Partial and Down Payments in SalesVu iPad POS System

Who: Businesses that want to offer partial/down payments or layaway.

Examples: (furniture stores, jewelers, event planners, photography services, venues, electronics retailers, specialty and custom clothing, travel services, repair shops, home and garden services, education)

What: With SalesVu’s open tabs and split payments features, you can easily offer partial/down payments or layaway orders on your iPad POS.

Why: Increase sales opportunity


  1. 1. Open a tab

  2. 2. Split payment

  3. 3. Select amount

  4. 4. Swipe credit card or make cash transaction

  5. 5. Leave tab open with remaining payment

  6. 6. Go back at any time to complete the transaction


  • You can go back at any time to view, edit or delete a transaction or order, even after the transaction has been completed.

  • Another alternative to some of these scenarios is the recurring billing feature where you can customize the frequency, amount and duration of the recurring billing.

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