ Peppers (CP) is a specialty store and “hot sauce heaven” that sells everything spicy.

When CP opened in May 2013, they looked into Square but chose SalesVu’s iPad POS as “it seemed more complete for their type of business and had good online reviews for customer service.”

Chillin’ Peppers has a modern look so I needed a modern POS,” said CP Owner Daniela Saraiva.

“My favorite thing about SalesVu is the different ways to get the reports; it’s thorough and it makes my job a lot easier,” said Saraiva. “I also love the customer service.”

For more information about Chillin’ Peppers, visit, like their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram: @chillinpeppers.

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