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Thanks For Choosing SalesVu iPad POS System, Tactical Defense!

Tactical Defense provides realistic and practical training to its Vienna, West Virginia customers. Owner H. Lee Gilliam is an NRA Certified Firearms instructor with over 25 years of experience who also served in the 1st Infantry Division of the U.S. Army. Tactical Defense offers a variety of classes to provide people with the necessary tools to defend themselves. Classes include hand-to-hand self defense, concealed carry, advanced concealed carry, tactical AR and shotgun and rifle classes.

“At Tactical Defense, we pride ourselves on providing realistic, yet practical training,” said Gilliam.

Tactical Defense also has a full service gun shop specializing in Smith & Wesson, Colt, Ruger, Khar and Glock. They custom fit holsters, offer gunsmithing and carry a full line of accessories, ammo and cleaning supplies.

Gilliam opened his business in April of 2013 and chose the SalesVu iPad POS for its simplicity and competitive rates (not having to “purchase a separate POS system for thousands just to get a lower processing rate”). They also considered Square and Intuit but did not like the much higher fees.

“We have been very happy with SalesVu iPad POS, especially with the customer support as we have had several questions since our start and have always has a prompt answer from a very patient and courteous staff member each time,” said Gilliam. “We would highly recommend SalesVu to others.”

To find out more about Tactical Defense, visit or like them on Facebook!

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