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eneRGy Photoart Adopts the SalesVu iPad POS System

At eneRGy Photoart and Seductions Boudoir (EPSB), clients can preserve their passions and special moments by creating artistic expression through digital art and photography. EPSB also teaches their clients basic photography skills.

Owner Randy Goertzen meets portrait customers in their home, his home office, at trade shows and on location; this variety gave him the need to have access to a POS system in multiple situations. Goertzen used a combination of PayPal and Intuit GoPayment before adopting the SalesVu iPad POS. He had also looked into Square but did not receive the level of customer support that he was in need of.

“I chose SalesVu because I really like the interface of the iPad and iPhone apps, especially without a big investment or large minimum charge, which is important for a small business,” said Goertzen.

“My favorite thing about SalesVu iPad POS is the personalized POS interface so that I can easily and efficiently choose my products, add individual items, add a discount, add personal notes and whatever other information I need to all at one source,” he said.

To learn more about eneRGy Photoart and Seductions Boudoir, go to, like their Facebook or follow them on Twitter @Seductionsboud

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