See How This Weight Loss Clinic Uses SalesVu iPad POS System

Welcome to SalesVu, Medloss! Medloss is a medical weight loss clinic that uses a combination of physician supervision, nutritional counseling and fitness training. They heard about SalesVu when searching for an easy-to-use and expandable POS system. Prior to discovering SalesVu, Medloss was using a combination of Intuit and Quickbooks. They also considered Square but chose SalesVu’s iPad POS because of “the ease of setup and use.”

“When it comes to losing weight, we like the ability of taking our business to the person instead of the person to the business,” said Medloss’ Ched Lambert. “We wanted the ability to go offsite if needed.”

So far, Medloss loves the recurring billing that SalesVu’s POS system offers as they provide a payment plan to offset the upfront cost for patients.

For more information about Medloss, go to or check them out on Facebook.

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