SalesVu iPad POS and Ecommerce Website are very handy for The Galley

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Located in Downtown New Smyrna Beach, The Galley is a locally owned shop and it is the place to go for all your culinary needs.  Their premium infused oils and vinegars delight any pallet and take each cooking experience to a whole new level. The Galley sells  Ultra premium Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar as well as cooking and entertaining accessories. Business owner Cathy Jones told us that there are about 40 flavors of vinegar al oil, and that all are available at The Galley. The store and gourmet boutique allows the consumers to “taste” before they buy​ so they know and like the flavor before they buy it.

At the moment they are using the iPad POS System and the Ecommerce Website, which is recently a new SalesVu module they acquired. Cathy Jones, the business owner, told us that SalesVu iPad POS System is the first one she had ever used and she feels very satisfied with it. The Galley is about to turn a year enjoying our services in June 2014.

“At the beginning I looked at Quick-Books and Shopkeep, but they were both expensive and bulky or worse, too pushy for our taste. SalesVu is easy to understand and user friendly. It is not a bulky POS since having an iPad is practical and common.”


Cathy also said that:

“My favorite feature is the fact that SalesVu is wireless. For me, the less components to deal with, the better, especially when finalizing the purchases.”

Cathy told us that she was able to reduce the cost of goods and better manage the suppliers of the products after she was able to figure how to correctly use the inventory management feature, and place the data of the oil and vinegar measures  on it.

As for the ECommerce Website module, Cathy told us that she is fairly new in understanding how it works, but that she likes it and sees the potential it has for her business.

Try out the succulent oils and essences of The Galley or order some of their unique products online visiting their website. Click any of the icons below to follow their social media accounts and keep updated with the newest flavors and trends in the culinary world.

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Adding the ECommerce Website to your SalesVu bundle is easy and beneficial.


SDA Dish is a small company offering sales, repair and installation of satellite systems and parts. Their satellite systems come programmed with each client’s choice of two Christian channel packages with no monthly fees, contracts, or subscriptions. They sell the satellite systems and equipment nationwide and offer repair and installation for the Northern Idaho, Eastern Washington and Western Montana regions. SDA Dish offers commercial satellite equipment, design and installation for large facilities or radio/TV stations.

At the moment, SDA Dish is enjoying the iPad POS System and the ECommerce feature the SalesVu all-in-one business solution offers.  Natalie Ocon is the business owner and told us about her experience with and before us.

“Previous to using SalesVu, we used SecurePay. That service was inadequate for us because we could not swipe cards and it did not offer a shopping cart. The fees were also too high.”


Natalie evaluated several other services before choosing to stay with SalesVu. She told us that among them were Square and Paypal.

“We chose SalesVu above the others, primarily because of the free e-commerce website and shopping cart integration. We also like the reasonable flat rate fees”

We wanted to know more about the many ways SalesVu helped Natalie with SDA Satellite and she told us that SalesVu has helped her business in several ways:

“First, the e-commerce website has created an easy, clean online experience for our customers which has resulted in more conversions to sales. Second, we can now process mobile payments when we attend trade shows and events using the iPad app and a card reader. And third, less fees are always a plus.”

We asked Natalie to choose her favorite  feature, and she chooses the product management one service that lets you not only add and modify any product you want to your business roster, but also there is an option to activate them in the ECommerce plugin SalesVu has.

“My favorite feature is the ability to easily add and change products on our e-commerce site. It just takes us one little click. My husband is our web designer and is capable of doing some code. But I am not and like that I can add or change products myself if needed.”

Television is the king of media and entertainment. Nowadays, it is necessary for everyone to have a network provider that is reliable and trustworthy. Check out the SDA Dish website and be sure to visit and follow their social media accounts below.

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“SalesVu has The Cool Factor” says Distinctive Gardens about our retail iPad POS System.



Distinctive Gardens garden center has been in business since 1999 offering a rich variety of plants, garden gifts, landscape design services, and local artist gallery.  Greenhouses filled with unusual annuals, perennials and vegetable plants, outdoor display beds. The business hosts yearly benefit festivals, such as the popular “Gardenstock Art & Music Festival.” Distinctive Gardens decided to implement a mobile POS solution because mainly their customers shop for plants inside the greenhouses.


“The ability to ring up purchases right there where they stand creates a streamlined and customer-friendly experience. Our community projects require ringing credit cards outside. Being off location at trade shows or at farmer’s markets makes having a reliable mobile POS a key to help increase sales, efficiency and bolster community projects.”


They spent over a year researching a variety of mobile POS solutions. While many offered appealing aspects, none encompassed the breadth of features contained within SalesVu.


We have been using SalesVu long enough to see it evolve over time. We used this system for two years as a stand-alone mobile solution before deciding to integrate it as our primary POS within our brick and mortar store. Development is clearly a priority for this company. The base infrastructure of their system is solid and the fine-tuning of software that continues has only increased its ease of use and expanded versatility.”


For Distinctive Gardens every feature SalesVu presents important business functionalities that are crucial for the success of their services here are some examples:


 “ In regards of Integrated Inventory, We wanted to develop an online presence without having to run two sets of inventory and maintain two different systems. SalesVu allows us to manage products from one convenient cloud-based location for both our brick and mortar store and eCommerce. “


They also added that the Quickbooks Integration SalesVu all-in-one business solution works with their current accounting system. For the most part, Distinctive Gardens was satisfied with the integration. They understand the complexity required in integrating with a piece of software that has been notorious for making it difficult for third party integration.


 “Additionally, we know that we are using a solid and reliable hardware selection SalesVu system is paired with fantastic hardware partners. The barcode scanner selection is outstanding, simple and reliable. The credit card reader is stable and dependable.  In the same way, the overall system stability as a cloud-based system that is stable is imperative. SalesVu servers are fast, consistent and in our entire experience we have yet to experience one single server malfunction. Incredible.”


