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Falcon Ridge Farm (FRF) is a family owned and operated farm in Tennesse that specializes in high quality fruits and vegetables as well as family entertainment. FRF produces over 30 different fruits and vegetables including: blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and sweet corn. They recently began a Community Supported Agriculture program where families can join and receive a box of fresh fruits and vegetables every week. FRF also has an annual Fall Festival that boasts a pumpkin patch, corn maze, and hayrides. Throughout the year, they have activities such as Easter egg hunts and choose-and-cut Christmas trees.

Falcon Ridge heard about SalesVu from a friend in the same line of work who used and was pleased with SalesVu’s iPad POS. Prior to SalesVu, FRF used “cheap” cash registers purchased from Sam’s Club. Owner Bart Gilmer also considered Shopkeep’s POS system but SalesVu was cheaper and came highly recommended.

Gilmer needed an mPOS in order to maintain better records, flexibility and ease of use.

“We use a lot of seasonal employees, therefore our employee turnover rate is very high,” said Gilmer. “I really needed a system that anybody could learn to operate in a matter of minutes.”

“My favorite thing about SalesVu is that it is easy to operate,” said Gilmer. “Anyone that can use an iPhone or iPad can learn to use it in a very, very short time. I also like the ability to generate accurate reports and easily edit and update the system. This is important because with the old registers there were very few people that could operate it correctly, which made staffing very difficult. Also, the reports enable me to run a more efficient business.”

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