Welcome to SalesVu, Freedom a la Cart!

Freedom a la Cart (FC), a non-profit Doma workforce development program for survivors of human trafficking, has just joined SalesVu. FC provides transferable skills, training and an employment history for survivors, as employment is the key to their long-term stability. They started as a small push-cart business and have grown to include event catering, “Out of the Box” boxed lunches and will be opening an underground dinner club next month. FC is also opening in the Kinneary Federal Courthouse in downtown Columbus, Ohio to serve 5 days a week.

Freedom a la Cart serves their food from a cart in various locations, creating a need for an iPad POS. FC previously used both Square and PayPal but turned to SalesVu POS System because of the additional functions. According to Director of Operations Phil Washburn, they needed inexpensive inventory and employee management as well as a web-based ordering system to duplicate as Freedom a la Cart grows.

We wish the best of luck to Freedom a la Cart on their road to empowering women! Thank you for choosing SalesVu iPad POS!

For more on Freedom a la Cart, follow them on Twitter: @freedomalacart or like their Facebook page!

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