Currently, Distinctive Gardens is in the process of expanding their brand reach and offer an online experience. SalesVu system is an integral aspect of that project. They are in the early stages of developing an eCommerce channel and testing various seasonal online stores that contain curated products from inventory.

 “We tested our first store last November. Through our Holiday Online store we sold fresh made wreaths and saw promising results.The integrated eCommerce solution is fantastic. Historically, we operate primarily as a local brick and mortar store and run occasional pop-up shops throughout the year. Last year during Gardenstock, we premiered a documentary on the festival, Gardenstock: For Community, and sold it as an additional fundraiser.  Before, during and after, SalesVu eCommerce helped that project’s success by extending reach.”


For Distinctive Gardens the credit card processing platform SalesVu offer is a key area. If you decide to do some research about how most small business owners think they will say that some operating systems make navigating the ambiguous waters of the credit card merchant industry a real nightmare.

 “SalesVu system sets itself apart from many in their credit card processing system. They have partnered with banks and negotiated rates in order to be able to offer their customers an incredibly competitive product in the area of credit card processing. Even more, they handle PCI compliance, a huge headache-saver and game-changer in and of itself. The rate is flat. The PCI compliance handled. The statement is clear. Safety, security, predictability, competitive rates and transparency, what else is there?”


Among Distinctive Gardens favorites features is the iPad/iPhone App Interface which is really easy to navigate and according to them, is very intuitive since training personnel has been quick and easy, saving them time and of course money.


 The transition from our old gift card system to SalesVu was a snap. We imported all the current outstanding balances into SalesVu, and never missed a beat in transacting gift cards. SalesVu has The Cool Factor. I don’t know how many times since its implementation, it has been the topic of conversation during check out gravitated to the POS itself. Customers are impressed with the technology, which reflects well on us. They enjoy the touchscreen experience and think its cool.”


Don’t miss out the opportunity to support Distinctive Gardens with their Gardenstock Documentary. Each year in August, “Gardenstock Art & Music Festival” is held on Distinctive Gardens grounds.  Proceeds from their festival benefit an area non-profit, Sinnissippi Center’s Youth Garden Program. This is a great initiative and a benefit for a community project .

Follow them in their social media accounts and visit their website for more information.

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SalesVu’s iPad POS System allows Treasure Coast Seltzer Works to operate entirely on delivery trucks!

seltzer-color-logo copy

Treasure Coast Seltzer Works (TCSW) is one of only four bottling companies in the country who specialize in old-bottled seltzer. TCSW delivers their quality product directly to their customers’ door, and then collects the empty bottles that have been left out for them. This milk-man style delivery process requires a mobile POS system that can operate on a delivery truck, for which TCSW has chosen SalesVu.

We caught up with TCSW owner Ryan Pinnell as he was on the way back from a delivery route. When asked about TCSW’s experience with SalesVu, Pinnell opened right up with “We literally could not operate our business without it, hands down!”

TCSW chose SalesVu because of the ability to modify the software to work the way they needed it to. Pinnell says that running SalesVu-generated reports has saved him 85 hours per month in billing labor.

“The recency report saves me thousands of dollars just in the reporting suite,” he says, “It comes down to this: you need something for the backbone of your business. [SalesVu] is literally priceless to me now.”

Before switching to SalesVu, TCSW was using Square but found themselves greatly frustrated by technical support and lack of necessary business management tools. “You can’t talk to anyone at Square,” tells Pinnell. “[SalesVu’s] technical support team is amazing!”

Pinnell has been so pleased with the capabilities of his iPad POS, he has integrated more of SalesVu’s business management features like our easy accounting software and our ecommerce website for online sales.

“Everything is fluid. Very simple. Not a hard program to use,” he explains, “SalesVu gives you just enough of what you need without all the junk. Out of the box you have a web platform and the ecommerce website has a simple setup!”

When asked what he liked most about SalesVu, Pinnell says he enjoys the fact that he can run his whole company through SalesVu’s iPad POS. “I can pick any iPad, go anywhere in the world and see everything that’s going on in the business” he says.

“We are a visionary company and [SalesVu] has molded our business to be 100% mobile!” says Pinnell.

We thank Ryan Pinnell and TCSW for their continued loyalty, we have thoroughly enjoyed serving and growing with them over the past few years. For more information on Treasure Coast Seltzer works visit their website, or any of the social media links below.


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Open tab management on SalesVu’s iPad POS System at New Republic Brewing Co!


New Republic Brewing Company (NRB) is a brewery in College Station, Texas that serves quality brewed beer in their on-site Taproom.

“We have a couple of kegerators where we serve the beers we brew here at the brewery,” explains founder John Januskey. “We typically have live music and food trucks to provide something to eat while customers enjoy beer and music.”

After using Square and an external credit card reader for some time, NRB found themselves looking for a more well-rounded business management solution that would allow them to regulate tabs for customers. Though they had used Square for some time, they also researched Micros and OPos before making their decision to switch.

NRB chose SalesVu’s iPad POS not only for tab management but also for the “low cost of entry and better features than the alternatives.”

NRB’s Taproom enjoys being able to share tabs between devices. It’s very convenient for them to be able to open a tab and then give the customer’s credit card back to them.

“A full POS like Micros was so far out of our budget it wasn’t a real option,” says Januskey, “We would have stuck with Square over Micros, but SalesVu has much better features for a bar.”

NRB also used SalesVu to build an ecommerce website through which they could sell tickets online for their 3rd anniversary party.

For more information about New Republic Brewing Co., visit their Taproom in College Station, their website or click any of the social media icons below!


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