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F-Town Longboards Using SalesVu iPad POS System to Bring Longboarding to Arkansas


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F-Town Longboards (FTL) is the first pure longboard store in Arkansas, founded in 2012 after two cousins discovered longboarding in Southern California. They saw the sport spreading across the country and realized that there was no place dedicated to longboarding in Northwest Arkansas. Local riders wanted to bring longboarding to their town; so they did.

“Riders want access to all the cool, quality gear: wheels, bushings, trucks, dominoesso we opened our store,” said Owner Kevin Higgins.

F-Town is located in Fayetteville where they are growing their lineup every week and are “super stoked to be [in business] among one of the coolest sporting communities out there.”

“We want to see longboarding grow rapidly and help educate the community on the sport,” said Higgins.

Higgins was using a free invoicing system for PC called Express Invoicing when he decided an iPhone POS would be better suited for FTL.

“We used Square for credit card processing and looked at some other systems but none of them appeared to give us everything we get from SalesVu for the cost,” said Higgins.

FTL needs an mPOS because they do local events in their community but they also wanted a small POS that was very powerful.

Higgins loves SalesVu for the “reports, inventory and the the html code which allows [them] to offer an online store at some point.”

For more information about F-Town Longboards, go to, like their Facebook or follow them on Twitter @Ftownlongboards.

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