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SalesVu’s iPad POS System allows Treasure Coast Seltzer Works to operate entirely on delivery trucks!

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Treasure Coast Seltzer Works (TCSW) is one of only four bottling companies in the country who specialize in old-bottled seltzer. TCSW delivers their quality product directly to their customers’ door, and then collects the empty bottles that have been left out for them. This milk-man style delivery process requires a mobile POS system that can operate on a delivery truck, for which TCSW has chosen SalesVu.

We caught up with TCSW owner Ryan Pinnell as he was on the way back from a delivery route. When asked about TCSW’s experience with SalesVu, Pinnell opened right up with “We literally could not operate our business without it, hands down!”

TCSW chose SalesVu because of the ability to modify the software to work the way they needed it to. Pinnell says that running SalesVu-generated reports has saved him 85 hours per month in billing labor.

“The recency report saves me thousands of dollars just in the reporting suite,” he says, “It comes down to this: you need something for the backbone of your business. [SalesVu] is literally priceless to me now.”

Before switching to SalesVu, TCSW was using Square but found themselves greatly frustrated by technical support and lack of necessary business management tools. “You can’t talk to anyone at Square,” tells Pinnell. “[SalesVu’s] technical support team is amazing!”

Pinnell has been so pleased with the capabilities of his iPad POS, he has integrated more of SalesVu’s business management features like our easy accounting software and our ecommerce website for online sales.

“Everything is fluid. Very simple. Not a hard program to use,” he explains, “SalesVu gives you just enough of what you need without all the junk. Out of the box you have a web platform and the ecommerce website has a simple setup!”

When asked what he liked most about SalesVu, Pinnell says he enjoys the fact that he can run his whole company through SalesVu’s iPad POS. “I can pick any iPad, go anywhere in the world and see everything that’s going on in the business” he says.

“We are a visionary company and [SalesVu] has molded our business to be 100% mobile!” says Pinnell.

We thank Ryan Pinnell and TCSW for their continued loyalty, we have thoroughly enjoyed serving and growing with them over the past few years. For more information on Treasure Coast Seltzer works visit their website, or any of the social media links below.


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